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Portugal scored four, conceded four and lost to Germany

The Portugal vs. Germany match has been the most productive at Euro 2020 so far. Germany won with a score of 4:2, with the Germans scored only twice and the Portuguese - four times, though the reigning European champions sent two goals into their own net.

+187 Author avatar Vereshch 20 June 2021

You can't play with the Germans from the attack, forgetting about defense

© Brazil national team

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"Offense wins matches, defense wins titles" (c) A. Fergusson.

Make all RPL executives repeat this phrase 100 times in the morning on an empty stomach and 200 times at night. And maybe it would catch on. Then.

.... Although I'm a bit of an optimist.)

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No, please. Don't do that. The RPL is already called a bus league. Two and a half teams playing offense...

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Yeah, it's hard to watch. I'd rather play 4-4 with a hole-in-the-wall defense than 0-0, 1-0.

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I remember in the World Cup 2018 against Spain the coach defense tactic brought us the victory.

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Very good to say to comrade Ferguson, being a mentor at MU. But when we have no attack (with all due respect to Dzyuba and being a Zenit fan, I clearly understand that this is not the attack we need for the national team), when our defense misfires with great frequency, then you never know who will win titles and matches. What Ferguson said works very well when there are strong players, for example what Poland showed yesterday, when Lewandowski was "attached" to the wild dedication in defense, in attack. And the heads of RPL should be paid depending on the success of our teams in international tournaments, maybe then they will understand that soccer needs to be done something, to get out of this hole.

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Come on, remind me, please, what did MU win after SAF went on vacation?

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Let me explain to you what I wrote about. Comrade Alex led one of the best teams, had a great set of players and could implement any scheme of the game. When to attack, when to defend, he naturally understood that defense was an important part. I'm writing about the fact that the Russian national team, unlike the model of MJ in Ferguson's time, has neither a normal attack, nor normal defense, and the heads of soccer can say Ferguson's words, but a normal defense and attack will not appear from that, we have to do something.

P.S. I`m not a big fan of the APL, but at least MJ won the League and the Supercup. If our team did it, any team, I would be very happy.

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So saaf left and the defence just collapsed. The whole backbone of ferdinand-vidic-evra-neville fell apart dashingly straight away, breaking up or ending their careers altogether. And since then, MU still can't put up that defense. At first de hea was a player, but now he's burned out. They concede just crazy and stupid for a top club.

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Mourinho and Simione give it a tick.

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We are not watching active soccer, but dull shit.

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So the Portuguese in the first half didn't even enter the opponent's half. Once they did, they scored.

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Are they the ones who lost 0-7 to them?)

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Attention Portugal's defense is wanted, last time we saw it together with Germany's defense, both left in an unknown direction.

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Me and my husband laughed outright too - there was some drug addiction going on))))) But the match was just spectacular!

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Just some people drink Coke, and others drink water.

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Beat your own so that other people will be afraid.)

+116 Author avatar Ulyssed 19 June 2021

If they did not score themselves, the Germans would have scored. They scored while trying to interrupt a pass that would have been a 99% goal.

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I'll bet. The first auto-goal, the havertz had no time and the ball would not have been scored by Dias. The second goal was no chance. Although who knows where the German player could have hit it.

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I do not want to argue.

The main thing in the death group is that the third round will not be a disaster for anyone.

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Balya, I watched the match results and wondered why the Germans had two goals scored by people with no German surnames.

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Ronaldo scored again. When will he settle down? :)) 36 years old.

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Two goals left on the world record. He just hasn't broken all the records yet. And then he'll be gone.

We're lucky to have 2 great players in our lifetime and to have them in regular competition.

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Though I don't like Ronaldo, but I hope he will break the record. Although France will be very angry. By the way, what is the record?)

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109 goals for the national team. Iranian Ali Daei currently holds it. CriRho has 107 goals.

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Christ, the Iranian team will play Tajikistan one more time, Ali Daei will come back, score 5-6 more goals and end his career again.

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The French will take out the Portuguese. I do not like Ronaldo either, but he is a great player.

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The French have not yet arrived at the Euros. And the Portuguese looked good.

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Why two? Now Ibra is running alongside him. I`ve seen a lot of them since Cantona.

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The record is 109 goals for the national team today.

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The greatness of players is not defined by goals scored. Or rather, not only.

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Bloggers say that after the Cristo/Messi battle it will be Hollande/Mbappe.

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If Holland, like his father, does not meet his Roy Keane.)

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I even wonder who it could be from his contemporaries)

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And they were no match for both of them. And Holland was nowhere near Mbappe. And I don't like Mbappe that much.

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It's a pity they don't pay so well in the run, how good is Mbappe in sprints.

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Going to finish his game somewhere in the emirates or China, forty

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Or the U.S., they even know him there.

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When will he start drinking Coke?)

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You were too lazy to attach the video? Not in the comments either.

