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"This kid from my school has cerebral palsy, he ran the school's 5K marathon, finishing in 23 hours."

+2258 Author avatar ramzesssvu 13 May 2021

Holy shit.

Don't pay attention to the distance - just imagine having to do some physical activity, even light activity, for 23 hours straight

I couldn't do that.

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I had a kid in college, Anatoly, we were all 17, he weighed 120kg (illness) and he always did 100% of his best in all the campaigns. We asked him why, because it's hard for you! He said, himself to prove it!!! .... Respect.

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I ran a few years ago a half-marathon in Norway, the Arctic Circle, the winter; I managed to run there, went to a hotel, took a shower, had a rest, and then went shopping with my wife. The finish line was being dismantled next door, the fences were already in place.

I heard applause: I saw a guy, half-running and half-running, overweight, barely breathing, but stubbornly making his way to the finish line. It must have been five hours since the start...

And I was standing there, applauding, too. He was smiling and waving, too.

Leaving his health issue out of the equation, it was 10 or 20 times harder for him than those who ran twice as fast. Put myself in his shoes, could I do that? I'm not sure... He wanted to prove something to himself and he did.

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Not a marathon, of course, but when I was at university, in my first year we had physical training.

So while we were running lazily around the field, Grandpa overtook us three times at full speed. After that, he calmly went to the bar, pulled up, threw his legs over his knees on the tube of the bar, and started rocking his abs, he did not get off for 20 minutes.

To this day, I still have a memory of it. Huge abs, no body fat, not big muscles, but obviously muscles of stone, and very much sunburned because he regularly ran in the sun in short shorts.

When I went up to him to ask him how old he was, if it's no secret.

He laughed and said something like, "Son, he's 88 years old."

And that's when I fell out. Good motivation to start taking care of myself.

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Did it help?

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I knew a guy who, at almost 50 years old, was doing sunshine on the bar without a safety net on his hands. He was physically developed at the level of 30 year old sports guys. So he died at 50 of a heart attack.

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Was he a woman or a man?

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A couple of years ago I ran a half marathon in the fall. I ran, got dressed, washed, rested, well, maybe an hour passed or more, I leave, and there's a grandfather still running, slowly, but running (he's over 80). It had already started raining, and the wind was blowing, and he was running. He's a beauty!!!

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Does everyone who ran a marathon mean 40 km or some other marathon?

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Once my dad and I were sitting on a bench in Petrovsky Park, chatting. It was late summer or early autumn, I do not remember, but the weather was great - just a classic Moscow beauty - not hot, not cold yet, the sun was warm, the breeze was light. It was 15 years ago, then there was the old Dynamo stadium and small sports arena nearby. And there were kids in the park, probably from the children's team, they must have been 10 years old.

The activity was that they were running laps around the park. It's a big park, so they'd run past us every 20 minutes or so.

And here's the picture: a bunch of boys running by briskly. Laughing, talking, someone pushes someone, immediately on the run to find out the relationship. In general, having fun. A minute or two goes by, and a chubby kid runs by, maybe even fat. He's running and you can see how hard it is for him - all red, sweaty, fists clenched, eyebrows furrowed, legs can hardly move. But he runs. As he ran along, I could even hear him whimpering softly as he exhaled.

And with each lap, the break between the jolly boys and this kid got longer and longer.

I had such mixed feelings when I looked at him that it's been a long time, but I remember seeing him like it was yesterday. And pity, and even laughter somewhere, and embarrassment for being funny. But most of all - respect. Yes, he ran the longest, but ran the same number of laps in the end. All red in the face, in tears, through the roof, but he ran.

And I wouldn't have been surprised to hear that he was the one who ended up being one of those boys who went on to become a professional athlete.

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If you're not ready to run at least 6 minutes per kilometer, forget about long distances and competitions. It's clear that it doesn't apply to the guy with the CPU, but to the average guy, 100%. Anybody can get into a fight once, especially if you're in a crowd. And the sense is to train for half a year, lose weight, improve health and run normally. And from such self-overcoming much more harm than benefit.

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It's all understandable, I specifically left the question of his health out of the equation. I'm sure he was aware of that. But it was his decision, his health, and maybe he needed this kind of challenge. Like, I can do this, I can do something else.

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But sometimes there's a weirdo, and that weirdo would do everything wrong...

