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Response to the post "Drink water, not Coke!"

UPD. there are questions to the post *Removed by moderator*

*Ronaldo's gesture

Ronaldo's gesture of swapping soda for water cost U.S. giant $4 billion

Before speaking to reporters, Ronaldo pushed aside the two bottles of soda placed in front of him, leaving only a bottle of water in front of him.

"That's what you have to drink," the Portuguese noted.

The stock price of the company sponsoring Euro 2020 fell 1.6 percent on the stock exchange. Coca-Cola has fallen in value from $242 billion to $238 billion.

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+211 Author avatar Enviroment 15 June 2021

What the fuck are the losses? It's just a change in capitalization in the moment.

Hide Show +89 Author avatar sidorovonline 16 June 2021

One and a half percent is nothing. Any company's stock goes back and forth by a couple of fucking percent every day.

Hide Show +13 Author avatar fegrodim 16 June 2021

Here come the professional brokers.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Tigrabux 16 June 2021

On the subway.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Sharidanovich 16 June 2021

On their subway.

Hide Show +20 Author avatar OneveR 16 June 2021

Blue chips are almost immune to this. But Ronaldo did.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar nitros2 16 June 2021

it's if anything to do with the processes, it was clearly acted by downers, if the sponsor is coca cola, then the water is also from them with a probability of almost 100%

Hide Show +1 Author avatar AxiomaXX 16 June 2021
Hide Show -1 Author avatar izya.bergman 16 June 2021

Examples of companies where daily fluctuations of a few percent are possible?

Hide Show +16 Author avatar 5yndrom 16 June 2021

Is a few 2 or 10? Well, let's say yesterday:

Gazprom -2.40%.

Surgutneftegaz +2.15%.

NLMK -2%.

ALROSA -1.58% (after a stable growth of 1.5-3% per session over more than one day).

PhosAgro -3.86%.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Lemoon24 16 June 2021

You just need to rewind this video.

Hide Show +23 Author avatar ceperbbynhelth 16 June 2021

- It's capitalization growth! It's just negative. Ask anyone in the Russian government....

Hide Show +2 Author avatar iterra555 16 June 2021

There was just a dividend cutoff, don't turn into Panorama.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Enviroment 16 June 2021

So there was no change in capitalization in the moment?)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Pamidorchik228 16 June 2021

Yep, it's just an advertisement for


+492 Author avatar alifatov 15 June 2021

First, you shouldn't confuse profit/loss with capitalization, and second, you need to get rid of the habit of making cause and effect connections only between currently known events, trying to pull the owl on the globe

Hide Show +135 Author avatar greymatters 15 June 2021

TC should learn the concept of dividend gap (explained here.

*deleted by the moderator


By the way, how normal is it to list a TG channel in your sources that is obviously directly related to TC and is monetized? Doesn't that count as advertising? And so, by the way, in every post.

Hide Show +137 Author avatar Tomegebtok 16 June 2021

*deleted by moderator*

I second that, the post is fake.

[ Moderator Clears Throat ]

- Here's a detailed breakdown of why Ronaldo's gesture has nothing to do with the drop in capitalization.

Hide Show +52 Author avatar SaintNV 16 June 2021

Loved the picture on this one)

Hide Show +64 Author avatar dominoes 16 June 2021

Somehow the guys on the left are even less credible.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar ed209 16 June 2021

The guys on the left are fucking merchants, not stock traders.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar Enzor 16 June 2021

, post-throw-in, with a link to a leftist telegram channel, delete it please.

Hide Show +15 Author avatar romeoordos 16 June 2021

If they delete the Pikaboo post, cola stock will drop even more. Better don't.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Moderator4242 16 June 2021

*deleted by moderator*

do you have any other proofs?