+18 Author avatar 8migrannik 19 June 2021

What do you mean, you're on your own? Are you sure this is the European Championship? :)

+23 Author avatar vovave 19 June 2021

It was the best match of this Euro. If Vanya's friends don't like soccer, let them watch it.

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Will it work on Anatoly and Sergey?

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Let the Sergeys watch our national team.

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I do not like soccer, I confirm your words. The match is very cool and dynamic, beautiful game. Switchedched it on just by accident at the beginning and finished it till the end).

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Denmark - Belgium was also very good, and without rolling the ball over at the end like the Germans did.

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Give me the link to the match) Judging by the comments, it's worth it)

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I apologize for being so brazen. I am far from soccer. And I can not understand how they can score twice in their own goal? Are they confused? Or is it a failed pass to the goalkeeper?

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There will soon be a report on YouTube. You'll be able to watch it there.

But in general, there was a situation where they tried to prevent the striker from scoring, just their feet were faster.

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Yes, in both cases, no chance, so close to the goal with such a feed is not real, and there autogolos are nominal, the Germans would have scored...

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Where do you know where to look?

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And the commentator did not redeem the first auto-goal )) tell me what the point of posting videos with the prerequisite to view on YouTube, if comments are disabled? Chasing likes and subscriptions?

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It's like ours are playing defense against portugal oo

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That's quite a review. Just a clipping of the best moments from the broadcast. Where is the commentary by professionals? Where is the review?

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*Moderator deleted*

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There are a lot of situations that fall under the concept of own goal. For example, at the same Euro, the ball bounced off the post into the goalkeeper's neck, and from the back of the head into the goal - that also counts as an own goal

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Easy. Trying to knock the ball away from the striker every time.

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Like this.

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Two goals, within 3 minutes of the start of the match *__*

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German attack, a cross from the flank to the penalty area, the Portuguese defender tried to knock the ball out or intercept the attacker, the ball may have just cut off his foot, or it may have ricocheted, he did not have time to regroup, there are many variations.

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Bounce off the foot when there are a lot of people in the goalkeeper's area

+5 Author avatar CentUK 20 June 2021

They do not let the Germans forget the words of Lineker. "Football is a simple game. 22 men play for 90 minutes and the Germans always win at the end.

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Especially at the last Mundial they performed well.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar CentUK 20 June 2021

It's not all a waxing and waning.

+4 Author avatar barsetka 20 June 2021

Far from soccer: why Euro 2020, if the year is 2021?

Hide Show +9 Author avatar ursulus 20 June 2021

The Euro 2020 has been postponed by one year because of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be held from June 11 to July 11, 2021. UEFA did not change the name and gave several reasons:

"The decision is in line with UEFA's commitment to make Euro 2020 a sustainable tournament without unnecessary garbage and waste. At the time of the postponement of the championship, many branded items had already been produced. If the name change were to take place, they would have to be destroyed and new ones produced."

"It would serve as a reminder of how the entire soccer family came together, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, of the hard times Europe and the world went through in 2020."

The decision not to change the name was made back in the spring of 2020. UEFA has confirmed that the official name of the tournament will remain Euro 2020. It will also remain on souvenirs dedicated to the championship, and on the logo.

*♪ deleted by the moderator ♪

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It's like Fifa 21 came out in 20, only the other way around.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Alxa 20 June 2021

It's sloppy because of the covid.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar JhordanoBruno 20 June 2021

Because Euro 2020 didn't happen because of covid.

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What the fuck did I get slammed for? For a simple question? For asking it, and I should have known better, it's FUTBOOLLLLLL!

Hide Show +1 Author avatar XalkerWar 20 June 2021

It's actually faster and more logical to google your own question and get an answer than to wait for someone on peekaboo to google it and answer it for you.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar barsetka 20 June 2021

Soccer League post. It's logical to expect those who are in the know to be here. And they don't need to Google 🤷♀️

Hide Show 0 Author avatar XalkerWar 20 June 2021

Oh, so it's still faster to sit and wait for an answer under dozens of comments than to find the answer yourself in 10 seconds)?

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It will be the same with the Olympics.

+1 Author avatar PerevodPL 19 June 2021

They surpassed Poland, and not everyone can do that.

0 Author avatar SanyaAS 20 June 2021

I'm sorry, but still AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA How?

0 Author avatar Necree 20 June 2021

And if he drank Coke...

0 Author avatar OutSender01 20 June 2021

Both teams defense makes horrendous mistakes, won only through offense.

-4 Author avatar Taurenko 20 June 2021

The Germans scored three. They didn't score one.

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They scored three goals, but not three goals. A goal is when the ball is scored.

In soccer and similar games: the point won after the ball is in the goal.

No point, no goal.

-1 Author avatar aleshadr 20 June 2021

The Germans are really good.

-1 Author avatar GooooooN 20 June 2021

Wasn't there a video attached?

-4 Author avatar hedgehog013 20 June 2021

Euro 2020? Not 2021?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Gunslinger42 20 June 2021

2020. They were supposed to play last summer, but a Chinese man ate a bat, so.