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Response to the post "I thought they were extinct by now"

I had an incident. Went for a walk with a dachshund at the dog park.

She's running around, frolicking. I am next to her reading a book. Everything was good. Until one moment...

All I see is my dog skipping over the fence and running away, just his heels flashing.

Yeah, there was a hole in the fence.

I follow it, but I can't find it.

Suddenly I see a bunch of kids standing around the house throwing something.

I thought, what if they found my dog?

And I was right. They were throwing rocks at her, and she, poor thing, climbed into the recess of the house (I don't know what that thing is called).

I said, what are you doing?! Stop it quick!


What do you want? Go mother, where you were going!

Why mom, still do not understand, given that I, then in my 20s and smaller in height them all.

Me: It's my dog! Get away quickly! I'll call the police! And then...

Before I could finish my sentence...

P: And what are you going to do to me? I'm not 14, and over there is my mother ( and points to the balcony on the first floor, where some woman is smoking.

I took my dog, carrying him in my arms. And then a stone flew to my back, it hurt.

Me: Well, come out the one who threw the stone at me. Let's talk!

P: Now my mother will come out!

Well, well. Maybe at least she will calm the children.

Naive fool.

And out comes a woman, I do not know, such neither after, not "before", did not see.

In a housecoat, with a cigarette in her mouth and slippers on her feet. I did not have enough curlers.

B: Baba, I-I, P-adolescent.

B: Why are you yelling at the kids?

Me: Why are they maiming my dog?

B: And they didn't know it was your dog!

Me: So you let them mutilate other animals?

B: We have plenty of strays as it is! and let the kids "play."

P: Yeah, we didn't want to hit the dog, we were throwing him a ball.

Yeah, out of a rock.

B: See?! I have good kids!

Me: And you wanted to play ball with me, too? I got a rock in the back.

B: It was an accident. And in general, stay out of it! Go away from here, into your yard.

I did not leave, I gave the dog to my friend, and I called the police on minors.

Time passes and she shows up again, yelling why I called the police! After all, we had a "normal conversation" with her.

I left, did what I could. How it ended - I do not know.

Don't hurt the animals.

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My seventh-grader was trying to "squeeze money" from a sixth-grader in front of the store. I found the mother of the bastard, and she's...a lawyer! And this bitch, who can't give her own miscarriage of mind, has the nerve to complain to the prosecutor's office about the school that the ditachka is being "undervalued" in her mother's grades. And the ditachka is just begging to go to jail.

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In our class the biggest complaint about the teachers is about those who don't care about their children. In the 5th grade children insult the teachers and steal. And parents say that it's the teachers who can't motivate them and the children just get bored and fool around. It's fucked up.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar nika200375 15 June 2021

Yes, yes, teachers can't get kids interested in their subjects. All teachers. All subjects. Only a mom with three grades of remedial school knows how teachers should work.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar makolg 15 June 2021

I think a lawyer with three remedial classes is quite realistic.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar nika200375 15 June 2021

Well, you do realize that buying a degree and becoming a lawyer by vocation are different things, right? And babies are "uninterested" in very different moms who just like to swing rights and don't know how to raise their kids.

For example, in our class, we have a restless child and his mother, who is sure that the teacher must dance and interest him (the teacher, by the way, dances, sings, draws, etc. for many years, to her class can get only in the first week of admission, and then there are no places). This mom is looking for support from other parents, and does not find. And I know her and her child from kindergarten: also always disgruntled, everything is not so. Jumping from group to group, never found the "ideal". And it never gets to the point, that the mother herself behaves improperly and breaks her son's life.

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Which makes sense. Whoever is responsible for their children needs more than anyone else to find a scapegoat, someone else, because of whom the child is growing up to be an asshole.

+704 Author avatar CannabisCorpse 14 June 2021

Your main mistake is communicating politely, if they don't understand a word right away, you have to call them dicks, jackals mistake culture for weakness, it's been verified more than once

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What now, because of fuckers all sorts of cultured people need to swear?

Hide Show +318 Author avatar Enimirra 14 June 2021

I consider myself a cultured person. But it so happens that I was born a girl and other people who start conflicts, looking at me stop hearing cultural speech. But, you know, I'm no stranger to culture either, and if something threatens my physical and mental health, I can and I speak like Vasily the cobbler, not shy of expressions and a loud voice. Because if you tell a bully "Young man, please get away from me, I do not want to meet you", the bully will not get away. On the contrary, the bully will not move away from me, but will reduce the distance invading my personal space. But if I yell "get the fuck out of here, I'll use pepper spray, call the cops and beat the fuck out of you while you're drooling and sniveling," and then reach for my bag, the redneck will quickly retreat from my sight. Naturally this only works if you have a spray bottle and there are passers-by. If you can resolve the conflict peacefully, that's great. But if you realize that the person is determined to fuck with you, you have to be ready for anything. And get rid of the self-hating mate and run like an Olympian and learn to scream, bite and defend. As the saying goes, "I'm the only one at my mom"))

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Same situation, a drunken hog in a gazelle started hitting on a young girl. Tried to get acquainted. After he refused, he started saying, "What are you so proud of? No one's gonna fuck you! You're ugly!"

I couldn't take it anymore. I said. "Man, please calm down. It's not nice." I ended up getting, "What are you, the smartest bitch in the world? You're a fucking athlete?" (I was riding in a snowboarding suit)

He fucked up until I said, "Shut the fuck up, asshole, or I'll shake your ass on the pavement with these hands," and this body calmed down and left the vehicle on its own.

