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Teacher who lowered student's diploma grade because of green hair claims she was joking

In addition to *Removed by moderator*

Olga Martysheva denies that the final exam was influenced by the young man's appearance. She said that the State Examination Commission only evaluated the student's knowledge.

"This was said with humor. The decision was made collectively by the State Examination Commission for the defense of the thesis and the answers to the questions of the commission."

The guy himself also commented on the situation.

*Removed by the moderator *

An earlier video appeared on the Web where instructors undervalue a student for green hair. In the footage they read out the grades and stop at the name of the graduate Roman.

- Roman Vasilyevich. It's all ambiguous here. That is, the defense was good, but your green hair ruined everything. That's why you get "good," says the CPC MCC instructor.

- And also the hair, and also the earring," says the second instructor.

- You come in like you're at a disco. Unpresentable, unrepresentable, unrepresentable! - concludes the teacher.

Because of the wide resonance, Deputy Minister Yury Zelenov was personally involved in the situation.

According to him, an official investigation was launched into the teachers who were present at the exam.

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The green hair scandal was taken up by Yury Zelenov. Keck

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Green-haired))) reptiloids?

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If the hair was red, would Yuri Krasnov have taken over?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar rusibel 18 June 2021

Alexander Krasnov,

Yuri the green-haired

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His hair on the video doesn't look particularly green.

+387 Author avatar Zheleznyy 17 June 2021

Old school. They forgot that today's young people have smartphones.

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All kinds of overage inadequates with janitor syndrome are hell-bent on the existence of the Internet and the fact that every kid has a smartphone with a camera. Before, all these farts and farts could do all kinds of shit in peace and information about it would not go outside their realm, but now it can be filmed and uploaded to the Internet, as a result of which the whole country will know about their fuck-ups, the old witch will lose her job and the prick in uniform will lose his rank and his pension. They would be happy if mere mortals weren't allowed on the internet and smartphones were sold only from the age of 18.

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It would be nice to offer more money to replace them with professionals of any age, but this is just a saying.

And as for the great-aged adequate teachers, I would like to level the playing field in terms of technology. Namely: equip all classrooms of educational institutions with cameras and cut both incompetent teachers and devils-students out of education. Because a single dickhead student can easily, over a long period of time, ruin the entire educational process of a classroom, just as easily as a dickhead teacher.

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I don't see what the problem is with keeping a record of the entire school day for a week at least. So that at any time parents can rewind any story and see what's going on there.

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You what, it's expensive and in general cameras only record in real time ...

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There's an idea that people getting their diplomas are 18.

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So I wasn't just talking about university employees, I was referring to all such people, many of whom work in places where people under 18 go.

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The value of such "professionals" is zero. They have no idea what can be taught to a modern person, so that it is really useful in life.

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They can't even evaluate the essence of knowledge, they have to look at appearances.

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What it says on the syllabus! What does it mean to know what to teach?

Do you know everything? Why did you come to learn?

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Crowd of angry janitors in the comments under this post.

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Aren't there any young ones like that?)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Serafim18 18 June 2021

One by one.

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How beautifully you write.

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Thank you 😄😄🤗😌

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And how many of these situations aren't filmed and posted?

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Yeah. They got burned. We should take away smartphones on exams. Probably googled all the answers😂

Well that's just me throwing it on the fan, in case anyone didn't get it. Or maybe not🤷🏻♂️

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There's a defense, I don't think he googled the diploma)

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So now the diploma btw is googled, just ahead of time and printed out. You can even do it all on the day of delivery.

Hey, unless you're a super-specialist or a doctor or at some prestigious university, no one needs your diploma.

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So what's the point if the anti-plagiarism committee turns it down?)

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Defense still filmed on camera, though maybe not everywhere, I don't know.

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It's not just about smartphones, I guess. At our university last year diplomas and examinations were recorded on video. You can rewind and watch.

The truth is not clear, it was worse for the commission or for the students, whose....intellectual originality.... now also on video.

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The soviet grandmother should be kicked out with piss rags.

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It's not soviet! It's stupid! There are plenty of them even now, but they're not babka!

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It's a soviet, closed-minded worldview.

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And you along with it.

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I remember a classmate trying to get banned from the defense because some prick didn't like his shirt. He also said, "What are you, coming to the disco? Our curator quickly ran to the rector, and that d*ck got in a lot of trouble for deciding to set a dress code.