Hide Show +4 Author avatar draron2 16 June 2021

*deleted by moderator*

, maybe you need something more explicit than just "there are questions to the post"?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar 0whitewolf0 16 June 2021

Yeah thought that was bullshit too. But it's too late for a bunch of people to go tell their spouses, kids, friends this fucking story...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar dumkihot 16 June 2021


Hide Show 0 Author avatar xCTAMECKAx 16 June 2021

Since the stock drop was planned, I would hazard a guess that Ronaldo's gesture could have been just as

as planned, and by Coca-Cola's own marketing people, as well as the subsequent charting.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Ciniy 16 June 2021

Why would they do that? It's a trivial and common thing that happens every time all companies pay dividends )

Hide Show +10 Author avatar Reshetman 16 June 2021

In 3 months, shit hasn't changed about the advertising in the posts.

*deleted by moderator*

is there any movement there?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar NoOneKnowsMe 16 June 2021

* removed by moderator*

, we were talking about "genius" advertisers a week ago, look, there's a collection of similar cases and the "administration's position". It's great, isn't it?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Anthon 16 June 2021

What do you mean, "spoke for the advertisers"?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Moderator4242 16 June 2021

Most of the links are direct links to the source of the content. This is quite acceptable.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar NskRonin 16 June 2021

That is, you can take the information - pour it on your channel - post links on picaboo and not expect the comments to be deleted and the profile banned?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar werrwerr 16 June 2021

Mmm, a site advertising a bookmaker's office will tell me the truth.

Hide Show +170 Author avatar thelittlewitch1 15 June 2021

You mean to tell me that tweeter mask doesn't control the bitcoin exchange rate?

Hide Show +227 Author avatar darkdogs 15 June 2021

He runs a herd of hamsters who shake the bitcoin exchange rate )

Hide Show +59 Author avatar Darek.Nig 15 June 2021

I often get the feeling that the financial market is full of hamsters. All sit around, writing smart thoughts, analysis, fundamentals, charts, candlesticks... And then the slightest fuss, they start to run, make forecasts, all gone, I sell, cut the stock.

Or is it just me?)

Hide Show +48 Author avatar thelittlewitch1 15 June 2021

There's just a lot of them.

There's guys on the reddit got together and raised the share price of some chain of convenience stores that the big companies were drowning in. So they just got together in droves and were able to outbid huge corporations.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar UnknownDirectory 16 June 2021

I don't understand how you can predict anything. You're sitting there, systematically undervaluing the stock of some waffle company. And then one day Bill Gates is on Twitter going, "yada, fuck, waffles are good," and he's got a picture

of the very same

waffles. That's it. Anarchy. Chaos. Cthulhu rises from the depths!

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Simple5 15 June 2021

So you read books on how the modern world economy works and you'll realize that everything is held together by a gentleman's word of honor, and as long as people believe in that word, everything stands, but as long as you begin to sway it, everything can immediately go down the drain. It is enough to start a rumor in a slightly heated market that some bank is about to lose its license or has some problems, and a crowd of people will quickly withdraw cash, and the cash is not so much, so 30-50-70 people will run out of cash and then people will raise panic that everything is true, In this way, they have not had enough money and that's it, we're dead. People start storming the offices, the company's explanations are not heard, the shares fall, the company goes down, its assets are devalued, holders of shares lose money and they quickly start trying to withdraw assets from this and similar companies and the domino effect starts to spread. All you need is to have access to propaganda that Musk or Gates or Buffett have.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Fekkolper 15 June 2021

It's just that these hamsters are in the majority. For one more or less serious dude who purposefully makes money, there are a thousand of these hamsters.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Vladivosto2001 16 June 2021

They make predictions after the fact - the crisis of 2008, they all got really sick.

Now they predicted a decline in construction, yep yep - the price of wood and metal flew into space. And so on.

