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A second-grader heard the word "sex" on TV, Googled it, watched a lot of porn, and decided to try it with her friends from school

It even worked out with one.

In Primorsky Krai, the mother of an 8-year-old girl contacted the police and reported that her daughter had been raped by an unknown man. Investigators began an investigation. But it turned out that the schoolgirl herself was the initiator.

After the day camp at the school, the younger girl offered her friends, boys aged 8 and 10, to have the same sex. The children went to the construction site, watched the porn on their phones one more time and began to repeat after the characters. The younger boy did not succeed, the older one - "partially".

None of the three boys reached the age of criminal responsibility, that is why all of them were placed on the register of the PDP.

The young seductress is planned to be taken to a psychiatrist, after which the family intends to move to another city. The girl's parents consider what happened to be a disgrace. The schoolgirl's mother confessed - she saw in her browser history that someone was sitting on porn sites, but she was sure it was her husband and she threw tantrums at him.

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Response to the post "I thought they were extinct by now"

I had an incident. Went for a walk with a dachshund at the dog park.

She's running around, frolicking. I am next to her reading a book. Everything was good. Until one moment...

All I see is my dog skipping over the fence and running away, just his heels flashing.

Yeah, there was a hole in the fence.

I follow it, but I can't find it.

Suddenly I see a bunch of kids standing around the house throwing something.

I thought, what if they found my dog?

And I was right. They were throwing rocks at her, and she, poor thing, climbed into the recess of the house (I don't know what that thing is called).

I said, what are you doing?! Stop it quick!


What do you want? Go mother, where you were going!

Why mom, still do not understand, given that I, then in my 20s and smaller in height them all.

Me: It's my dog! Get away quickly! I'll call the police! And then...

Before I could finish my sentence...

P: And what are you going to do to me? I'm not 14, and over there is my mother ( and points to the balcony on the first floor, where some woman is smoking.

I took my dog, carrying him in my arms. And then a stone flew to my back, it hurt.

Me: Well, come out the one who threw the stone at me. Let's talk!

P: Now my mother will come out!

Well, well. Maybe at least she will calm the children.

Naive fool.

And out comes a woman, I do not know, such neither after, not "before", did not see.

In a housecoat, with a cigarette in her mouth and slippers on her feet. I did not have enough curlers.

B: Baba, I-I, P-adolescent.

B: Why are you yelling at the kids?

Me: Why are they maiming my dog?

B: And they didn't know it was your dog!

Me: So you let them mutilate other animals?

B: We have plenty of strays as it is! and let the kids "play."

P: Yeah, we didn't want to hit the dog, we were throwing him a ball.

Yeah, out of a rock.

B: See?! I have good kids!

Me: And you wanted to play ball with me, too? I got a rock in the back.

B: It was an accident. And in general, stay out of it! Go away from here, into your yard.

I did not leave, I gave the dog to my friend, and I called the police on minors.

Time passes and she shows up again, yelling why I called the police! After all, we had a "normal conversation" with her.

I left, did what I could. How it ended - I do not know.

Don't hurt the animals.

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Drug addiction in school

It was in the mid-2000s. At the time I was in the 7th grade. Our class teacher was a part-time school psychologist. And here I do not know, whether it was her initiative, or an order from above, but in our class they decided to conduct a drug test.

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Sberbank cashier called the Russian Federal Guard Service (Rosgvardiya) to a customer who wanted to deposit 40,000 rubles in coins

The teller of Sberbank in Moscow summoned employees of Rosgvardia to the branch on Vinogradov street in connection with the client who wanted to put 40 thousand rubles in coins on his account. About this on his Facebook said the bank's client himself, the director of the online platform "Moscow cybersport" Vasily Ryabov.

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Student under investigation for saying "Women should have vaginas"