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That's how I went to the military recruitment office when I was 18, they kicked me out for wearing shorts. I didn't really want to, I thought, and I didn't show up there until I was 27.)

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Good logic, you can't wear shorts, but you can wear shorts from office to office.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar LazyWebmaster 18 June 2021

Same logic-- mini-bikini's fine, underwear's not fine.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Exp1k 18 June 2021

It's an army demo, so it's kind of normal.)

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I had to bend over in an identical situation, and my father and I went to the nearest market and bought me the first pants I could find, so I could go to the enlistment office and get my military ID card.)

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And in this case the inspector herself (in the pink on the video) was trying to get the guy to pay for his earrings and hair, and to get the commission to agree to it.

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For the fact that he does not like discos.

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No, it's just that the rector has the same shirt.

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For some reason I was reminded of a joke about the capture of the Bastille.

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It's a classic. "If you shit yourself, tell me you're kidding!"

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It's called Schrodinger's Wackadoodle.

Schrödinger's Asshole is a person who says unpleasant things and, depending on people's reactions, decides if it was a joke.

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"I didn't finish university - hihihaha ..." - is the response of the "Schrödinger assholes" if you try to explain the name and "Schrödinger's cat" to them. They'll calm down for a week, and then they'll go back to their old ways.

"...giggle cat in superposition..." - i'm tired of that.

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What a sweet and unhappy face....

Hide Show +61 Author avatar MossBox 17 June 2021

Absolutely un-presentable. Has she seen herself in the mirror? The guy compared to her is a model.

Hide Show +30 Author avatar MarsiAne4ka 17 June 2021

With dyed hair and earrings in his ears.

Hide Show +24 Author avatar Mr.Danko73 17 June 2021

And her lips are all red, like she's coming to get laid.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar jaaru 18 June 2021

And a Mohawk.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Serafim18 18 June 2021

Faggot model.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar JoeytheRoach 18 June 2021

Actually, I must say, the photo is pretty unfortunate. In real life she looks better, although her eyes often look like there's five times more makeup than necessary. But it's still a bad photo.

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I get an Införnal Fuck playing in my head after reading that phrase.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Braslet 17 June 2021

Yeah. Taken out of context.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Caustic 17 June 2021

"It's a prank!"

+151 Author avatar jaguarn 17 June 2021

But doesn't she also have dyed hair, an earring, and quite vulgar makeup? Ooh

The kid looks neater in front of her. :\

Hide Show +15 Author avatar frozen392 17 June 2021

and no underwear on top...

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Hide Show 0 Author avatar andrysly 17 June 2021

And he's going to church at matins!

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Viktoria137 17 June 2021

She looks more like the Joker than the Joker himself...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar murrrzik27 17 June 2021

you don't get it-- it's different! *Sarcasm.

+80 Author avatar Karimshina 17 June 2021

Let me put it this way. We had five redshirt sophomores fail their diplomas. Only because the chairman was in a bad mood that day. She said so in the beginning: I'm in a bad mood today, get ready. Our group passed a day early. I, the loser, got an "A". My friend from the parallel group got a 4. A friend who never skipped a single class in her five years of study. Then we cried together with her in the bathroom from the lawlessness and injustice. Well, here goes. As a protest and support for the offended, came to the presentation of diploma bald and in jeans. I understand that the color of the diploma is a total crap. But, people have shown responsibility, diligence and hard work all five years. And their faces are on the table. In short, if I knew that would be such crap, I would have come to the defense bald, since the color of the diploma, I did not give a shit.

Hide Show +37 Author avatar elfl0rd 17 June 2021

Had I been sure of my knowledge, I would have taken the exam again.

Hide Show +14 Author avatar ruokiri 17 June 2021

Ahahahahaha, to me the committee shut the exam with the phrase "you seem to be answering, but somehow not so, and in general we did not catch you, but we know that you somehow cheated".

Hide Show +1 Author avatar elfl0rd 17 June 2021

The RONO committee or the dean's office? :)

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Hide Show +17 Author avatar AndalusianDream 17 June 2021

That's what I was going to say. If that friend is so really smart and always learned everything, then why did not protest and did not ask for a retake?

Hide Show +15 Author avatar elfl0rd 17 June 2021

Judging by the text, it's not just the friend...

Usually those who go for a red diploma and have knowledge won't lose it because of a teacher with a bad mood.

