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Tales from a sex shop. That was awkward.

As I said before, children are the main headache for the seller of the sex store. Usually they get pregnant on their own, to prove their coolness to their friends, of course. And you go gray. But there are also customers who try to come in with a child. No, no and no. You can't!
Just once I've broken that law. March 8th, it's late afternoon, I'm tired, waiting to close the door and lie down. A man walks in with a boy about 6 or 7 years old. I run towards him, shouting that you can't bring children, about the law, the article.
- Girl, you know, it's night, how can I leave him alone on the street? Well, we have to congratulate my mother.... Well, i-....
I see the man's either messed up or... Whatever. I'm a relationship guy. I'm a relationship guy. I'm a relationship guy. I let him take responsibility. I let the kid sit at my computer, at a high desk, so he could watch cartoons and not look around. Talking to my daddy. Daddy says he's a delivery guy, he couldn't make it to the 23rd, he's not able to make it, his wife is pouting, something didn't work out with the present, well, in short, we have to save him. We find it out, we propose... A history of being a shy, "threadbare" mom, but he'd like something to start with.... Stosh, painting him different light versions of romance with massage oils, edible body paint, sniffing perfume, that sort of thing. In the background, my son is whining about wanting to go to the bathroom.
- Just wait till you get home, there's no toilet here! - Dad couldn't take it anymore.
- Dad, they've got a toilet over there! - The kid yells. And he points to the back of the store where our bathroom is hidden behind the windows. How did you know that? - Dad and I both reacted at the same time.
- I thought I'd caught one of the bastards who'd been terrorizing me and my partner for the last month with their raids, and I was going to tell my dad everything!!!!!!
- And I came here with my mother! -
- And i came here with my mama!
- And i came here with my mama!
- Oh, shit.
- So, what was she buying?!
- The kid walks confidently to the window and points to the gorgeous white ponytail.
For the unsophisticated, the ponytail isn't attached, it's inserted.)
- When the fuck...?! -
- Daddy's neck turned red
- Well, the week before yesterday
- About February 23rd ....
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Damn, I probably should have offered a whip, but they ran away so fast.
Anyway, keep your kids away from sex stores

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What's got daddy all worked up about? My first thought was his wife had a surprise for him.

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Maybe he got tense from the thought that his wife had a surprise for him.

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Well, you've got to relax. It's gonna be hard to get in. Isn't it?)

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I don't know.)

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I don't know about that. A friend told me about it.)

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Real men don't use Vaseline.

They tolerate

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Petrovich, you again?

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It's better if it's tighter.

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The tighter, the better. Isn't it?

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As if there's something wrong. The prostate won't massage itself.

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That's what I thought.

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The main thing is not to tell the men on watch.

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Otherwise they'll fuck you up with advice!

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That's how she cooked it.)

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I knew a similar example in my life. Only the girl was buying a certain BDSM paraphernalia, and a completely inexperienced salesman advised her "to past purchase" some thing...

When she and her husband came in. "First time in such an establishment." The paraphernalia, as it turned out, was not for her husband, it almost came to a beating there, the salesman almost pressed the panic button.

Then was very worried about this, but from personal experience, I realized why you do not need to remember people's past orders and purchases on their own, until asked to do so.

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The seller still had a chance to get out of it: he would have said he was mistaken. Maybe they would have believed him.

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In the cafe, the waiters were so stupid: you ordered last time... Not so critical, but what the hell do you care? My friend went to lunch for free for half a year (she made appointments on the dating site). The waiters were correct, did not recognize her:)

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How do people remember all these personalities hanging around the stores and restaurants and what they once bought there... And why?

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These are professional "side effects."

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I was in sales for 4 years, who more than once comes, with the same hair, the same style of dress, remember, especially frequent you can recognize the gait, but there are sellers who work on the type of "there is a script, work" there may already and regular customers to run away. I'm for the fact that just anyone not to take in retail.

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I was one bartender at home so my husband: I went to him for a beer, I stand suffering - I do not know what kind of varieties, what he drinks - do not remember. And the barman said to me: take this one, he had it this morning, he liked it. I imitated a frightening: "WHAT did he take this morning?!!!", the bartender grumbled and shut up. I laughed with my husband at home.)

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Your acquaintance is quite a faggot, I must say.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar CharlieWalikota 19 June 2021

She gave and took more than once, so it's okay.

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Why a faggot at once? Every job should be paid) although I suspect that an hour of my work in the personnel department is worth more than lunch in the restaurant) But in fact there are different jobs)))

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burn it.

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Weird. Why not? You rebuked the cheater. That's a good thing. Our national fear of "denunciation" even sprouted in this regard. You know your acquaintance is cheating, tell his wife. You know your wife is cheating, tell your husband. You know your boss is cheating, tell the IRS. You know that your colleagues have decided to screw up a project, tell your boss.

Then something will change in the country. Then people will be more honest.

But no, after that you're a "snitch" and "bastard". It's so scary, it's a cross to live in.