They're like that, yes, they're dickheads, sir)))

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Maybe a little off-topic, but there was such an incident. I was looking for an apartment with a girl for a few days in Moscow. And there are now often studios with a common hallway and cardboard doors to these very studios. In our case in this common hallway there was a common washing machine and an online camera. The ad stated that the apartment was "completely at your disposal", which for me personally and, I think, for all normal people implies the ability to use the washing machine at any time and walk around the apartment in any way I feel comfortable. The owner of the apartment by the way transferred 1.5k deposit, before moving in. When I pointed out that the conditions are a bit inconsistent with the declared and therefore move in, the owner was not very upset and offered to leave the premises. I expressed my intention to return the deposit, as if we had received all the information in advance, we would not have made the deal, to which I received a refusal expressed in the words "too many of you come and do not rent.

And that's when I felt like a member of the "family" from Malavita and said that if I didn't get the money back on the card in 15 minutes, I'd come back with a canister and burn the fuck out of this profitable business.

The balance was updated in 5 minutes.

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Culture isn't about not being able to swear, it's about being able to behave and speak culturally when it's appropriate. Otherwise it would be that a cultured person can't give a cunt, or serve in the army, where, oh my God, people can be made to kill.

Foul language, in this context of the situation, acts as a form of psychological violence. It's a defensive response. That's all.

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At the bus stop. A bus arrived, a young man in a suit, tie and hat helps an elderly woman get in the door. He starts to go in himself and then the door closes, he is pinned down. The young man says very loudly, "Fuck you! Fuck... Yeah, f..." he curses. The door opens, he gets on the bus, fixes his tie and says "Sorry, I was scared".

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Teskay 15 June 2021

They say that swearing helps you overcome pain and stress)

You live like this, you're pining, and then you yell "-Fuck you motherfucking motherfucker, you fucking cunt, and boom, life became a little easier at once)))

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By the way, is an aversion to murder a bad thing?

Hide Show +19 Author avatar Isograf 15 June 2021

Killing people is uncivilized. No one said anything about disgust.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Teskay 15 June 2021

Rather, my comment was revealing that violence is sometimes a necessary price to pay to avoid being trampled. Regardless of how you feel about violence, per se. It's the same in the military. It's fine if one can stay out of it. But if one participates in combat, be good...The viability of the squad will depend on the actions of the fighter, and inaction will be seen as cowardice and betrayal.

You don't have to like violence to know that in the right situation, it will have to be used...

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Poking a living person with a dick is sadistic, but we have to reproduce somehow, otherwise we'll go extinct.

Hide Show +20 Author avatar gp800 14 June 2021

I hate conflicts, but it happens on the road... I try to communicate politely and normally - I get a bull's face or even a fight in return, I yell till I'm hoarse and get the fuck out - 90% of my opponent backs off.

Hide Show +30 Author avatar quetzalkoatl 14 June 2021

I have to.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar alfkaluga 15 June 2021

Sometimes you need to be able to charge the fuck off culturally, and then get the fuck off culturally. don't forget that in the rf the cops only come to the corpse.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar PersWE 15 June 2021

Like cattle.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SaintVolt 15 June 2021

Either swear or don't talk to them at all.

Or do you want to call degenerates to culture?)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar cleverman99 15 June 2021

You just put on the mask of a boor and sprinkle it with bullshit.

Such cadres understand only power and take civility as weakness.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Grrrzt 15 June 2021

No, you don't have to swear, you just cover them in dicks and that's it, peace and quiet.

Hide Show +26 Author avatar Lost.falcon 15 June 2021

The best effect is a combination of these methods.

For example, the other day there was a car parked near my station with a man sitting there, drinking beer and smoking icons, throwing cigarettes out the window. I walked up to him, smiled, said: "Hello, young man! I'm going to the store now, I'll be back in fifteen minutes. If you don't clean up your scattered cigarette butts, they'll end up in your car. Have a nice day!" And she's gone.

To be honest, I was expecting at least some haymakers, but when I came back I found that no one was in the car and the cigarettes were put away.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar Artantin 15 June 2021

I'm off to the store now for lighter fluid...

Hide Show +36 Author avatar XBinom 15 June 2021

It's a lose-lose situation, these freaks know how to hit dicks and yell better than you, so you can't outplay them on this field. I'll tell you more, they want you to move in this plane of dialogue, it is comfortable for them.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Margo911 15 June 2021

So yell to the last minute, otherwise you'll be a wimp for them and once again they'll be convinced of their impunity.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar XBinom 15 June 2021

Yell at the slut, fight with a brawler, what else do you advise?)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar stormlord 15 June 2021

Stealing from thieves... oh no, that's extremist.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Margo911 15 June 2021

Tolerate? What do you advise?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar CasperKindGhost 15 June 2021

(Sighs heavily) You're right, we should be patient.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar Ek0makarek 14 June 2021

Better to spray pepper spray right away, fuck those marginalized people.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar JacquiProidoha 14 June 2021

And if these pussies are doused with pepper spray? What's the punishment? Is it even possible to prove their guilt?

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Artantin 15 June 2021

It's hard to prove guilt. But dousing them with pepper spray is a good thing for all the minors at that crime scene. The tipping point in testing the can't/can't boundaries.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar alfkaluga 15 June 2021

counts for battery, I mean, if you flog them it's the same as pepper spraying them with a canister.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar JacquiProidoha 15 June 2021

And if you just piss on them?)

Hide Show +19 Author avatar DemonOfFuture 15 June 2021

I disagree. Politeness is a rare value. We politely talked to the jackals, politely summoned the district police and MID, politely explained the situation to the district police, then politely explained the same thing to the harassing parents. How they behave is their conscience, and how I behave is mine. And foul language and a raised voice can't keep me from being stabbed in the back or stoned in the head, they just spur me on.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Tromix 15 June 2021

The police officer is on call. He'll be here as soon as he's free. Stand by .