The more so that the retake is usually solved at the dean's office level, the rono and the external commission is a guaranteed option.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar RichieSB 17 June 2021

Apparently because the patient. :)

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Karimshina 17 June 2021

We went and found out. You understand, how the diploma on a humanitarian subject is written? And that it does not contain accurate calculations, conclusions and other things. The case was in law school. And no matter how hard the student tries, he can not comprehend, for example from the Federal Law on Public Procurement, as he has no practical experience. It's to the point that on appeal rolls like shit. Let's put it this way. I had references to foreign literature in my diploma. The defense asked me how many languages I knew. Since I have had the skills to lie confidently since childhood, I got away with it. Those who didn't have references to foreign literature got a lower score. If I hadn't fucked up like Trotsky at the defense, I would have gotten less. It wasn't even about knowledge. И

Hide Show +1 Author avatar elfl0rd 17 June 2021

I understand very well how diplomas are written in the humanities.

I also know one thing, the RONO committee doesn't give a fuck about the retake, they really judge the quality of work and knowledge.

But for the dean's office, re-testing a student on an outside committee means a lot of headaches, inspections, and rebuffs.

That's why, as a rule, everything is solved at the dean's office level.

And here if in quality of the diploma one water, and quality of knowledge "woosvasya with half of professors" then unwillingness to go to the commission at once becomes clear.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Karimshina 17 June 2021

No, it was not an option. We asked the teacher, who is adequate and sane. She just went into the bathroom, when we were crying. So she said: if you are sure that you know the rules better than the members of the appeal, you can. But if there's a shadow of a doubt, it's pointless. A person already feels like shit. Most people's hands are shattered.

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The commission is made up of the same fuckheads. They're like a fucking mafia out there.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar shvezar 17 June 2021

I do not know as in high schools, but in schools medalists specifically roll, putting somewhere a B, because when I was a student it was so that if someone goes to school for a medal - then the exams hold field committee, and not the teaching staff, maybe something similar is also in high school))))?

Hide Show +13 Author avatar Einhasad 17 June 2021

What a strange school. The school, on the contrary, benefits from medalists.

I, on the contrary, was pulled for a medal by giving me an A in all subjects. The Russian/literature teacher did not agree with this tactic, that's actually why I got silver.)

Hide Show +3 Author avatar kdargosun 17 June 2021

I got a B for my coursework, saying that too many red diplomas. Apparently I did not get one. It's a shame, but not fatal.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Viltur 17 June 2021

No, of course, in my university in general all 1 flow passed put a 5.

The truth is that there selected so that first those who studied well, of course, no one failed, but I do not believe that all for 5 answered.

Ps the university is quite large, but the whole atmosphere was strange. Coronovirus, etc.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar MathGeek 17 June 2021

Hmm, and if you didn't skip a single class, you must be guaranteed an A? I don't think that's how it works...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Karimshina 18 June 2021

Oh, I forgot. She knew since she was 10 years old what she wanted to be. And she did.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Karimshina 18 June 2021

That's a given. She was a nerd for five years. Just like everyone else who got cut. And yes, not to miss a single class/seminar when you're 19-23, spring is outside, lilacs are blooming and white nights - for me an indicator of diligence) Naturally, in the commentary can not list everything. But since you asked:

- only two B's in five years;

- ...I got on a budget in another city without a mom or dad;

100% attendance;

passed with no retakes or tails, etcetera, etcetera

Norm? )

Hide Show -4 Author avatar korvik 17 June 2021

What was all the crying about? What good was a red diploma?

Hide Show +18 Author avatar Karimshina 17 June 2021

It's not the color of the diploma. It's like at work: you worked your ass off on a Nazi cross, without days off or vacations. And your colleague who didn't work hard got promoted. You have to admit, it's a shame. Here and there, the same thing.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Viltur 17 June 2021

Almost none in the end, extra points for admission to graduate school, with one of the leaders Baumanka, when almost all universities give a couple of points, there are given 15 points for a red. Consider a whole subject you can not learn, if you have a red diploma.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Karimshina 17 June 2021

For my friend was hurt) there all weeping, who failed

+17 Author avatar Elainia 17 June 2021

1. The professor gave me a pass in French because her daughter gave birth to her first-born child that day.

2. The professor gave credit to all those who were in the classroom, because - and why not? And it doesn't matter that there were those who came to his class for the first time, and someone turned in all the papers, participated in the seminars...