Hide Show +4 Author avatar gtxybr999 14 May 2021

That's right. The guy there, most likely, had an argument or a bet. Especially without training and being overweight, it's dangerous to your health.

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The pussies are all over the place as usual. Everything is always wrong with them.

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Totally agree!!!)

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Prove's just that people have realized that they need to move. Inside, in the soul. Otherwise you get sour.

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Run, fat man, run. I think there's even a movie like that.

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Run, forest, run. Run the forest that's being ruled.

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Good for you, I couldn't do it.

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Yay! Finally, people like fat people on peekaboo again!)

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He had a harder time than everyone else...yes, exactly the respect!

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Not the smartest activity at that weight. I take it, not just hiking, but mountains, well, or climbing even at a low altitude. And this is a lot of stress. Heart, knees, other troubles. Even step aerobics is contraindicated for fat people. You lose your knees at once.

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And also if something happens, it will be much harder to transport him on your own.

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It's not good to live, people die of life.

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They say there's about a 100% mortality rate. It's a dangerous thing, it's better not to do it.

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Not everything is so obvious. I'm 115 kg with the height of 168, I've been doing sports all my life - all kinds of games, 6 years of hand-to-hand fighting, 15 years of ice hockey. My knees are fine. No obvious problems with my heart. I'm 40 years old. When I was 16-18, I was 85 kilos. But I don't kill my body on purpose.

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But not at 17. Unless you do it regularly.

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His knees and his heart won't get anything from the occasional hike.

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Diabetes, overweight, and a bunch of other bad things, and yet hiking in the mountains within one or two is the only breathing space for the body. This is what I can and can)) Three weeks in the mountains enough to normalize the hormonal background, lose weight. I also ride a bike, but after the first two years the positive effect is gone(( Trainers also do not help, effective only as a support from hike to hike.

P. S. Knees - of course I do not train thoughtlessly, I control the load on the joints. Heart - by all accounts, this is the healthiest organ in the body)).

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Wow. You have 17 kilos and he has 120 kilos. Who else has the disease?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar kobylyanskyy 14 May 2021

17 years old, 200 pounds. It's like a disease of its own.

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And not just yourself, but also the dickheads, of which, unfortunately, we have a lot.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar Shelestum 14 May 2021

And why the fuckheads need to prove something? To do something better for themselves or for their loved ones.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar pukhryk 14 May 2021

Just thinking about the dickheads, where I went to school, he would have been fucked up and it's very sad.

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Lost weight from 134 to 80 (height 182). And I can responsibly say a caloric deficit will fix any disease.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar JKL88 15 May 2021

But his joints won't respect him for it, not at all))

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Goterias 14 May 2021

What's the disease?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar StacyNine 14 May 2021

Obesity? It can be caused not only by your love for hamburgers, but also by a hormonal imbalance in your body. Or it could be a complication in the course of treatment. A girl in my backyard had it, something with her adrenal glands. Her whole family was skinny, and she's like a jumbo.

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And I always weighed 84 when I was 172, I was big. Then I had a long business trip and I was pretty hungry, I couldn't go higher than 65 kg for half a year now, I was sick of being a fucking pest :(

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But they still called me a fatso.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar cersanit 14 May 2021

Oddly enough, no. He was very good at agreements and thermal mechanics and anyone who ventured to call him a fatso would have been left without his advice and tips.

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Yeah, the guy's tough. Good for him.

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Bought myself a ticket to participate in the mega-march in August this year, where I have to walk 100 km in 24 hours. Decided to test myself, too.

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Been there. First time I did 50, cracked the skin on my foot, no more. Then I waddled around the house for another week. Sneakers let me down, though.

The second time I did the whole 100 in 22 hours. You need old, time-tested sneakers. More socks and snacks for the road. It's important to keep your pace and not break in the beginning or your legs will quickly get hammered. Any scuffs, chafes on your feet immediately glue with a Band-Aid. If you score - after 10-20 km it will be impossible to walk.

If you really want to walk, I advise you to take this event seriously. Read how people walk, all sorts of gimmicks there and laifkaki, so to speak. It seems like just a walk, but after 70 km for me began to overpower myself. All that I have not paid attention to in the beginning or not fully eliminated. After 90 km I was walking solely on the moral will, reflecting on life and the futility of being...

In general, I sincerely wish you good luck!

Hide Show +68 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021

Thanks for the valuable advice, I'll take it into consideration.