Hide Show +8 Author avatar MadneszRu 14 June 2021

On the one hand right. On the other hand - how to accustom the criminals that if a person speaks politely, then the chance to get a beating is higher. But so far I can't think of a way to do that, except to allow smoothbore.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar LessyLerro 14 June 2021

"A kind word and a gun is more effective than a kind word."

Hide Show +13 Author avatar Shaihuludii 14 June 2021

You should fuckin' do it, when I was a kid I didn't have the sense to be rude to an adult, because you'd get such a fuckin' beating from your father for being rude.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Tanaksu 15 June 2021

When I meet such subjects I get a natural stupor, they yell at me and I can't say anything back... It pisses me off so much that I can't stand up for myself.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar ta3u4ek 14 June 2021

You're absolutely right, I grew up in this environment. I graduated as an engineer at university, I got excellent marks at school, but if you stand on the street like an intelligent nerd, the fuckheads will eat shit out of you.

Hide Show +15 Author avatar LegalEyes 14 June 2021

I wouldn't have said a word, but I'd have had two shakes with the kid and the mom. And let them write criminal charges, it's all slow, long and ineffective. And they already got the shakes.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Menttalist 14 June 2021

That's what I would have done, you little faggots.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Klavesina 14 June 2021

They should be kicked in the liver! Somebody ought to break their horns.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar yavikeyu 14 June 2021

You can also kick the fuckin' whippersnapper in the ass real hard.

It's good for him, it's a minus to his pack's fuckability, and his folks won't charge anything, because he's either already in the box or on his way to the box.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Artantin 15 June 2021

A crate is an etsikh with nails?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Hyb85 14 June 2021

You have to fuck him in the cheeks or in the ass with a leash after the first time...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar sit2018 15 June 2021

The balcony is known. You can throw rock balls through the windows at night.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar sailorchibiusa 15 June 2021

The saddest part is that if you raise your hand to an insolent cunt, you're the one to blame.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Artantin 15 June 2021

That's what you bitches take advantage of.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Berlin36 14 June 2021

To throw dicks and pepper them.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar CrabCrabCrabCrab 15 June 2021

Unfortunately, yes. In high school it was customary to smack and cocksuck teachers who respected students. Any little trick, like putting a latch on the classroom door when the teacher was passing by, so that when the teacher closed the door, it was sure to fucking hit the jamb.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 1CHNK 15 June 2021

They don't give a fuck about your dicks. They've seen worse at their age, living among the decaying pigs of their parents. I think it's only fucked up and brutal, but no witnesses.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kukokaka 14 June 2021

Not just jackals...

Hide Show -3 Author avatar wastla 15 June 2021

That's for sure. Once I was standing in a parking lot near a shopping center, listening to my phone - three kids about 12 years old got into a car that was parked there a long time ago. Then they started breaking the window. I looked and didn't intervene. They don't care.

Next thing I know, they start breaking the cart. And then they get to the boiling point: "Get the fuck out of here." - and the wind blew it away. True, not far away, and stood about 30 meters away, looking when I left

+116 Author avatar exLeft 14 June 2021

- What are you gonna do to me? I'm not 14

- I'm gonna fuckin' punch you in the face.

Hide Show +51 Author avatar Grond 14 June 2021

"I'm wanted. I don't give a fuck." (с)

These jackals are fucking nuts. The motherfuckers will come running with a camera that shows you beating a foal, and then you'll be talking to the cops.

It's a disgusting world we live in(

Hide Show +5 Author avatar W1NCH3ST3R 15 June 2021

A higher mask, and don't expose your clothes.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Fyl432 15 June 2021

Why beat up? One good kick is enough, no one has time to blink.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar samster 15 June 2021

A bunch of 14-year-old jackals will stomp on a grown woman like a dog.

They're not just capable of it, they expect it and dream about it.

+376 Author avatar mr.pozitivchik 14 June 2021

And after that, some people are hesitant to punish children or not. Fine both kids and parents.

Hide Show +295 Author avatar polosatycot 14 June 2021

That's exactly what I agree with. There should be fines and punishments for adults for the antics of juvenile fuck-ups. Fines are a must. How many well off fucks are doing shit. Parents/guardians should be responsible for minors. Raise a motherfucker, get the financial loss.

Hide Show +113 Author avatar LazyHohol 14 June 2021

I agree! Punish the "parents" who raised the minor fucker...And the fine should be tangible. Some "people" only get it through the wallet...

Hide Show +26 Author avatar StPiterSun 14 June 2021

These pussies ain't got no money. They don't give a fuck about fines.

Hide Show +44 Author avatar GraySlavin 14 June 2021

Then put the kids in an orphanage and put them in community service. Maybe after such procedures they'll behave more meekly.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Kolitch 14 June 2021

Then let them sweep the yards instead of smoking on the balcony. If you don't have enough intelligence and your own upbringing to explain the basic principles to your child.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Yuft 14 June 2021

Punish children too. Otherwise, "What are you going to do to me?"

They'll put a couple of kids like that in a monkey house. They'll come out, tell their friends, and the rest will think with their feeble brains before they do anything.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Sumyre 14 June 2021

It's better to just fuck around. Sticks in the heels. And was and their offspring.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Textextex 14 June 2021

Eh, Kompot.

Hide Show +19 Author avatar den.siemens 14 June 2021

The fine should be taken out with a rock in the forehead. Little motherfucker. And the mother will come forward, and her. To educate herself.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar seal78 14 June 2021

Exactly. And if anything, declare, "we played with him, I threw him the ball."

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Shaihuludii 14 June 2021


Hide Show +9 Author avatar dromori 14 June 2021

Isn't that how it is now?

After all, if a faggot does something, his folks are responsible for his antics.