3. The professor used to give credit to everybody who bought the textbook from him.

4. The head teacher got automatic machines just for filling out lecture notes and sitting under the door of the lecturer. There were so many tears and sobs when the economist made her take the exam honestly...

And, yes, the cute kids got credit and good grades more often than the rest of us.

Subjectivism has been and will continue to be relevant.

Hide Show +13 Author avatar JustSomeUkrainia 17 June 2021

In fact, after watching that shit three sessions in a row, I gave up on going to uni.

Fuck the scholarship, I could find the money without it. When i got transferred from one department to another ("it's either that or go out the gate") just because i had one ! When I was transferred from one department to another (either that, or go out the door with your friend), only because I had ONE ! It still makes me want to kill, and it's been over five years...

If it reads schoolchildren-my advice to you, if you'll get vyshku go to absentia department. You absolutely, absolutely nothing good will be lost. If there is a desire to hang out in the dorms-so it can be done without being a student...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Elainia 17 June 2021

The internship is what you should consider when choosing an institution. Good students are taken as puppies there.

If I had been advised that - who knows, maybe I would have gone to college with an internship in Turkey and super English, and not kept in a drawer diploma from the uni...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar bloomboroom 18 June 2021

Uh, what does that have to do with anything?

We were looking for our own internships.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Moorsoldaten 18 June 2021

That's a really shitty approach. Often students do not understand where and how you can apply their skills, and even more so it all has to be somehow combined with the topic of the diploma.

I had a lot of math (though I only remember fourier rows on two boards), coding, and a little bit more about IT.

I went to the human resources department at the big plant and told them I needed an internship. They sent me to the head of some kind of IT department. We talked and he referred me to some dudes who were full of computers and other equipment. I decided that it was ok, and here I could learn something) Now I could tell at a glance where was the swamp and where I had to run away from, and where was the IT heaven.

In general it is necessary to interrupt history and to tell, that variants else were from the university (to pick up a bum on an ancient computer in the budgetary organization) and I had on a sight a pair more companies, but all of them were far from my specialization.

On the first day of practice I did nothing - I met everybody and built myself a computer from the wreckage of an ancient civilization (Sumerian or something like that, where there was 512 RAM and 20 GB of RAM).On the second day I was sent to replace the scanner and refill the cartridge. On the third day I was cleaning some kind of system. On the fourth day I brought a flash drive with Warcraft, played for a couple of days and left into the sunset (at home I was building a farm on the arduinka). I only came back to sign that I had served my time. And I listened to some rebukes.

I was not a student, looking for an internship. I have very little life experience. The university itself should provide normal contacts, so that the person understands where he can go after graduation.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar bobttz 17 June 2021

Now a lot of part-time where abolished, at least in Moscow, I do not know about other cities.

The main problem is that they do not know where to go if you want to go to school and you have to know where to go if you want to go to school.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar andrysly 17 June 2021

I agree! Extramural students - that's vaasche!

+34 Author avatar HydropoN 17 June 2021

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who sees that his hair is not green, but blue?

Hide Show +32 Author avatar kosyapyaev 17 June 2021

Should I have given him a C?

Hide Show +27 Author avatar helen.reds 17 June 2021

Such pigments wash out of bleached hair almost instantly, so he may have changed several colors since that video.

Hide Show -4 Author avatar oxidy 18 June 2021

What kind of pigments?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar EnotBegemotEnot 18 June 2021

Here's a picture.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar DinDean 17 June 2021
+478 Author avatar burzik19 17 June 2021

she's got a good sense of humor, and more importantly, it's appropriate for a member of the examining board.

Hide Show +94 Author avatar god31 17 June 2021

If she's the one with the humor, why was a grade upgrade considered?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar COCOK.KPOTA 18 June 2021

Schrodinger's asshole is a person who is talking bullshit and decides by the reaction of others whether he was joking or not.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Noimaginator 17 June 2021

So there are no complaints and no one gets hurt.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar CheckEast 17 June 2021
Hide Show +16 Author avatar obskoy 17 June 2021

She came in like a janitor in a booth. Incompetent, incompetent, incompetent!

Hide Show +353 Author avatar slashka91 17 June 2021

Teachers with a sense of humor are wonderful. We, too, one joked that the girls in our group does not need education, type sit at home, make babies. Well, we made a joke too - we created him a questionnaire on several gay websites. Judging by the reaction, it even helped build relationships.