Musk found a good income - to make bitcoin))).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kamunuyaka 16 June 2021

Close but not quite. A very large % of the market is made up of bots analyzing the behavior of other players (among a large % of bots). So many sharp ups and downs of rates, this is a consequence of chain reaction of mutual evaluation of each other by bots.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar alexozero 15 June 2021

In fact yes, many books almost openly talk about it.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kvabanga 15 June 2021

In short, I heard the idea that bitcoin rate is now controlled by biginvestors who made of it (of the rate, not of the bitcoin itself) a cyclic financial pyramid (bitcoin rate itself grows (on interest in the currency), biginvestors (who knows how) at a certain moment make ace rate, and then make at a certain moment a peak rate. So, first, they fuel hamsters to get rich quick, and then drive unsure hamsters by low rates, getting rich buying crypto from them.

The rate itself (average 50-year value of the rate) is a straight line with an upward slope.

Biginvestors themselves stay to keep their coins, without selling (or rate will go to zeros).

And there remain small holders (not hamsters) who hold crypto just like biginvestors.

Whether Musk is one of such big investors - I don't know.

But these are the rumors. And they also said that it's not the exchange rate that reacts to Musk, China, that the rate correlates out of hand with the actions of these public figures.

Hide Show -3 Author avatar blablaraptor 15 June 2021

In the global market, yes, the capital is ruled by hamsters, because there are many public companies. But there are also market makers who periodically shave off the hamsters. So essentially all of these tech analyses are attempts by hamsters to predict the next market maker action.

Interestingly, there are no hamsters in the Russian economy. I did some calculations for myself. I took the average amount of savings of the population and compared it with the capitalization of the top Russian companies. It is enough to buy only the first 3 or 4 companies, the population does not have more money.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar MartinDont 15 June 2021

They are so fucked up with shaking cryptocurrency rates at every whim of Musk's leftist egg, that crypto StopElon appeared).

Hide Show +1 Author avatar draron2 16 June 2021

He was already attributed several times to ups and downs, which he had almost nothing to do with, there were other factors. But journalists don't give a shit about that.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DontPUSH 16 June 2021

Well, that's how it works. The price is driven by demand among other things.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DaaCENT 16 June 2021

What's the difference? It wasn't the boxer who hit, it was his hand that controlled it?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Goodlight 15 June 2021

So, if there are "hamsters" it means they're falling for something, right?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar d1m0nf0x 15 June 2021

Jade rod qi.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar DartHanter 15 June 2021

-Do you feel a hand in your sack?


-It's the invisible hand of the market.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Bolik56 16 June 2021

Actually, yes, he doesn't control the bitcoin exchange rate.

Hide Show +25 Author avatar sergiodemaster 15 June 2021

Yeah, and Arshavin probably drank baikal instead of coke on his chips.

Daily jumps in value of a couple of percent back and forth are the norm for all stocks.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Ap6aHoB 16 June 2021

Tell Ronaldo to stop moving the bottle back and forth!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar HUMAN. 16 June 2021

It's not like there's a per diem, there's an open second chart altogether.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Debian.Hawk 16 June 2021

It's kind of a weekly one.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SaimonOgurcof 16 June 2021

That's right, the weekly time frame...

Hide Show +16 Author avatar crunchegs 15 June 2021

There's a dividend cola paid and it's a dividend gap

Hide Show +11 Author avatar BashCovid 15 June 2021

Shhhh... Let them believe that media personalities can trumpet their house

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Jay001 16 June 2021

Does that mean you can buy on dividend gaps with the expectation of closing them?)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar crunchegs 16 June 2021

Yes, if you are sure it will close quickly, which is not a very stable strategy in an unstable market like now. But Severstal closed the gap in 2 weeks.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar xxx55yyy 16 June 2021

Why the gap? It happens after the opening (it's written here:

*removed by moderator*

), and here the drop seems to be in the middle of a trading session. Isn't it?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar crunchegs 16 June 2021

The Pindos open at 4:30 p.m. Moscow time.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Foxkun 16 June 2021

You can't be sure of anything until they show water stocks

Hide Show +4 Author avatar 16 June 2021
Hide Show +3 Author avatar Petrucci88 16 June 2021

Has Buzova stopped drinking cognac in the morning?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar ReversingFlash 16 June 2021

Both sad and delicious!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar golden24ru 16 June 2021

I watched that broadcast with such a facepalm. I thought Buzova was a little smarter than that. But no.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar dencheg 16 June 2021

I do not understand the reasons for the fall or rise because of such bullshit. One idiot pushed back the bottle and a bunch of other idiots went, "No, that's clearly a sign, let's dump our stock!"