I've done a 200km walk without any training, the last three hours I rode in the rain, constantly encouraging myself, repeating as a mantra, "you can do it, you'll make it". Finished 4 minutes before the finish line.

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You probably owe a cloud of cash, don't you?

Hide Show +24 Author avatar artemka178 13 May 2021

Did you walk?

Hide Show +19 Author avatar Sandello33 13 May 2021

No, I get kind of depressed at times like that. I don't know how to describe it. It's like a dementor sucking me off.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar PonyFucker 14 May 2021

My friends are periodically arrange a hike from our dorm (Dolgoprudny) to one of their home (in Snegiri, ~ 45km). They go 8-11 hours, on arrival at once a bath, food, beer, and sleep. Times 4 already walked, cross-country + road.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Vahmister.Bolsen 13 May 2021

I've walked a hundred times. One time 16 hours, the second 14.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Sandello33 13 May 2021

My respects!

Hide Show +5 Author avatar gtxybr999 14 May 2021

Is it even possible to run sometimes in this activity? The thing is, I get my lower back clogged up by walking. I don't know what it is. Of course, I have to go to the doctors. And how do I know. My battery died in a remote village of three houses. No cell phone service. The nearest stick on the antenna is 10 kilometers away. So me and my partner went. That's when I noticed that after a mile and a half my lower back was a bone. My legs were going but I could not bend or straighten up. My partner told me to go for a run. I went for a run. After a run I felt some relief, but then I was walking again and my back was a knot.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Sandello33 14 May 2021

Well, you need to see a doctor, that's for sure. At the very least, we should find out what's causing it.

And about the event... how does it go? "If you wanna go, go." If you want to run - run) To make you understand, such events are usually held on rough terrain, because walking on the asphalt such distances are not kamilfo. But even on the ground from running calf muscles clogged pretty quickly (of course, much depends on fitness, shoes and running style), and in general, at some point, the muscles are also "stump", and your feet will refuse to carry you further or anywhere. Surely someone has walked such distances (alternating walking and running). You have to try it.

By the way, if you have a desire to run/walk cross-country, I suggest you consider a discipline such as rogaining. It is a multi-hour (formats range from 4 to 24 hours) orienteering on the ground. These events are usually well organized. Fees for participation there are minimal. They give you a map with marked checkpoints and walk/run to collect. The only thing you need to learn how to use a compass first, but it's not difficult.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar malina1988 14 May 2021

That's a pretty boy!!! Thank you! With the first sentence, I had a growing desire to try. With the last sentence, the desire fell away.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar RedDew 15 May 2021

The 60 km cross-country march with a lining, in high school intelligence passed the final cross-country exam. Everybody made it, some of us on stretchers. 1995.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Pandoro4ka777 14 May 2021

You're tough)

Hide Show -1 Author avatar iREXa 14 May 2021

Walking such a distance is really only possible from the futility of being. People invented transportation long ago.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Sandello33 14 May 2021

You have lost your adventurous spirit.)

Hide Show +59 Author avatar Giltias1 13 May 2021

I was reminded of King with his Long Walk.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Kopipabra 13 May 2021

I think there was a lot more to it than that.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Neversad 13 May 2021

Did they specify distances? I don't remember at all. Or I just didn't take the numbers, knowing they weren't important... What's important is how many more people are going.

Hide Show +24 Author avatar SiberianK 13 May 2021

Why do you need a ticket if you're walking?)

Hide Show +20 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021

Registration as a participant, a number, water/food along the way, a medal. You can, of course, and help yourself wind 100 km around the area, but it's not as interesting as taking part in an official event.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar SiberianK 13 May 2021

Well, if a number, of course.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar NeonNoviy 13 May 2021

We at work for such activities (such as a race of heroes, etc.) gave invitations. I'm honestly, then surprised that they are paid. In the mud in their clothes, etc., well, he...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Newcss 14 May 2021

So there will also be food?) I must then also sign up).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kelchin 13 May 2021

How much is it? Maybe I can offer cheaper?))

Hide Show +1 Author avatar invisibleman1702 13 May 2021

Without a ticket you'll have to run that distance.

Hide Show +13 Author avatar Jeweler48 13 May 2021

Average pace is over 4km per hour.

I've done 60km in 24 hours. Didn't feel like much either.)