Hide Show +292 Author avatar AntherEl 17 June 2021

And all the gay sites: "A user with this email and phone number is already registered.

Hide Show +22 Author avatar slashka91 17 June 2021

Thought it would be like that too :D but alas.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar xBocTKoTiKa 18 June 2021

Did it happen to you?)

Hide Show +60 Author avatar Pimente 17 June 2021

At our school, one of the lecturers, who loved jokes, once called a student who was late a "you dyed bitch". And she sat down right where she was standing and started crying...

Hide Show +56 Author avatar ValkeruFox 17 June 2021

Some people would do well to understand when such things are appropriate and when they are not. Because sometimes you can call a friend a dickhead, but it's unlikely that the dummy would appreciate being addressed that way.

Hide Show +69 Author avatar moneymotion 17 June 2021

was that her natural color?

Hide Show +18 Author avatar Pimente 17 June 2021

of course :)

Hide Show +9 Author avatar EniSai 17 June 2021

This is a case where it's funny but inappropriate. Yes, in fact, and funny only to those who know. That's what I call my friend, the bitch is dyed, she's on the subject and she's funny, especially since she really is dyed.

Hide Show +53 Author avatar Berzubyaka 17 June 2021

What's so funny about insulting a student by a teacher?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar rnisscreator 18 June 2021

And the bitch

Hide Show -3 Author avatar jazzfrenia 17 June 2021

I don't think the friend is thrilled, even if she pretends to laugh at the witty joke.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar Pimente 17 June 2021

There you go. And there's the naive country kid. Even though it was in the noughties, a lot of people weren't into it.

Hide Show -4 Author avatar Sergiys58 17 June 2021

And the bitch...

Hide Show +20 Author avatar donnervetter 17 June 2021

"Why did I used to be so mean? Because I didn't have a gay profile."

Hide Show +34 Author avatar Riuki 17 June 2021

I remember an old man came to our lecture in the first year at Bauman University with a welcoming speech (I don't remember the title), which said "boys come here for knowledge and girls come here to look for husbands". Isn't that fucked up?)

Hide Show +29 Author avatar Stefman 17 June 2021

At baumana university, the professors are all fucked up.

Hide Show +14 Author avatar Riuki 17 June 2021

Yeah)) And in general, all universities have their own crazy people. I think every student will find a story about a fucked up professor. Someone threw a chair at someone who fell asleep in the front row, someone the professor instead of a lecture told him how he was abducted by aliens and that he calculated the karmic index of Hitler and the lemon tree. Real cases, alas.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar bobttz 17 June 2021

Pfft, I had half the professors in my department regularly give out these kinds of pearls. I remember the cool phrase of one teacher about why he makes girls to get good marks for nothing, but he makes knowledge demands from boys - that the girls don't need knowledge in their life, because they get married and stay at home, and at least they should rejoice.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar LargoPresto 18 June 2021

Indeed, boys also need to somehow arrange their personal life.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DarkGrey76 17 June 2021

Didn't you find it?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar slashka91 17 June 2021

Hmm. What did he teach?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar DepressariK 17 June 2021

He was a janitor. He taught the art of learning about life.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Riuki 17 June 2021

I didn't see him in our department afterwards. Or maybe I didn't get a good look at his face from upstairs.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar LilovayaPasta 17 June 2021

At least your dick was joking like that, it was almost the norm among them, but our female professor was talking similar bullshit. The professor, the author of scientific papers, sang like a nightingale that it wasn't that important for women to have a higher education, you'd get married anyway, and you'd get fucked up at work. I don't know where she saw so many women not working.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Abstraktno 18 June 2021

I bet she's got dyed hair and earrings in both ears too.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Sergiys58 17 June 2021

She's a perhydrous idiot...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar SiriX 18 June 2021

One of my teachers wouldn't let me go to my own fucking diploma because I wore jeans and a T-shirt because I didn't want to spend money on some uniform, and she started shitting on me and yelling about pants and a shirt. In response to my question "where can I get this shit if I do not wear these clothes" she answered "I do not care, the defense of the diploma is not allowed. I had to go to my friend's house and take a shirt a size bigger, fuck all these professors sitting in committees have such fucked up shit going on.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Guatunn 18 June 2021

Oh, they also tried to stop me from defending my diploma just because I came in jeans and a T-shirt.)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar anapx 18 June 2021

So you can say, "Fuck you, you two-assed monster!" And when they pull me over to tell me it was just a joke?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar tatyana.solotina 18 June 2021

You have to make fun of her too: not to pay her salary and vacation bonuses. Let her laugh and joke on!

