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Attention everyone who suffers from the heat in the apartments!

And if you don't have air conditioning:

Please top it!

...Temperatures in Moscow and most parts of Russia climbed to 34.8 degrees on Wednesday, the highest since 1901. Overall, June 2021 breaks records for all 140 years of observation.

Forecasters don't know when temperatures will return to normal....


1. Immediately turn off your bathroom towel racks. Most have them hooked up to hot water and have screws. Shut them off.

2. After completing step 1, pour cold (icy) water into the bathroom to the brim. Leave the door to the bathroom open. The water will heat up - taking the temperature from the air (law of thermodynamics). You will be able to lower the temperature of the apartment by 2-6 degrees (depending on the size of the apartment).

3. the windows on the sunny side should be insulated. Close windows, tulle and curtains. If the windows are on the shady side - you can open them (the stuffiness is worse than the heat).

4. Buy a sprayer on a bottle, and periodically spray water on the curtains, because they become radiators - wet curtains cool a lot when they evaporate. Spray water on the floor as well.

5. Terry towel - wet it with cold (not ice cold) water and dip your body and head. Walk around the house barefoot.

6. If you have someone lying at home (a sick person, grandmother) put a wet towel on his hip - the towel drying cools the arteries and lowers the blood temperature. Note that in the heat the maximum mortality of the elderly and the bedridden from overheating.

7. At night, open windows as much as possible, and cool your apartment. Do not be afraid of insects-they are inactive now, too. In the morning, continue to fight against point 1.

8. 8. use hardening - contrast showers. Tempering is very useful. Thermoregulation will recover and will save you.

9. Do not eat fatty foods and do not drink strong alcohol. Pepsi and Fanta will not help you, drink water.

Be healthy and strong!