100 would make you feel bad.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021

I also think it's better not to go there without preparation, so I think I'll start doing "short" 30-50 km marathons now.

Hide Show +29 Author avatar Bukabambuka 13 May 2021

That's a hell of a short one. It's a walk from the couch to the toilet.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Rahlkan 13 May 2021

What's the town? You got a link? That's the kind of wilderness I'd be into!!!

upd. google didn't get any results(((

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021
Hide Show +4 Author avatar Rahlkan 13 May 2021


.de sounds a bit far from spb(

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Disamas 13 May 2021


Hide Show +16 Author avatar Stickofbounty 13 May 2021

As a pauper I don't understand why I would buy tickets for that)

I wanted to check myself - packed a bag and went in the direction of the sea)

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021

It's just that you have the sea nearby... we without the sea have to buy tickets...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Blaine 13 May 2021

you do not understand, this is different)))

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Stickofbounty 13 May 2021

Nearby, 470km)

My maximum is about 40 km in a day, to and from the forest)

Hide Show +4 Author avatar staverick 13 May 2021

Good luck

Hide Show +2 Author avatar SayMyNameAgain 13 May 2021


Hide Show +1 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021


Hide Show +2 Author avatar rostov77 13 May 2021

Holy shit... The key word is BUY!

Hide Show +1 Author avatar olegsvoy 14 May 2021

I'm sitting wondering where to buy a ticket to work around the clock and what not to pay money.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar AinoLux 13 May 2021

A friend has set himself a task, got up at 7 am, finished at 23 hours, but only 95 km, did not get to the end.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar QqWwZz1 14 May 2021

is there a link to the event ?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Anticreator 14 May 2021
Hide Show +1 Author avatar mbest7 14 May 2021

If you have not started training now, then the chances of at least 40-50 km to go very little.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar promoswork 14 May 2021

Please give me a link or more information. I would very much like to take part

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Anticreator 14 May 2021

it's in Germany

Hide Show +1 Author avatar 4reg13 14 May 2021

Are you preparing for something in terms of training, or just on the ball?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Anticreator 14 May 2021

From the comments of others, I have already understood that the training must be taken seriously

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 4reg13 14 May 2021

It's important to master the right technique first, to pump up the right muscles and only then to increase the amount of training.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar fifishka32 13 May 2021

Is it necessary to do it in one go?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Anticreator 13 May 2021

Yes, in one 24-hour workout. Of course, you can periodically rest, but not for speed, as long as you stay within the limit.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Nella1 14 May 2021

Can I ask you a completely non-sportsman question - why? And this is not sarcasm....

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Anticreator 14 May 2021

spirit of adventurism

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Kochan007 14 May 2021

We have these every year. At first, the maximum distance was 75 km and one day, then every year it was increased by 25. In the last year, the maximum was 150 km - people took tents/sleeping bags for two days - they brought everything to the control 75 like in cars, at the start sent.

The first year I walked 25 km easy, most of it on asphalt along the highway and in the sun. But the last time I decided on 50 km and the route was such, that up to the CP25 we were walking through some woods, in a rainstorm, crossing the river and wading in the result - 33 km, got terribly tired and didn't go further.