Hide Show -2 Author avatar pacif1st 17 June 2021

She'll be too fat for a penis.

+59 Author avatar artsigor 17 June 2021

Why else are women allowed to wear revealing outfits like skirts, necklines, and red lipstick to emphasize the lips that turn red during sex, because this is a sexual provocation generally inappropriate in the workplace

Hide Show +55 Author avatar Vikniksor.v 17 June 2021
Hide Show +69 Author avatar gwenny 17 June 2021

Let's face it, that perhydrole chick looks a lot nastier than the kid.

Hide Show +54 Author avatar Yngwie 17 June 2021

Fuck me again!

Hide Show +15 Author avatar gwenny 17 June 2021
Hide Show +25 Author avatar phantomCenter 17 June 2021

Fuck, isn't that Brezhnev with a faceup?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar INK81 18 June 2021
Hide Show +7 Author avatar kegrel 17 June 2021

There was a post on Peekaboo about this judge. Sort of like she's an honest, principled and conscientious judge, so don't judge by the cover, as they say.

Hide Show +15 Author avatar Digitalist 17 June 2021

You got it wrong. It's not the judge, it's Valentina Alexandrovna Petrenko - a fire woman, and a very well-respected person. Good health to her.

For example:

*deleted by the moderator*

Hide Show 0 Author avatar maria19.1994 17 June 2021

Who is this lovely lady? I want to know her name.

Hide Show +14 Author avatar smykka 17 June 2021

Ask me why women are allowed purple hair.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar n0rad 17 June 2021

There was a post a while back about that. In a nutshell, you have to choose a dye for gray hair, the regular one turns purple on gray hair.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Mazzzza 17 June 2021

Sexual Provocation.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar artsigor 17 June 2021

Sexual deviation.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar smashflyer 17 June 2021

Sexual deviation.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar tungus1980 17 June 2021

That's their job description.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Habeatsibi 17 June 2021

The red lips thing is bullshit.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar artsigor 17 June 2021

Justify why, lips don't redden from the blood rush or what's the point of reding them or even painting your lips.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Habeatsibi 17 June 2021

This is the first time I've heard of people's lips turning red during sex. That's not where the blood is supposed to go.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Pivnoy.baron 17 June 2021

Sex is different!

+165 Author avatar tungus1980 17 June 2021

How fast that cunt changed her shoes when she got hot.

Hide Show +19 Author avatar kakoiloginnah 17 June 2021

I think the kid did it right, too. Or fate. If he'd gotten caught with a camera before (if it's hidden, or like "I'm filming for my kids"), the cunt could have done him right, and there'd be no problems if you were wearing a tuxedo or something...

Hide Show +88 Author avatar iAlexEf 17 June 2021

Now she's not the boss, she's the boss.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar VicZhou 18 June 2021

I'm the boss - you're a fool, you're the boss - I'm a fool. Highly intelligent, highly intelligent and adequate people have such principles. That's why she works as a teacher, right? Hmm... Yeah, that's right.

+8 Author avatar IssuesWT 17 June 2021
Hide Show +1 Author avatar MadCatovich 18 June 2021

Self-critical. :)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar metafizick 18 June 2021
+21 Author avatar mrobry 17 June 2021

She's probably just making a joke, but now they've taken her by the gills and she's spinning like a fish.)

+41 Author avatar dancerlt 17 June 2021

There's a name for this behavior, "the janitor effect."

Hide Show +48 Author avatar Antenor1982 17 June 2021

Syndrome, not effect.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Mazzzza 17 June 2021

A catharsis, not a syndrome.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar StaryDoktor 17 June 2021

Catharsis is spiritual cleansing, this is menopause.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Sergiys58 17 June 2021

Clearence with a fucking cotangent...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar tonic221 17 June 2021

Climax of the janitor? Interesting

+10 Author avatar SmokingMan 17 June 2021

I had to buy a suit for my graduation that I never wore again. It's gathering dust in my closet and doesn't fit my body anymore.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar mveliz 17 June 2021

Sell it on AVito.)

