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Adult Industry News

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The toilet elevator ?


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The longest day or children's problems

A conversation with my daughter of six:

- Dad, it's 8 p.m. and it's still light.

- Yeah, it's the longest day of the year in a week.

- When, when is the longest day of the year?

- A week from now, on Monday.

- Really the longest day of the year?

- Yes, then the shortest night.

- Oh, no! Why not? I'm going to be exhausted at daycare, and then I won't have time to sleep either.

Such big problems for a little person.

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Showed up

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There's something hidden under the jacket...

At the store the other day. After paying for the goods I walk away from the cash register, and the security guard jumps up to me:

- Young man, please unbutton your jacket, because there is a suspicion that you have something hidden under your jacket...

I have nothing to hide, I unbuttoned my jacket - no pity.

- Oh, it's the belly..." The guard nodded satisfaction.

The man lifted my spirits all day long!