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Petrucci88 16 June 2021

Well, what do you think, the world star of soccer on live television, watched by hundreds of millions of people, pushing back the coke, saying it's fucking unhealthy. Makes sense.

I'd sell, too, just in case.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Ap6aHoB 16 June 2021

Except for those who sold the stock because the footballer moved the bottle.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar te1o 16 June 2021

Fuck you people, read with those people who are on this thread above all the comments at least, there are not many - then maybe all of your class will understand.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar werrwerr 16 June 2021

This is how the whole marketing industry works.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Artemiji 16 June 2021

I didn't buy the call today, I remembered that moment and thought for fuck's sake, really. But it's a huge company and nothing will change significantly for it.

Hide Show -3 Author avatar Meskite61 16 June 2021

You can only drink Coke with cognac/whiskey, they're disinfectant.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GvozdiTerezy 16 June 2021

You can also have tarragon with vodka. I've never understood people who drink alcohol with soda.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Arhin 16 June 2021

Maybe the plan was to sell the stock before it went down because of this crap. And then buy it before the rest of us bought it back.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar HUMAN. 16 June 2021

And there is also a second chart in the picture. To the uninitiated, it looks like a fatal drop. In fact, it shows the stock price fluctuations, which occur every second.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Gbabak 16 June 2021

The chart does show the week (semana) from June 9-15.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar eries 16 June 2021

Today, a lot of stocks are down. Almost the entire market is down a percent.

+712 Author avatar Shoewreck 15 June 2021

Did you think you could put your drink in front of Ronaldo without signing a contract with him first?

Hide Show +435 Author avatar ryfys86 15 June 2021

Well then let him drink his Head'n'Sholders.

Hide Show +403 Author avatar Galatan 15 June 2021

Dude who thought to put bottles in there:

Hide Show +97 Author avatar jon777 15 June 2021

Coca-Cola bosses:

Hide Show +46 Author avatar sta010 16 June 2021

They don't give a fuck, it's not even noticeable on the yearly chart.

Especially since the drop is because June 14, was a dividend day for Coca-Cola stock, not because of Ronaldo's action.

On a day when a company's stock trades without the value of the next dividend included, the value of any stock falls plus or minus the amount of the dividend.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar 1fakepaleva 16 June 2021

Oh, PALMOLIVE, my gentle gel.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar IAesh 16 June 2021

Now with the flavor of bran.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar mortan08 16 June 2021

Of bran!!!

Hide Show +116 Author avatar Soffiaa 15 June 2021

And why advertise for free something that can be advertised for a huge amount of money?

Hide Show +159 Author avatar Soffiaa 15 June 2021

I mean, it's no accident that Coke put their bottles in there, either. If I were Ronaldo, I would do the same thing if everything that comes into the picture with me is considered very expensive advertising. And Coke is really unhealthy and very sweet stuff.

Hide Show +40 Author avatar Ozzyab 15 June 2021

Coca-Cola is the sponsor of this Euro)

Hide Show +15 Author avatar Soffiaa 15 June 2021

But that doesn't make it healthy (in terms of consumption))

Hide Show 0 Author avatar KaliUga 16 June 2021

Yes yes, what a cool mix, welcome to heroin fest!

And basically sponsoring or making money, I don't believe it's not paying off for Coca-Cola.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar selissi 15 June 2021

There's sugar-free.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Odmin1986 16 June 2021

Coke is expensive shit, but as far as harm, it's just sugar syrup.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar igorche8 15 June 2021

Everything is good in moderation.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar jinryu 15 June 2021

What about with whiskey and lemon?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Artem5525 15 June 2021

That ice is fucking unhealthy.

