Post rating 372 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

People who have had a covid experience significant loss of gray matter in the brain

British scientists (hussars, silence!) have come up with a simple and ingenious thing. So simple and ingenious, it's a wonder no one has thought of it before. They took a British pre-morbid brain scan database, compared it to those who had had covid, and invited those who had had brain scans before the disease to do so again, then compared the scans. They also compared the scans with a control group that had not been sick.

It turned out that the people who had covid had significant gray matter loss in:

- the hippocampal gyrus (the region of the brain associated with memory encoding)

- Orbitofrontal cortex (region associated with cognitive functions and decision making)

- Insular lobe (emotions and consciousness)

- Anterior cingulate cortex (decision-making, empathy, regulation of the heart)

- supracerebral gyrus (speech processing)

- temporal lobe (visual memory, long-term memory, language processing, emotion)

The medics, based on this study, are once again urging everyone to get vaccinated.