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This is what snow on Netflix should look like now

+46 Author avatar Prof.Fortran 23 June 2021

Yeah, well, what's wrong with that?

P.S. Kuzbass.

(and yes, it's snow)

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Netflix is coming to you)

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Noooo! Let Kuzbass come to them.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar KA3AHb 24 June 2021

That's fucked up.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar CrashBandicot 24 June 2021

No, it says Kuzbass.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar KA3AHb 24 June 2021

What have they done wrong before the Gods, that every day they sprinkle ashes on their heads and look up to the sky in the hope of redemption?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Dancing.Rain 24 June 2021

"Clean coal - green Kuzbass!")) Is that a procopa?

+60 Author avatar Windhund 23 June 2021

And that's what it looks like in May in Vorkuta. All the coal dust that settled in layers over the winter remains on the disappearing snow.

So if the snow started to turn black and snowdrops started to appear (bulls, dog shit, cigarette packs, etc.) then spring has come to the polar region.

Hide Show +43 Author avatar KameradRotarmist 23 June 2021

So there's a Vorkuta man out there somewhere who's kicking the fire mages.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Prince.Eric 23 June 2021

So that's why Vorkuta is dying out. It's all a conspiracy by the Land of Fire to rob us of our chosen one!

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Quazy 24 June 2021

Azerbaijan is the land of fire (literally).

Hide Show +2 Author avatar imploid 24 June 2021

Once upon a time, four nations lived in peace. But that all changed when the Fire Nation started a war.

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the month of shittay has come.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Saburo3582 23 June 2021

Oh, you're from the Timan.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Windhund 23 June 2021

From Vorgashor, but you're from the same mountain.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Saburo3582 23 June 2021

Tell me you're from Entuziastov.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Windhund 23 June 2021

Enthusiastov 28)

Hide Show -1 Author avatar bearvorkuta 23 June 2021

I don't remember that

It's all shit, but the snow has always been white.

On Vorgashor at least 20 years ago.

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"Snowdrops" are corpses:)

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A snowdrop is anything that pops out of the snow in the spring. From a cigarette butt to a body.

Well, there's a flower, too.

+6 Author avatar Borisbuuz1 23 June 2021

That's an example of the highest skill of the makeup artists. And the actor, of course.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Viktorrr100 24 June 2021

Bezrukov and Revva in the film Peter the First.

+8 Author avatar Borisbuuz1 23 June 2021

By the way, a good example.

+4 Author avatar forestsanitar 23 June 2021

Coal under the snow.

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No, here's a charcoal under a snowball.

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I drank too much on New Year's Eve, decided to take a nap.

+6 Author avatar goodside 23 June 2021

And this is what the snow looks like in Odessa.

+3 Author avatar Shamshudin 24 June 2021

Imagine Netflix decided to reimagine the original tale and transported the events to the world of dieselpunk. Extraction of coal to power the machines is accompanied by a colossal amount of dust, so that now even the snow has become coal-black color. And with it the everlasting smog that makes the sun go out, widespread anthracosis, starvation, sick children, etc. And then the local queen sits on her balcony, sewing respirators for herself and her husband, and dreams: "I wish I had a daughter born black as snow..."

+3 Author avatar ZaNoZa1911 23 June 2021

I think I've heard that before.

+3 Author avatar Bazatron 23 June 2021

That's the Ramstein version of snow!

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+2 Author avatar ka27 23 June 2021

Gray, black Snow on black snow...

+2 Author avatar sinkobaga 23 June 2021

Green Grey's Black Snow.

+1 Author avatar potato82 23 June 2021

That's coke!

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At least one.

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0 Author avatar Kleinermann 24 June 2021

Already imagined black people near the mine tossing this snow and rejoicing in life.

0 Author avatar Hash2000 24 June 2021

It's about time these tolerant posts started a community. Like 'Netflix' or 'according to Netflix' ... 'Particularly tolerant'... Or something like that.

0 Author avatar vabra 24 June 2021

What, is Jon Snow black now, too?

0 Author avatar Borisbuuz1 23 June 2021

Or that. Well, that's the art here.

0 Author avatar VitSch 23 June 2021

Crushed ice.

0 Author avatar NechestnoNekatit 24 June 2021

I don't get it... where's the white charcoal?

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Gena's on.

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Suddenly there is a power plant with the same name in Essentuki. But it's been abandoned for many years.

It seems that there is a museum, but I don't know how you can get into it.

0 Author avatar SnegST1 23 June 2021

The snow should be yellow!

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The main thing is not to eat it.

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Netflix can eat it. They can eat brown, too. Probably even need to.

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By the way, I like your nickname in the context of this thread)

-4 Author avatar MaxValentiner 23 June 2021

This is what Netflix itself should look like.