Another thing is that the mechanism for punishing such pranks is completely non-functional in Russia.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Whiteprinses 14 June 2021

Adults are not responsible for themselves. The mechanism of punishment doesn't work.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar YuriLarin 14 June 2021

It would be funny if deputies were fined for the antics of their kids.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar realConnie 14 June 2021

They won't, it's different.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar henry8787 14 June 2021

There's the other side of the coin. The wife and the little girl standing near the kiosk, the little girl buys her own, the children like to seem grown-up. I wish I'd been there.

Hide Show +30 Author avatar PersWE 14 June 2021

Does that contradict the top comment?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar StPiterSun 14 June 2021

Fuck loss, correctional work should be fucked up for months at a time.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Larpank 15 June 2021

I wonder what the parents would do? Spank them? Custody will come running and take away parental rights. The state now forbids any kind of physical abuse of children by parents. And there are kids who grow up to be complete fuck-ups without a life-giving spanking.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Qwertylolkek 15 June 2021

You don't have to slap them in the face, but where it hurts and they won't get bruised.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Fyl432 15 June 2021

Where does it forbid it?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Nadge 15 June 2021

It won't.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar SuikaIbuki 14 June 2021

Kids get fucked up. Adults get fines and cunts.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar Sergeydomosed 14 June 2021

Inspector Kompot writes a fine

Hide Show +70 Author avatar Lakkki 14 June 2021

From ten it's fucked if the parents haven't raised their brats by then. They understand everything at that age, that's why they're naughty.

Hide Show +32 Author avatar polosatycot 14 June 2021

From childhood you need to teach your child that animals are alive. It hurts him, too. It was explained to me at an early age. I don't understand those bastards who raise their children that way.

Hide Show +18 Author avatar T.Rouble 14 June 2021

Of course you have to explain, almost all parents do. But the problem is a small percentage of parents who don't give a shit about their children's upbringing, because they're bastards themselves.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Whiteprinses 14 June 2021

Well it's clear from the conversation that kids there are allowed to hit animals :(

When I was a kid, we would have hunted those kids down.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Kolitch 14 June 2021

In a significant percentage, I'm afraid.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar 63jane 14 June 2021

Please. There are a lot of characters even on peekaboo who think that "we already have a lot of stray dogs" and call everyone else zooshizah.

Look, now they're going to come running to my comment.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar CrystalNova 14 June 2021

Yeah, and to any objection, you're a zooshilla. You couch potatoes.)

Hide Show +7 Author avatar xamdeath 14 June 2021

That's a classic example of twisting. Stray dogs definitely need to be abused. But without excessive cruelty (if possible). And stoning should be done to the twitchers.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Garrosha 14 June 2021

They are not educated. At best, they sit around on the playground and drink beer. But at the first opportunity, they'll beat their chests and yell that they're mothers.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Whiteprinses 14 June 2021

Exactly. And it is desirable to see all the time and communicate.

Hide Show +81 Author avatar Merepa 14 June 2021

It's bullshit to lock them up. There's no point in locking them up. My colleague's son was sentenced to four years in prison and they taught him how to wrestle freestyle. He got out and crippled a guy, went away again. I think they should be fucked up. They should be court-martialled and given a few strokes of the birch.

Hide Show +22 Author avatar Lakkki 14 June 2021

Eh, we can't even hope for that. Our kids at every school are told about their rights, but no one talks about their responsibilities.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar Arioh48 14 June 2021

So if we change the law, then the rights/obligations/responsibilities will also change.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar DamnGina 14 June 2021

At school they are told about their responsibilities, at home parents tell them how many rights their children have! And then: "And why are you saying that my son doesn't listen to the teacher? No, you're just accusing him! And it's not because we fucked that teacher last night with the whole family and told him that he has no right to punish my son, no matter how disgusting he was!"

Hide Show +6 Author avatar 63jane 14 June 2021

I think parents should be fucked. Right by court order, with a whip. And they'll deal with the kids at home themselves.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar xamdeath 14 June 2021

How? If you can't hit the children, you can't scold them, you can't stare at them.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar maksimka2009 14 June 2021

A whip. In public

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Lakkki 14 June 2021


Hide Show +1 Author avatar maksimka2009 14 June 2021

A lash. In public

Hide Show 0 Author avatar FatherCarlo 14 June 2021

Spank him!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar alfkaluga 15 June 2021
Hide Show -2 Author avatar kurorenge 14 June 2021

Not just whip him, but cripple him. Then let his parents drag him out of bed for the rest of his life.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Merepa 14 June 2021

And who will pay the pension? The invalid and the caregiver?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Superrat73 14 June 2021

I'd agree with you if prisons were an effective correctional system.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar Mumuland 14 June 2021

The sooner the marginalized die, the sooner the other normal people get new people.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar CatsAndLamps 14 June 2021

It's not the dying that's the problem. The problem is that in a normal social environment, in theory, the child may reform, but in prison a scumbag with no prospects in life is guaranteed to get out.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar BrianSmith 14 June 2021

"Put the fuck away..." - that's pedophilia.)

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Lakkki 14 June 2021

Wow, that's some thin ice.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar limakinserega 14 June 2021

I think there should be a camp for such like "disbandment".

Hide Show 0 Author avatar maria19.1994 14 June 2021

Why don't we just burn them? Children behave exactly as their parents brought them up. Accordingly we must influence their parents.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Zveroferma 15 June 2021

What society is like, so are the kids.

There's a nuance to this: as time passes, a person realizes that he was a child and grows up to become a normal member of society.

10 years is very short time to finally decide if a person is a fuck-up or not.

Hide Show +15 Author avatar Murlo112 14 June 2021

I honestly do not understand why children under 14 are exempt from responsibility, if a child under 14 behaves that way, it's obvious that he learned it from his parents and his parents failed to handle not just the upbringing, but their lives.