Hide Show +33 Author avatar GrafVecher 13 May 2021

And now it's time to talk about justice. I do not believe in its existence, but as a concept, justice is present. What do we usually mean by justice? That someone got what they deserved? Alternatively. Also, justice is that the person who works hard will get more benefits than the person who does nothing at all. And now imagine that we are all different, that each of us has a unique variation of genes and behavioral traits, in some cases, some of us, like the guy in the video has a brain disease, and some of us have an endocrine system disorder and with an outwardly quite prosperous image have serious endocrine or neurological abnormalities. And sometimes even small deviations from the "norm" are enough to consider a person lazy or stupid. Here we come to the question, is it fair that a lazy person gets less than a hard-working person? Of course you will say "yes, it is fair, because a lazy person cannot overcome his nature, show willpower and become industrious" and you will be wrong in most cases. Nature, or rather the evolutionary mechanisms have arranged our life in such a way that lazy individuals are just as necessary to society as hardworking ones, these things are strongly interrelated. And nature has made sure that hormonal disruption occurs more often in some people than in others, which, in turn, ensures evolution. But back to justice. A guy with cerebral palsy walked 5 kilometers in 23 hours, he spent 23 times more energy, perseverance, and time than all of his teammates. Is it fair that he gets an award for last place because he put in so much more effort? No, of course it's not fair. So is it fair that a hard-working person (and my neuroscientist friends and I now know that hard-working is not trained, but is a genetic factor) gets more? No, of course not, a hard worker has in his arsenal of excellent hormones and energy, a benchmark enthusiasm, an inexhaustible motivation that drives his genius forward. The same applies to smart people, they are smart by nature, they grasp any subject on the fly, many answers to complex questions arise by themselves in their head. Would it be objective to compare a lazy person with a workaholic and a smart person with a fool? I am sure that no, a lazy person needs much more inner strength and willpower to perform a simple task, just as a fool needs to spend more time and energy to solve a simple example. For this reason, although all people are different, we are all equal. You cannot blame a person for being lazy or stupid or, for example, making a lot of mistakes in words or putting a lot of unnecessary commas, because we were born with this, these are our inborn characteristics. Is it possible to train them? In some cases it is possible, but in most cases it is doubtful. Just answer , is it possible to train a person with an intelligence level of standard 120 units to understand Perelman's solution of Poincarie's hypothesis?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar CNHNY 14 May 2021

Seems right, but imho and achievements are valuable by their result, and not by the effort invested for quite understandable reasons - people who could do something, benefited. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but any work is valued by its result, not by how hard you tried. If I come to work tomorrow and suddenly do a designer's job, I'm probably terribly tired and won't do anything good. And clients don't pay for the fact that the employee is fucked up, but for the outcome of the labor itself, so no one will praise me.

I understand your point of view, but imho this view is harmful and counterproductive. Success always involves working on oneself, if one takes one's laziness or stupidity as a given, one may just put one's hands down and not try to correct it further.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar GrafVecher 14 May 2021

I thought about it, but that is the paradox of our existence. People with a well-functioning hormonal system don't need extra motivation, they have a natural drive and desire to fight boredom. Have you ever seen a buddy-aholic who watched a motivational movie? And I have not, because they are motivated by themselves, boredom is their best motivator. and now a more complicated question, have you seen a person who is essentially lazy, who thanks to some magic inner mantra, repeating them several times a day, suddenly became a druggie? I haven't seen it. But in general, not to give up is our natural mechanism, a motivation as a belief in God, there is a popular misconception that if all become atheists, then all will begin to commit crimes, that man needs a psychological barrier that would stop at the sin. As practice shows, they do not need it, normal people's normal functioning brains do not allow them to commit crimes, because it is simply unacceptable for someone, as dictated by their hormones, their genetic memory, their "biology". So in motivation, the motivator for people will be "biology", not mythical willpower and motivational verse in the morning.

And in general, our history shows that people worked 100 and 200 and 1000 years ago, when no science had been developed and people worked not for "I'm strong and can do everything" but simply because that's how they are built.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar qanto 14 May 2021

Totally agree with this and the comments above, except for the motive to commit crimes. It's a lot more complicated than that.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar CNHNY 14 May 2021

But then why do we sometimes have to force ourselves to do something? If motivation is inherent, then is there any point in working on yourself? I see that after some effort I can do more than I can do without making any effort. That is, "natural" motivation certainly exists, but we can manually move its limits.

And to what extent we can move it - here imho and the truth everyone has his maximum. But I think that this maximum is high enough for all of us.

I'm just lazy, some things are interesting to me, but it can be hard to work 7 hours, I get tired of concentrating. However, if you say to yourself "I have to", then, in principle, everything works out. If I viewed laziness as some kind of constant natural constant as a trait of my character, I would achieve a lot less. Many people, without fantastic motivation, simply cultivate discipline and get quite good at it. You can look at the ability to follow discipline as some predetermined number too, of course, but I think most people are capable of it. Otherwise, what are the options? To tell a lazy kid that here's a failure, there's no reason to try and exert yourself?

P.s. I do not consider workaholics, as this is not the healthiest option and the motivation for workaholism, as well as many other "-isms" is often unhealthy and comes from avoidance of real life, for example.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Romka2150 13 May 2021

Lots of letters but thumbs up

Hide Show +4 Author avatar GrafVecher 13 May 2021

"The Biology of Good and Evil" by Robert Sapolsky , this book led to such conclusions, if interested)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar TriceratopsAnnie 14 May 2021

Immediately I thought of him. Where did you download the book?

