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Floyd's statue has had a banana in his hand for the second day

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Grand Canyon,down to the bottom

The Grand Canyon was the attraction of my dreams. I absolutely wanted to not only see it, but to spend the night in the canyon, and ideally to go down to the bottom.

Now the time had come.

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Couple wanted to take a cute photo with horses, but it turned out to be a meme

The other day Amanda Eckstein and Phil Werner from the United States organized a "pregnant" photo shoot to celebrate the soon to be added to the family. For the photo shoot, they brought some of their horses so that the animals would stand beautifully in the background. But a horse named Buckshot was clearly not satisfied with the role of a mere crowd pleaser.

After the first few shots, the horse moved away from the background and stood next to his owners. Moreover, he reacted to the photographer's joke: "Well, at least give me a smile," and Buckshot really did!

According to the photographer, it was so unexpected that none of the participants of the shoot could contain their laughter. But it was even funnier to look at the pictures afterwards.

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"This kid from my school has cerebral palsy, he ran the school's 5K marathon, finishing in 23 hours."