In my opinion, at any age a child should be fully responsible for himself.

Especially since something really serious can't be done at a young age.

And if a child is an accelerated child and at 13 looks and behaves like an adult, then let him fuck up like an adult.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Whiteprinses 14 June 2021

Yeah, 14 is the responsibility of the parents.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar stormlord 15 June 2021

That's exactly what my parents said to me - that while you're young, you'll mess up, and we'll be responsible. That was enough for me for some reason. And those who were told by their parents - while you're young - steal, kill, fuck geese - well, they behave accordingly.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar mr.pozitivchik 14 June 2021

I agree, but you can organize a gang of 15-year-olds :) and rob banks and people.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar K0SHEY 14 June 2021

Remember that from ancient times the Russians worshipped Europe and adopted something, most often bad, let us adopt the positive experience of Britain in criminal law, namely criminal responsibility for children begins at age 6, and the procedural system of Britain, the more cases a law enforcement officer has, the more he gathered material resources, the higher his salary

Hide Show +13 Author avatar userrt 14 June 2021

>> I left, did what I could. I don't know how it ended.

maybe I don't understand, how was it supposed to end? without a victim, nothing, and judging by the fact that there's nothing in the article about this moment, neither about the fact that the police recorded the statements, nor about the fact that they recorded the contacts of the caller... it's all a made-up story

Hide Show +3 Author avatar mva314 14 June 2021
Hide Show +3 Author avatar Jakirosan 14 June 2021

Why? Like in the old days, when a kid gets fucked up, give him a slap. Or a belt. So that kids will be afraid to fuck around. So that any adult would be the authority.

Hide Show +17 Author avatar Tattoosha 14 June 2021

There are a lot of adults who are cuckoo, alcoholics, demented fucking grandmas, scumbags and just plain dumbasses. And it's these people who are trying to educate the people around them. I wouldn't want that kind of authority.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Jakirosan 14 June 2021

True, but all these alcoholics, cocksuckers, etc., didn't become like that right away. Society raised them that way: he drinks, he hits on everybody and he won't give a fuck.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Tattoosha 14 June 2021

Well then it is strange that such nits could grow up in the USSR society. Collectivism, positive parents... And it turns out it's simple. It's society's fault, in all its masses.) Consisting, by the way, of positive citizens from all sides. Sorry, but your conclusions are like those of the notorious hero of the book, who said that everything must be taken away and divided.

In my opinion, the problem goes deeper than that. Lots of information, lack of critical thinking, parenting, etc.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Whiteprinses 14 June 2021

Yes here you should have just explained everything to the child, and obviously the mother didn't do that.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar SeregaSP 14 June 2021

Impunity always leads to relapse.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar titonC 14 June 2021

Some people need to be kicked. And some need to be kicked.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Keyten 15 June 2021

What a load of crap.

Some people hesitate to punish children, while others raise such young morons. Yeah, let's support it, let the former start punishing kids even more, until nothing happens to the latter.

As for the punishment itself, it's not the right way to parent, but you have to be a master pro at other parenting methods to parent without punishment. Which for most people is not the case, so punishment is still necessary.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Fyl432 15 June 2021

Now child support payments have been increased, so they will pay. I would cut those payments for such cases.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Dr.Fobos 15 June 2021

There is a program in the U.S. where they take these budding AAU's and other little trash to a real prison and let them talk to real convicts who are in jail for murder and robbery. They don't tell them how bad it is to be here, no, they tell them what they'll do to these little kids when they get caught up in it. The way I see it, if some battered stinking murderer whispers in the ear of a 13-year-old creep how they can have a nice time together, he'll understand it a lot better than if his parents tell him or if he gets a fine (which no one will pay anyway).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar mr.pozitivchik 15 June 2021

Oh, that's probably a good thing... take our kids on excursions... so we can get first-hand experience...

Maybe someone would get a kick out of it.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DarkGrey76 14 June 2021

In Chelyabinsk there is one interesting thing - video from every (almost) intercom... ...that's great!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Zi98 14 June 2021

Reading this, I'm so glad that all sorts of trash do not contact me (

+35 Author avatar bukashulya 14 June 2021

I had a case. I had neighbors who lived above me, my kids were yelling all day and night. They just yelled, their mom yelled at them, and their dad yelled at their mom. So all the time. The mother converted every action the children took into screaming. My talks did not help, I almost got kicked out of the house with a beer on my ass. And I just wanted to sleep in silence after work. And so I wrote to the guardianship. My friend advised me, and I warned the neighbors about it. Oh, what began then, coming to me and asking me to say that they are good, that the mother does not shout at the children. Yelling, however, has stopped, but the sediment remained. I was also surprised that the father was smoking on the landing in the entrance, and the mother was standing with the youngest next to him, and all together breathed the smoke in a confined space. It was a long time ago, there were no such strict anti-smoking measures.

Hide Show +25 Author avatar Homeless5 14 June 2021
Hide Show +12 Author avatar gogasan 14 June 2021
Hide Show +4 Author avatar maria19.1994 14 June 2021

The best example of that is to influence the parents. The kids in the post are doing exactly what their mothers taught them.

+30 Author avatar Shut913 14 June 2021

Watch from 26:35. For those who like ditties. (Spoiler - one little girl did take a bullet.)

Hide Show +16 Author avatar sviblov.v 14 June 2021

We didn't want to shoot them until last, the little kids asked for it.

Hide Show +13 Author avatar CrioFox 14 June 2021

Because any murder is still murder. Even if the kids were fucking nuts, there would be human rights activists who would say that he could have kept his knee down or his neck down, and then they wouldn't have shot at all. As for the fact - the video shows it all.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Kolenval7 14 June 2021

I liked it better that they, have responsibility regardless of age

Hide Show 0 Author avatar W1NCH3ST3R 15 June 2021

Two of them. And I, strangely enough, like that.