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Japan75 13 May 2021

And how to understand where laziness is inherent in the genes, and where the upbringing? Very much want to understand. A simple example, my brother lives with my mother. Mom will soon be 82 years old, my brother is in his 50s. When my mom is at home (almost 365 days a year), he does not even heat up the soup, he waits until my mom puts it on the table, and then cuts the bread. When my mother leaves for a week or two, she warms it up first, and then she buys food, at least dumplings, at least stewed meat, but she cooks pasta and eats it with stewed meat. And he even eats clean plates when his mother comes home, i.e. he washes something.

So what? Genetic laziness succumbs to survival? I, seriously, I'm not being facetious, I don't get it.

Oh, just don't now, to all the other commenters, swear at your mother. What grew up is what grew up. My dad died when he was 12, I was 5. But somehow we're different, even though we have the same family. My mother swears at him and I swear at my mother for letting me do that, but it's been like that for a long time.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Stas00n 14 May 2021

It's adaptation, that is, no unnecessary movements, according to the situation. I'm like that myself. In the army, I used to move around a lot, whether you wanted to or not. Personally, I need a kick in the ass.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Japan75 14 May 2021

You don't really do anything at home? Maybe you don't bathe for two weeks?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Fren00 14 May 2021

This is a learned helplessness, if I may say so (don't throw your boots at the experts, please). If they give you, take it, if they beat you, run. But as you yourself write, really, it all comes from childhood(

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Japan75 14 May 2021

Excuse me for asking, but how old are you? If you're under 30, it's probably still going to pass) It's just me. I'm just not sure that he will be able to live normally alone when my mom is gone. He never wanted to turn on the washing machine. And I'm not gonna live there and support him. Okay, that's my problem. But you turn around on yourself, to understand that it is not necessary to turn into such a)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar JokeKing12 14 May 2021

And what else is a mother to do what? On the contrary, it's good that she has some responsibilities. Old people live as long as they feel useful.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Japan75 14 May 2021

On the one hand yes, on the other hand, she is always on edge about what will happen to him when she's gone. Well, my mom is very active, in winter (from November to March) she walks, in summer she goes to the vegetable garden alone (if I'm not there), potatoes, tomatoes, etc. I do not mind, as it is easier for her in the air. But the fact that my brother does not want to take her there in the car my mother bought, because he is lazy. That's where it burns me up. He lives his whole life on her money, cars (they have changed several times) on her money. (I also provided for me, I who-mu not to be written off as envy). Man, I do not give a shit about the money, I do not give a shit that she walks to the place where the buses stop going there, and then still walks from that stop, when there is a car under the house that she bought ...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GrafVecher 13 May 2021

If you believe modern scientists neurobiologists and geneticists, then your brother's disease or hormonal malfunction is to blame for this situation, possibly a brain disorder, and in some cases, stresses suffered in childhood greatly alter the endocrine system of a person. I am sorry for your loss, I do not really want to bring up the subject, but still at the age of 5 the loss of a father is perceived much easier than at 12, maybe it was the reason for your brother's change of behavior. Once again I apologize if I hurt his feelings. Unfortunately, at our stage of medical development, there is no way to fix the situation, except to try to pass tests by an endocrinologist. For example, I have felt the most dreadful apathy and fatigue, as well as the strongest laziness, when my testosterone has drastically decreased. Every day with taking this medicine was like a new life, it was an incredible feeling, from lazy and phlegmatic I turned into a workaholic and optimist. Just think, 1 hormone and how much its proportion in the body can change a life.

But the main idea is different, don't blame your brother, accept him as he is, it's nobody's fault that he behaves this way, let alone his own. You either have to help him or accept him.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Japan75 14 May 2021

You know, I can believe that it's not his fault. Like my mom says, he was stabbed when he was a kid. I mean, he was a sickly child, unlike me. And then he had 2 C.M.T.'s and he had a plate in his skull. But, how do you understand the differences in behavior when there's someone to take care of him and when there isn't? You can just do nothing, and when she is gone, you can even cook and do the dishes? Is it just laziness on a basic domestic level to not wash a spoon if there is someone to do it?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Alekcvp 13 May 2021

That's a pretty controversial statement. Would it be fair if a person who came to a running competition and was the last to run would get a gold medal for perseverance? And whoever ran first gets a silver medal, just because he didn't have to put as much effort into it?