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I wouldn't want anyone to tell me, honestly.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar apokrif 19 June 2021

Better to live in ignorance? Here, of course, it is better to make sure beforehand that there is a sufferer from this situation. As a joke, find out how anyone would feel about it, or what if the guys are swingers and they have it kind of cool. But as a rule, we see the following picture in life, the man goes to the left, the wife says that he is her favorite, such a hard worker, he loves her alone.

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It seems to me that this is everyone's own business, no? It's one thing to report a crime, a violation of the law, but why pry into other people's relationships?

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People's relationships are their own business. Let them take care of not getting burned.

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Nah, that's how we're all going to make a good living. It doesn't work like that.

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I wish someone would tell me about my husband's cheating.

He won't tell me himself. What he did to me was very dirty and despicable, so having someone "report" him to me won't really change my shitty situation. As it is, the sooner I find out, the less I won't look like a fool and the sooner I'll find a man more suitable for me. I don't understand how people continue to put up with and forgive their spouse's infidelity.

If, say, I know that my girlfriend is cheating on her husband, I am complicit in the cheating. It feels like the perpetrator beat the puppy, then the perpetrator walked by, and you turn away thinking "none of my business."

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You're gonna get a slap on the wrist.

Hide Show +92 Author avatar fumetox 19 June 2021

Because it's February 23 and he hasn't seen the ponytail;)

Hide Show +78 Author avatar mSokolov 19 June 2021

He just got back from his shift.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar KLindel 19 June 2021

He didn't see it either.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Pepelaz72 19 June 2021

Obviously someone else was looking at the "tail". Or maybe not only looked at it.

Hide Show +25 Author avatar LOiseau 19 June 2021

She was offended at him - why would she please him? But I understand why she was offended - she was quiet, she wanted to please, decided on such a surprise - and he did not come

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GrabitelCorovana 19 June 2021

Maybe she spent all the time waiting with a surprise in the ass? That's why she's unhappy.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ledydia 19 June 2021

From February 23 to March 8 is quite difficult to restrain))))

Hide Show +2 Author avatar NIIIK 19 June 2021

Instead of a ponytail cute horns)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar chochinga 19 June 2021

Sucked on the fitting.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar SaintVolt 19 June 2021

Especially from the story says that he did not have time for the 23rd, when she bought a ponytail. So it all adds up, the wife is fine.

Hide Show +34 Author avatar AntonioLechuza 19 June 2021

"My surprise is simple: the pussy ain't yours!"

Hide Show +5 Author avatar 13Bars 19 June 2021

That's why she was pouting about not being able to make it to the 23rd.

Hide Show +18 Author avatar v403605 19 June 2021

I hope so:)

Hide Show +84 Author avatar Emil8252 19 June 2021

And how did the boy know what and how in the store and what the mother bought, if you do not allow with children???

Hide Show +57 Author avatar Aven759 19 June 2021

That's bullshit. There was no boy.

Hide Show +24 Author avatar Franky4746 19 June 2021

Nothing happened...

Hide Show +13 Author avatar notlogan 19 June 2021

The head starter wouldn't let her in. Somebody else was not so principled, I guess.)

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Tachyons 19 June 2021

Some people do and some people don't. Myself recently went into a similar store. And there is a woman with a girl of 5. Just f**ked up.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BARBASHA 19 June 2021

Here's a question, too.)

Hide Show -2 Author avatar dania17 19 June 2021

I went in for this comment.

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I think she was buying for her husband.) Otherwise, it's a very strange coincidence that it occurred to both of them. Clearly they had some kind of conversation and plans like that just for February 23. Apparently, her husband had long been begging her to experiment, and she agreed to give him an unforgettable night on the holiday. Here and the ponytail looked out). And he did not come and did not think that she prepared a surprise, went himself. Except that he, to all appearances, other thoughts have come into his head, as you

Hide Show +2 Author avatar bnsbnsbns 19 June 2021

All the same, the husband and the wife are two peas in a pod. Both bring a child. Even if the gifts are for each other, have they thought about the fact that the information from the kid will go to the people in any case? Kids are so spontaneous.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Ivansegeich 19 June 2021

She probably also asked to let her baby in because it's the middle of the night? :) It's not allowed to the kids, but it's allowed to the parents.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Jul703 19 June 2021

That kid's parents are very direct, too.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar thebartender86 19 June 2021

Hope springs eternal.

But knowing the way things are these days...

Hide Show +11 Author avatar Bolik56 19 June 2021

Yeah, horns.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar ptusha4ka 19 June 2021

Hmm, horns... white fluffy tail... which one's Bambi?)

Hide Show +4 Author avatar nexti22rus 19 June 2021

Well, just in time for the 23rd. Which he didn't make it to.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Azirsan 19 June 2021

Stressed that he never got the surprise. And a coworker at work bragged about his girlfriend's ponytail.

Hide Show +44 Author avatar LevPraff 19 June 2021

No one was embarrassed by "You can't! Just once I broke this law" and "- And I came here with my mom!"

So, either at least 2 times they let the kid in, or the post is a fabrication.

Although, who's going to bullshit on the internet these days? 🤔

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You weren't smart enough to assume that the day the pussy came in with his mom, there was another salesman on shift?