+42 Author avatar Numida 14 June 2021

I listened to about half an hour of profanity from a drunken freak the other day. He was carrying a big turtle, selling it, and I told him, "Why are you torturing that animal? Then I heard about the cocks I had swallowed all my life, about how ugly I was and that no one would get a hard-on for me, about how beasts like me should be killed, in short there was such a flood of crap that it was impossible to convey it all. Why was I listening? Because it is unclear what's in the head of this trash - I get up to go, and they still rush after me, and I was with an elderly grandmother, she is not going to run in a case of what. So I let him speak out, calm down, silently watched him until the flow of shit ran out, took my grandmother and left. I didn't want to tell my son - for sure he would run to beat the bastard, there was no need for a drunken bastard to go to court... Although, I swear that if it were not for my grandmother, who was alive and dead, I would have taken a stick and would have fucked this scumbag, despite the courts and tribunals...

Hide Show +28 Author avatar Enimirra 14 June 2021

Pretty girl, I'm begging you, carry a spray gun with you. I know what it's like when you get molested by some drunken bitch and make you mad, because he's bored or there's no one to fuck with, and it can happen in a crowded street and no one will come to help you. So just in case, let this precautionary measure be with you, just in case. And plus it's an approved method of self-defense, for which you will not be held criminally responsible, rather than beat this trash with a stick and then go to court.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar ledydia 15 June 2021

Can you replace it with an air freshener or deodorant spray? Well, if there is no spray can, but need to spray something? Will it have an effect? Who knows?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Enimirra 15 June 2021

Most likely if it gets in the eyes it will hurt too, but not as much as pepper spray and chances are the person will wake up faster and you'll be in trouble.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 3dfx 15 June 2021

You can't compare it to pepper spray. I ordered it in an online store, I think it's a 1000r order. I immediately ordered for myself, my wife, my parents, my car, etc. They are not expensive, and the effect is very good. I once got sprayed by assholes out of hooligan motives, I opened my eyes after only 15 minutes.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Vixandi 15 June 2021

And where and what did you order?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar JustSunny 15 June 2021

Deodorant can give the maximum effect of surprise. Eyes slightly tear, but in general will not stop, can even make you more angry. Tested on myself, the effect does not work as advertised, nor as a means of self-defense

Hide Show +26 Author avatar Homeless5 14 June 2021
+24 Author avatar 1vansemenov 14 June 2021


Hide Show +3 Author avatar boldon 14 June 2021

For some reason I read "P:" as Padonok.

+69 Author avatar Eshoodinkorzh 14 June 2021

Everything has already been written about the freaks.

But the two points about the mistress caught me. I can not imagine how you can read on a walk with a dog. Even in a fenced area - that's how it was fenced( And conventionally edible garbage on the site meets, and dangerous objects, and the inadequate dog can lead.

И... yes, dachshunds are hard to train. But you can't do without basic commands. Really, it would be better to read at home, and on the playground to do the command "to me").

+19 Author avatar bkackmail 14 June 2021

Such should break the jaw so that they keep silent and eat through a straw. It would be good for their health and society. And little assholes will grow into big ones and there will be more problems with them.

+16 Author avatar guitar911 14 June 2021
+8 Author avatar SaintFalse 14 June 2021

-What are you gonna do to me?

-I'll do nothing. And your legs will be broken. And your mom's. And I won't do anything, yeah.

+4 Author avatar Sssvetka88 14 June 2021

My son is 8 years old, loves cats, went as that from school, near the store the cat sat small as usual wants to pet all), And then as a woman flies out of the store with shouts of "and well get away from her! I go to her, said hello, asked if you can pet? She's so relieved, she thought the boys had come to torture her again.

Why is there so much cruelty in children...

+42 Author avatar GadkiiStas 14 June 2021

I should tie such whores and their fucking brats to the car by their feet and drive them around the yard!

Hide Show +46 Author avatar MyDefense 14 June 2021

Too bad the story is bullshit with an attempt to evoke emotion. All your favorite clichés in one place, primitively juxtaposed dialogues, and a thrown-away ending. The author is not going to be a writer, alas.

Hide Show +35 Author avatar Tarakanofffff 14 June 2021

Quite willingly believe it, yesterday I was coming back from the store, a slapstick mayonnaise and a girl with him, both about 12 years old, followed me:

- Do you have ten rubles to use?


-fucker answer!

Honestly, I could barely stop myself from taking the motherfucker in. I didn't say nothin', keeps runnin' around, still callin' him names, askin' bullshit.

I'm telling you, bitch, you ain't never been fucked in the cunt, get the fuck out of here while you still got it. He just backed right off. The girl's smarter, by the way, she just walked away. So, as they wrote above, only moral cocksucking is the only way to get it, you can't beat them, it's a law-enforcement state.

+21 Author avatar Fryking 14 June 2021

In such cases, you have to go into "Inadequate berserk" mode! You start swearing at them with foul language and do not allow them to say a word. At the same time you begin to turn on: you imitate foaming at the mouth, you can break a bottle over his head, a T-shirt on his shirt torn. And when you reach the peak of this mode, you begin to move in with the intention of giving a beating to the most boorish of all. Combine this with the "Drunken Master" style. Basically, after a couple of these responses, the whole neighborhood will be telling you that you're fucked up and not to come close to you )

In FIU, Sber and other institutions it works too)

Hide Show +27 Author avatar zaloopoq 14 June 2021

You'll be seen on YouTube and on peekaboo, and you'll be able to talk about how inadequate you are as a fucking asshole.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Fryking 14 June 2021
Hide Show +3 Author avatar angar19 14 June 2021

A moment of fame, my ass.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar vvp077 14 June 2021

I'll give you that.