Hide Show +4 Author avatar gayarsenic 14 May 2021

To be fair to that guy, I'd personally give him a separate award for perseverance in that case.

At one event in my presence, they gave a medal to a man of 70+ years, who had no chance to be the first, but he made it to the finish line. And they awarded him just out of respect, not a gold or silver medal, but just this.

After all, gold and silver are given for the best time, not for the greatest will to win. I'd say they're different categories. So don't even compare the fastest runner and the guy with cerebral palsy. They won in different categories.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Alekcvp 14 May 2021

That's the right thing.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GrafVecher 13 May 2021

Is it fair that a runner with short legs will never come in first, even though he will train much harder than the first? Our system of value judgments is flawed, thinking in categories is self-defeating.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Alekcvp 14 May 2021

It is fair that a person with short legs will not be a runner, but will do something he is good at. All people are not initially equal. Fairness is the equality


opportunities, not equality in general. That is, anyone should have the opportunity

try to

to become something. If you can do it, good for you, if you can't do it, sorry. Otherwise we'll come to exactly what we have in the West, when trans people win in women's sports - it's not their fault they weren't born female, right?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar maslorik 13 May 2021

The standard level of intelligence is far from 120.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar GrafVecher 13 May 2021

What's standard?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar tensten 14 May 2021

Not standard, average. Otherwise we'll start looking for true Aryans.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Blaine 13 May 2021

That's a great comment.

We're all equal, but some are, alas, flatter. :(

Hide Show +10 Author avatar PaperFinch 13 May 2021

It doesn't say "in a row", I think there were breaks, but yes, it's still a decent result.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar TheSystem 13 May 2021

Shit, I had a bent cardan with a rock in the middle of nowhere and it was a Sunday. I couldn't go more than 15 km/h, otherwise the gimbal was banging on the bottom. On the way 25 hours, my back was broken from such a trip, although there was a stop to sleep.

And here's a man on his feet that long - kudos.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar shendikoff 14 May 2021

I was a waiter for 22 hours straight. But it's not a painstaking and monotonous job, because first the business lunch, then the party, plus smoke breaks and booze some

Hide Show +1 Author avatar SergeyX 14 May 2021

When I was young, I worked as an installer for an electrical company. Once I and my crew spent 27 hours restoring power in the building after a fire. They came to the place with machines, bent tires, re-did the switchboards and switchgears.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar konRWka 14 May 2021

I worked 12-hour shifts in a bakery as a dough maker. But while the batch was being baked and the dough was ready, I could sit down for 20-40 minutes. Then I found myself in a bakery, where the shift was 24 hours, and as a baker, and even more functions were thrown on. I worked twenty-four hours a day in two, but I survived for a month. Tears came out of my eyes until I found another job. The end of the '90s, I had to put up with all kinds of work.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar shk123 13 May 2021

Crawling. You get tired.

Hide Show +22 Author avatar Serathil 13 May 2021

I can't even lie down for 23 hours...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar spilberk 14 May 2021

Not every healthy person can just walk for 23 hours...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Izergon 14 May 2021

Now a cook works two 14-hour shifts in a row and cries a little.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 75evg19 19 May 2021

He's just got a lot of time on his hands.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar gemb1337 14 May 2021

I don't believe it, 23 hours, 5 km, that's how fast you have to walk.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Grieshnik 14 May 2021

You're just not motivated enough, just imagine a nigger with a huge dick running behind you and you'll run the whole 48:)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar TriceratopsAnnie 14 May 2021


Hide Show 0 Author avatar s8ar0g 14 May 2021

Respect for willpower.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar mamkin.pochatok 14 May 2021

Even to walk just as stupidly with a healthy body for 23 WHOLE HOURS is like death to me!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Sladkoegka 14 May 2021

Oh... We two years ago went camping on the Kola Coast and by coincidence on the last day went without sleep 24 hours with rucksacks... Yes there were a couple of stops, but still. So it's the tenseness... I've never felt so tired.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Faperonxx 14 May 2021

Well, you're pretty weak, I'll tell you that.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Jeann.d.Archi 14 May 2021

Compared to him, I'm autistic with Down syndrome, I can't go more than two hours.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SokolovVivienne 13 May 2021

sorry for the volume, the guy is a beauty, and many can not even wash the dishes for themselves! ) p.s not me)