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I'm trying to get some sleep on a Sunday morning. My upstairs neighbors:

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Got my attention

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Portugal scored four, conceded four and lost to Germany

The Portugal vs. Germany match has been the most productive at Euro 2020 so far. Germany won with a score of 4:2, with the Germans scored only twice and the Portuguese - four times, though the reigning European champions sent two goals into their own net.

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Response to the post "Drink water, not Coke!"

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*Ronaldo's gesture

Ronaldo's gesture of swapping soda for water cost U.S. giant $4 billion

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Hero of the day - Simon Kjaer

Danish defender Simon Kjaer has helped Christian Eriksen who collapsed during the match against Finland (0-1) at Euro 2020.
#The captain, seeing Eriksen fall unconscious in the 43rd minute, has taken measures to prevent the tongue to fall into the airway. The captain saw Eriksen fall unconscious in the 43rd minute and took steps to prevent his tongue from trapping in his airway.

P. S. Eriksen is in the hospital. He is conscious and his condition is stable.

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FARE harshly criticized the whistling of Russian fans for BLM action

Soccer Against Racism in Europe (FARE) harshly criticized the whistling of Russian fans to the action "Black lives matter" (Black Lives Matter), reports "SE".

The association believes that this sign is a clear racist signal.

"It is regrettable and disappointing that the Russian team fans booed the Belgian team players who kneeled. The gesture is a progressive symbol calling for racial equality. Whistling in response to the kneeling is a symbol of extreme disrespect and, in our opinion, sends a racist message.

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