I once spent three hours in a regional MFC, where I had to go by train for over an hour, marinated in line in the heat, and then was told, "Fuck it, you can't get public services.

So, "We can't do anything, get out of here," they all answered together, until I started up.

And when I told them all that I thought - they immediately changed their minds and very politely invited me into the office to the head, where I had a long talk and suggested that you can do in my situation ...

+10 Author avatar MrHatred 14 June 2021
Hide Show 0 Author avatar 120508 15 June 2021

B: It was an accident. And in general, stay out of it! I went from here to my yard.

----- here to here really, further made up before going to sleep -------

I didn't leave, gave the dog to a friend, and called the juvenile police myself.

+6 Author avatar seal78 14 June 2021

I vacationed in Israel a couple of years ago. And children there have not been brought up for a long time (in the sense that they can do anything, and you can not touch them). And so, I was lying by the pool, I look - the kitty came to the water and drinking. And there are cats on the streets - as we have dogs, and almost no dogs. And so, to this kitty clung to a young man (whether Jewish or Arab), and let's pull his tail and all sorts of mockery. After my phrase with an appropriate intonation "you fucked?" The kid with a very surprised face quickly got away from the cat, and ran to some guy. He said something to him, and the kid left. No one came to talk to me.)

+6 Author avatar Hellavisa 14 June 2021

I have a question on the subject, but it's a little different:

how do I tell my girlfriend/her kids that animals shouldn't be hurt?

I come to visit and my heart bleeds to see her little brat pulling kittens by the tail. I take it away, explain that you can't do that, he looks at me and goes away. Then in front of a friend already: we are sitting drinking tea, he again drags the kitten's tail. I said to my friend, that how come, you can not. She seemed to be well, yes, yes you can not, and then he waved his hand and this again strangles the kitten behind the couch. That's how? I don't understand. And quarrels do not want, and get into a moralizing too (the proverb about the charter and the montage, and yeah), and look at it, I can not. While she is away on a visit - all sorts of pulling the kid from the kittens, explaining to him what's what, then a month later on a visit and every time the same thing.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar mrakomorra 14 June 2021

Until an adult this should have been brought up in their childhood, and trying to educate other people's children - it's generally ungrateful business: it is better to cope with a grown-up kitten, and after a couple of good bites before the kid will realize that the animals do not approve of such games.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Hellavisa 14 June 2021

I agree, I generally keep other people's children at a distance and don't lecture them. But you can't stay indifferent when a kitten is being tortured in front of your nose. And sometimes I start to get on the machine and explain that you can not. Fortunately, on some of my outbursts girlfriend adequately responds, she knows how I love animals. But, fuck, she doesn't take it upon herself to teach her offspring that you can't do that to animals... I'm in a bit of a pickle here.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar mrakomorra 14 June 2021

I also don't really understand how it's possible - besides hurting the kitten, the kitten can bite you so badly that it's in the best interest of a reasonable parent to make sure that the chance of it happening is minimal. But probably the parent only gets to the point of biting the child, and then there is a risk that the cat will be the last resort.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Guatunn 14 June 2021

Just one question. Why are you friends with such a person, to what!

The "she's a good person" option is not accepted, sorry: a good person would never flip out when someone hurts the weak. Especially if it's his own child doing it.

What do you need this friend for?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Hellavisa 14 June 2021

It's not "for what" or "why" or "for something. And I cannot say that she is a "good person" or I am a "good person" - it is a relative concept in principle. And the friendship with her from childhood, she did not have deviations originally on the subject of animals, and children have appeared and she began to look at things differently. You want to understand and get through to her, not just tell her to fuck off. If it doesn't work out, of course they'll go their separate ways, because it's not normal.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Guatunn 14 June 2021

Yes, people change, and sometimes it's sad... But I thought something outweighed it, that there is something about her that allows you to put up with these changes. Something that you need, that you get from communicating despite some obvious and annoying flaws... Well, for example, at one time I had a friend with very unpleasant character traits. But I communicated with her, and most often even with pleasure, simply because with her you could talk about literature as much as you wanted: she loved to read and she loved to discuss what she had read.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Hellavisa 14 June 2021

I have no specific benefit psychologically or dependence in something on her, it is just friendship from childhood 🤷🏻♀️ the desire to come and see her, talk, remember something, learn how she is now - it cannot be explained like this. It's not about literature, it's not about movies. It's just: hello, how are you? I don't know how to explain... I come once a month, sometimes once or twice a month to her hometown, where she stayed to live, where she got married and had two children. Purely humanly I understand her, when you're alone without women/grandparents sitting with two kids - the tank can flow and you start to look at all the antics of the kids in a different way. I'm not making excuses for her now, I'm describing what I see when I visit her. Yes, and as it happens, people grow up and "breed new cockroaches" someone starts to look sharply negative on alcohol, and you can afford to drink, and you are judged. That's also the reason you can tell them to fuck off and not communicate.

So in my case: as long as I can, I'll explain to my kids that it's not okay and yell at her for this attitude, hopefully they'll grow up and understand. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Maybe we will not communicate if I see the children's blatant abuse of animals, which she will not stop and on.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar fatherMarasmus 14 June 2021

I had a friend who drinks, for those who he considers strong enough peers, he goes into fire and into water, for the sake of people who he does not relate to his circle does not lift a finger.

+6 Author avatar KetraruVadim76 14 June 2021

That's a lot of words. You can beat everyone, even children and the elderly, for the cause. You just have to do it in such a way that you do not get anything for it. Gently. You can later, later, but you must punish, physically and financially.