"Vodka on ice is bad for the kidneys, rum on ice for the liver, gin on ice for the heart,

whiskey on ice to the brain. This damn ice is unbelievably bad!"

Hide Show +22 Author avatar Toni.Kislicyn 15 June 2021

Plain Water's stock is up 4 billion

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Makacovec 15 June 2021

GHKs are up, new bills starting next month.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar deenzo 15 June 2021

And when I did, the water company stock went down!

Hide Show +10 Author avatar Drinkwater2019 16 June 2021

Ronaldo gets money from the Portuguese national team, and the national team from UEFA, and UEFA from sponsors, including Coke.

So it's all paid for.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kyisgori 16 June 2021

And the cola got it from us, so he owes us.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar Meretneit 16 June 2021

Actually, he can. And he can be fined if he fucks with us, because Cola is an official partner of the European Championship, where he performs and no one has to sign contracts with players in such cases. Bottles are there on purpose, as sponsors of the tournament. And hundreds of players and coaches are interviewed that way. It's a sponsor under the auspices of UEFA, not a player.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar superisys 16 June 2021

Strange logic, is he a slave? He was given coke and he can do what he wants with it.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar ChePochemka 16 June 2021

Nobody is forcing him to drink it, but what it stands there is none of his business. He was paid to have those bottles in the frame.

Good thing he didn't paint Heiniken's logo behind his back, or else he would have had to give up beer in favor of water.)

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Meretneit 16 June 2021

Saying it's better to drink water and remove the official partner of the championship from the screen is not within reason.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Alvrn88 16 June 2021

And if the sponsor of the CHE was 5 Lakes Vodka, would he also have to be fined for not fucking up half a liter?

Hide Show +27 Author avatar cemeheeb 15 June 2021

Just business.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar gta39 15 June 2021

Yeah, at the Women's World Cup, that's how Swan got his gitanium inserted and someone died after that.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar jetsnake 15 June 2021

Semyon, the genius sysadmin.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Romanticus 15 June 2021

I came here for this comment.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar gta39 15 June 2021

I thought no one would understand, one-eye viewers and vacations after all.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar esselesse 16 June 2021

The value of the company does not depend on its profits and revenues.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar alifatov 16 June 2021

Well, on the one hand it is considered that this is one of the main criteria affecting the capitalization of the company, but on the other hand, looking at what is happening in the market, it is difficult to argue with such a statement. I should probably add: it doesn't depend on small timeframes.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar IvanTaylor 16 June 2021

I would have liked to see him sipping and praising kvass Nikola.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar airakobraP39 16 June 2021

I am not interested in soccer and at the time of watching this video I did not know Ronaldo by sight, but for two nights in a row I buy mineral water instead of Coca-Cola).

+38 Author avatar Yanotidzze 15 June 2021

Tc, you're a smart man, you read that copypasta that you posted? Who told you that if a stock made less than 2% back and forth in a moment, then it's a fuck! and a loss? Who is this very smart person?

+79 Author avatar Miktlantecuhtli 15 June 2021

"Collapsed" by 1.5%.

Hide Show +30 Author avatar Fiodorych 15 June 2021

Within the statistical margin of error )))

Hide Show +4 Author avatar sanvel 15 June 2021

Yes, it collapsed))

+163 Author avatar Zhihar 15 June 2021

and a couple hours later it bounced back and an hour later the stock was up 0.4%, which gave a profit of 1 billion?

Hide Show +13 Author avatar SaintRanger 15 June 2021

For these giants this 4 billion is the same as spitting for a man - also damage to the water balance in the body

Hide Show +15 Author avatar Noimaginator 15 June 2021

It's not money, it's the value of all the shares. The company itself is not in the least bit worried. It only reduces its investment appeal.