Post rating 2571 Author avatar Palesmurt 22 June 2021

Join our ranks

One day, when I was a student, a friend and I called two college girls we knew to go out. We took them to a bar, played billiards, got pretty well drunk with everybody.
Girls called us to their place (they rented an apartment for two). We didn't refuse, so we went.
And a friend and one of the girls asked me and another girl to "go for a walk". We wandered around for about half an hour, and then the friend called me and said we could come over.
We came over, and they got ready to go out for half an hour too.
I was so dumb that I didn't understand what all the action was about, so me and that girl were just chatting away. But when the other part of the group came back, my date got sad. I never saw her again, and my friend told me I was an idiot.

Post rating 2688 Author avatar DeluxeKot 22 June 2021

Hold my beer.

Once at a birthday party for a fellow student, the birthday girl came up to me and told me in confidence that when she's drunk, she has no control over herself and can give. I had nothing better to do than come over to my friends and say, "Hey, guess what I found out!" She ended up having sex that night, but I didn't.