+6 Author avatar Romaska988 14 June 2021

You're wrong, Uncle Fyodor, you're talking to orcs like you talk to people, and you need to fill their apartments with cyclone d

+14 Author avatar ilru 14 June 2021

I'm sure you'll get thrown a lot of hoops. But we need birth control. Why the fuck would we breed such cocksuckers? They need forced castration to slow down the fucking spread of biomass. But we need more fucking humans. And we don't give a fuck about the quality of those people. Half the country's full of fucking pussies, if not more. You can't shoot them, either. Or you could just slap them in the face and everybody's happy.

+3 Author avatar Iditenaxui 14 June 2021

Buy pepper spray. If they get too loud, they get shot in the fuckin' face. It works every time.

+3 Author avatar COMPOSMENTIS 14 June 2021

You should have played with the dog so he wouldn't get bored and run away. Kids, cars, other dogs... What's the difference?

+5 Author avatar PikcleRick 14 June 2021

I'm sorry. Fucking cocksuckers raise fucking cocksuckers, and then they fuck each other in the ass, ruin bus stops, porches, and for 1000 rubles they can crack a passerby's skull with a crowd. Fucking cocksuckers. Excuse me

+5 Author avatar Pusistik 14 June 2021

What are you gonna do to me, I'm 14.

You walk up and smack the bastard in the face.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Johnson1 14 June 2021

And then you go to an institution with free food and lodging. Minus the caged sky.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Pusistik 15 June 2021

Tell me, under what article?))

Hide Show 0 Author avatar greenpin 15 June 2021

So if I spit in your face, you won't run to your uncle the policeman screaming?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Pusistik 15 June 2021

Article 20.1: Disorderly Conduct Disorderly conduct expressing obvious disrespect to society, accompanied by obscene language in public places, insulting harassment of citizens, as well as destruction or damage to other people's property - shall be punishable

shall carry an administrative fine from five hundred to one thousand rubles or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days.

So I'll just fuck you up)))

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Johnson1 15 June 2021

If it's a good man, there's always an article.

+2 Author avatar GhostOfTatarin 14 June 2021

The post looks like a fart in the air... Oh yeah! That's him!

+2 Author avatar thekiro 14 June 2021

We need to clean up the gene pool...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar serebrelena200 15 June 2021

What will happen to the gene pool has already decided on the maternity capital for the first child )))) all the homeless have multiplied, and normal people with regular jobs can not afford children anyway, because, unlike the homeless, the child allowance does not pass. And the income on maternity leave... going down.

+5 Author avatar Porsche1910 14 June 2021

I have often been called a fascist for my views on such situations. But I still think that such unicums should be sterilized and sent to reservations. Let all these Aue's and other marginal personalities live next to each other and stay out of modern progressive society.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Johnson1 14 June 2021

Better yet, put a bunch of money on the reservations periodically and keep an eye on the "hunger games". They don't have the brains to split it honestly, but they have enough foaming at the mouth.

+6 Author avatar jocky86 14 June 2021

I'm so glad I'm sponsoring the endowment

It's the backbone of Russia.

+2 Author avatar quetzalkoatl 14 June 2021

In general, it is quite upsetting when a window is broken by a brick, and the district police officer says that he does not see the corpus delicti. It's doubly offensive when a brick hits a freshly glazed window again.

Don't ever do that, man.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Johnson1 14 June 2021

A precinct officer's no match for a precinct officer. One won't see any evidence, the other will see property damage, and if he wants to, in a socially dangerous way.

+2 Author avatar Biased 14 June 2021

She's a baby.

+1 Author avatar Mshlk 15 June 2021

Regardless of the behavior of little girls and their moms, the whole story started with the fact that another dog cannot control his dog.

+1 Author avatar Uxxo 15 June 2021

She was all, "Don't hurt the animals," and she called the police on them.))

+1 Author avatar 1TAPX 15 June 2021

Why the dog walks without a leash, if it's not trained and can get into different holes in the fences, can I ask? My neighbor's dachshund attacked me like that - I told him honestly - one more time I'll see him in the street without a leash and he'll fuckin' fly into his yard with his summer. I never saw that leashed dachshund in the street again.

+1 Author avatar strekozochka 15 June 2021

I noticed that if the author is a girl, a woman at once - I'm small and thin and young, I look young)

+1 Author avatar tregubovde 14 June 2021

It's funny that they're not 14 and that's it. There's no responsibility, they don't even bother... Sad(. Throwing a rock back, that's your sentence, because you're hurting the baby.

+1 Author avatar mashakracc 14 June 2021

I fucking hate kids!

+1 Author avatar igor1973p 14 June 2021

Little prick probably thinks he's gonna be 14 forever.

+1 Author avatar NaKortah 14 June 2021

Kids are small and weak. They're even easier to fuck with.

+1 Author avatar DartNaty 14 June 2021

Tag 'negative', please.

+1 Author avatar FengDong 14 June 2021

Is there any way to hire a teenager like that, only he'd be well-mannered and do some martial arts. So that in situations like this, he could come in and fuck these motherfuckers up? And in response to complaints, he'd say, "Well, they're kids, they had a fight."

+1 Author avatar 750sf 14 June 2021

Well, it's a shame about the dachshund, no shit. But why not hurt the animals? They throw stones themselves...

+1 Author avatar elSuricate 14 June 2021

Too bad the story has no positive ending. Or rather, no ending at all.

+3 Author avatar Alphastrange 14 June 2021

I'd hit her with a fucking rock and then kick her in the fuckin' face. You should take advantage of your gender -- hit bitches like that, "I'm a girl too, I can do that!" And, of course, you have to hit them properly, not by their fingernails/hair.

Hide Show +29 Author avatar co6aka444 14 June 2021

And then you get reported.)

Hide Show +29 Author avatar Welcome37 14 June 2021

And a bunch of scumbags will confirm that you first set the dachshund on him, and then fought him.