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Air conditioning for poor Muscovites)

Not to die in plus 37 in a rented apartment, I have to get kinky. On the left is a fan, on the right - a chair, a basin of water, gauze and a bucket (otherwise the gauze drips on the floor)

P.S. I improved the mechanism a little, and the gauze dried out quickly. And this thing works, even in spite of the growth of humidity in the room. It's much nicer than just under a fan.

Post rating 825 Author avatar Alenkachoko 19 June 2021

Grand Canyon,down to the bottom

The Grand Canyon was the attraction of my dreams. I absolutely wanted to not only see it, but to spend the night in the canyon, and ideally to go down to the bottom.

Now the time had come.

Post rating 3175 Author avatar DV123 14 June 2021

Salma Hayek

Post rating 13264 Author avatar sweetlollipop 28 May 2021

Sberbank cashier called the Russian Federal Guard Service (Rosgvardiya) to a customer who wanted to deposit 40,000 rubles in coins

The teller of Sberbank in Moscow summoned employees of Rosgvardia to the branch on Vinogradov street in connection with the client who wanted to put 40 thousand rubles in coins on his account. About this on his Facebook said the bank's client himself, the director of the online platform "Moscow cybersport" Vasily Ryabov.