Hide Show +2 Author avatar PersWE 17 June 2021

But get ready for the idiots.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar kosh477 17 June 2021

Oh, I have a whole collection of such suits - for graduation in kindergarten, school, uni and a wedding. The ones for kindergarten and school, my parents keep for some reason. And the shirt from the wedding already dragged her daughter, she is too big, but still like it.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar shakagami 17 June 2021

I went to the defense in jeans and a T-shirt. And all around were in bowties, ties, dresses. They told me straight out that I was fucked up, and they gave me a fucking C in the end.

But I didn't give a fuck at the time...

Hide Show +2 Author avatar m15hanya 17 June 2021

I came to the defense in a suit and a broken face. It affected at least my confidence, but maybe not only... But in general it was funny:) A very long time ago, but as I remember now. On the eve of the defense I decided to free my "head", got on my bike and rode into a forest park for half an hour. I took a bottle of beer with me for more euphoria. So I was drinking, not a soul around, it was the middle of the night, though it was dark in the woods. Bam, there's a tree on the trail. Beer in my right hand. So I jammed on the front brake...

+39 Author avatar MegeMaz 17 June 2021

Classic, I've been kicked off couples a few times for having long hair! Even though I didn't have very long hair. And at one time - wanted to kick me out of school only because of the long hair, but then they were really long, about my shoulders.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar sinkobaga 17 June 2021

From 2005 to 2011, I went to university with a hairpiece up to my shoulders. Nobody ever pestered me (not counting the thugs).

Hide Show +13 Author avatar MirZz 17 June 2021

I read: with a dick to the shoulders. Thought a lot...

Hide Show +3 Author avatar sinkobaga 17 June 2021

49.5, as it should be.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar MirZz 17 June 2021

So then why did the cops dig it?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Palesmurt 17 June 2021

You don't have to think, you have to act.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar BlazzeFox 17 June 2021

I'm still walking, I'm fine.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Mazzzza 17 June 2021

If you're not under yourself, that's normal.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar silversun919 17 June 2021

Are you also a joker or an examiner?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar KhaelDragon 17 June 2021

My boss at work once cut off a bonus for having long hair, and you say no one at the uni did not pester. Well, maybe in a million-dollar city they didn't, Yamburg, but it's strange, I thought in big cities no one gives a shit, but in a small town a guy with a long hair is just wow! Even stray dogs would get pissed off, let alone teachers.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Awik 17 June 2021

The historian was really mad at me. He even kicked me out of the exam, and then from the dissertation. But both times I got an "A".

Hide Show +16 Author avatar AndalusianDream 17 June 2021

Me (girl), at school the head teacher at the entrance stopped and did not let me into class, because my hair was not in a ponytail (shoulder-length hair). My mom is not confrontational, but then she went and told me on what organ she was twisting the head teacher's hiccups with her desire for all girls to do ponytails/braids. And, suddenly, I was allowed to go to class and no one else fucked with me about it, although that gorgon didn't need a reason to fuck with anyone.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar Makaponu 17 June 2021

The English girl wouldn't let me go to class because of my short hair! I cut my hair to 0.5 (no punk, just dreamt of short hair) and she was yelling "I have a girl studying in a magazine and you're a kid! Look at you! Who's gonna marry you?"

how I yelled at her. All right, the director was adequate and I only had a couple of months left to study. But as soon as that woman saw me, she would rush across the hall and start yelling, "You're like a kid!" By the way I was 17, and this kindergarten just amused everyone around because I was a clear trigger for her)

Hide Show +2 Author avatar AndalusianDream 17 June 2021

And how she did not realize that she looks stupid? Tremendous. And this is a teacher.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Makaponu 17 June 2021

There was such a teacher. Fortunately, I did most of the second part of the school, so that not particularly worried about this mad woman), and now when I ran into the native walls of the golden teachers of her listening to attacks (I'm 18 with a good ponytail) "Who will marry her, shame and shame alone. Hair like a pope (modestly red), a pen behind the ear, walking like a bum. Only now I'm giggling doubly because my two backbenchers and husband think somewhat differently😂

Hide Show 0 Author avatar rnisscreator 17 June 2021

Teachers (I don't know why, but this word makes me want to vomit), namely school teachers, in 70%, based on my observations, are some kind of fuckheads with their own quirks.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Korotkova1977 17 June 2021

I was kicked out of class 30 years ago for having a ponytail instead of pigtails.) I was told: "Don't walk around like a teacher! Get out of the classroom, braid your hair and come in! So I went out... home.