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Тысячи венгерских болельщиков прошли с баннером против преклонения колена на Евро-2020

Болельщики сборной Венгрии перед матчем второго тура группового этапа Евро-2020 с Францией (1:1) показали баннер против преклонения колена и акции BLM. Тысячи венгров пронесли баннер по улицам Будапешта. В руках у болельщиков было зачёркнутое изображение человека, который преклонил колено.

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About BLM

The story has nothing to do with knives, but an interesting thought I voiced to an acquaintance of mine from England, and I would like to write about it, since we are talking about racism.

My relative married an Englishman, a very nice guy, no arrogance, loves her and in general respects Russia and adores the culture.

But there is one weakness: the issue of racism. As a classic liberal, he gets fired up quickly, loses logic when it comes to the oppression of blacks, Asians and Arabs, and feels it is his duty to teach people to be more tolerant. There was a holiday, we were sitting with a large group of us, and we were talking about BLM, and how he can't understand why white people won't admit how black people were "oppressed." To which I told him this (A - Englishman):

I - Friend, why should we in Russia feel guilty before them?

A - How? Slavery, racism for decades. Don't you feel responsibility?

Me - Stop, you speak for the British and Americans. And in Russia we never brought blacks, except for Pushkin's ancestors. And even then his family was given titles, and Pushkin in general - a national hero, I would say an icon of literature. So why should I feel ashamed?

A - We, as whites, are collectively responsible. The history of the Negro is written in blood, as are the Arabs.

Me - You're a strange man. Did you know that there was slavery in Russia too? What's more, it was 10 times longer and in some places harsher than in the US. And it ended later....

A - See, you see, you realize that...

I'm sorry to interrupt, but let me finish: we had serfdom. You've read Tolstoy, right? War and Peace? I'm sure you remember about the servants. You just didn't pay much attention, thinking it was like your servants in England. Now, you know that the nobles had their own serfs, whom they sold, bought, beat, and forced to work for free, and treated them no more than things, right? And these peasants are my ancestors. And almost everyone here is exactly the same descendants of real "white slaves. After 1917 there were practically no noblemen left, during the revolution they were all either shot or they themselves migrated. We are the only Whites in the history of existence who have not imported slave labor from other countries. So why should I feel ashamed of myself? You are different. Your kin may have enjoyed the benefits of their civilization by robbing and killing Negroes somewhere, but those are the sins of your ancestors, and ours have suffered for a hundred generations of Negroes, so don't touch us.

He didn't believe me at first, thought I was joking, but no, it turned out to be true. He no longer argues with me about racism)

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FARE harshly criticized the whistling of Russian fans for BLM action

Soccer Against Racism in Europe (FARE) harshly criticized the whistling of Russian fans to the action "Black lives matter" (Black Lives Matter), reports "SE".

The association believes that this sign is a clear racist signal.

"It is regrettable and disappointing that the Russian team fans booed the Belgian team players who kneeled. The gesture is a progressive symbol calling for racial equality. Whistling in response to the kneeling is a symbol of extreme disrespect and, in our opinion, sends a racist message.

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