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People who have had a covid experience significant loss of gray matter in the brain

British scientists (hussars, silence!) have come up with a simple and ingenious thing. So simple and ingenious, it's a wonder no one has thought of it before. They took a British pre-morbid brain scan database, compared it to those who had had covid, and invited those who had had brain scans before the disease to do so again, then compared the scans. They also compared the scans with a control group that had not been sick.

It turned out that the people who had covid had significant gray matter loss in:

- the hippocampal gyrus (the region of the brain associated with memory encoding)

- Orbitofrontal cortex (region associated with cognitive functions and decision making)

- Insular lobe (emotions and consciousness)

- Anterior cingulate cortex (decision-making, empathy, regulation of the heart)

- supracerebral gyrus (speech processing)

- temporal lobe (visual memory, long-term memory, language processing, emotion)

The medics, based on this study, are once again urging everyone to get vaccinated.


+27 Author avatar CEKCMACTEP 19 June 2021

I take it that after this news we should remove all those who have the disease from leadership positions.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar elfl0rd 19 June 2021

In many leadership positions, a brain is not necessary.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Nokery 19 June 2021

Fuck! I just got promoted to drillmaster a few months ago. And then I got covid. I don't want to freeze my ass off at the well anymore)) I want to sit by the computer in the heat!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 1barsuk 19 June 2021

I wanted to be an office plankton.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Nokery 19 June 2021

I really wanted to). 15 years of working in the field in all kinds of weather in my opinion is enough. Generational change.

+16 Author avatar Pusistik 19 June 2021

My memory worsened after the illness, my mom too, we got sick in the first wave, about half a year after the illness I noticed that I often can not remember any word.

Now it is gone.

My second complication was my knees, which were inflamed and very painful.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar UzhasVUbo4ke 19 June 2021

Many doctors say that kovid affects the nervous system first of all. For example, in Germany, adolescents who had the disease often had their legs cut off (about 300 cases).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Waigouren 19 June 2021

I had a similar situation. I was ill during the second wave - I had the feeling that I was dumbed down six months after the disease, I was constantly forgetting words. I was always forgetting my words. And I had a horrible aggression towards people around me.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar PicovyaDama 19 June 2021

After the anesthesia my memory went to hell, and attention, too, but it only began to recover literally with 1-1,5 years. The surgery was in 2010, if anything.

P.S. I was sick with covid.

+7 Author avatar oomten 19 June 2021

So there will be zombies after all?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SpeedyGonzalez 19 June 2021

There already are. The booze just can't handle it and a lot of fucking smart guys, so here we go. By the way, amid the wild rise in price of everything during the pandemic only vodka hasn't gone up, has anyone noticed?

+62 Author avatar ShmelSPb 19 June 2021

I don't understand what the post is about?

Hide Show +129 Author avatar sinn3r 19 June 2021

So, this one got sick...

Hide Show +17 Author avatar monkeysballs 19 June 2021

Overfed what?

Hide Show +16 Author avatar sinn3r 19 June 2021



Hide Show +6 Author avatar eto.eblya 19 June 2021

Gray matter...

Hide Show +30 Author avatar VeelDay 19 June 2021

Weren't you sick of covid?)

Hide Show +21 Author avatar ShmelSPb 19 June 2021

I did, and for what purpose are you interested?

Hide Show +20 Author avatar Prig0relli 19 June 2021

Well see? That's what the post is about. What else don't you understand?

Hide Show +20 Author avatar ShmelSPb 19 June 2021

I don't understand how you know I was sick. Who are you?

Hide Show +11 Author avatar AlexTotus 19 June 2021

I don't understand, why are you asking?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar peterhof78 19 June 2021

Who's asking?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar AlexTotus 19 June 2021

Who are you to ask me that? I've had fucking covid twice!

*photo of a howling wolf with a guy's quote from facebook. Jeepyghee.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar YaHammm 19 June 2021

Dumb people are gonna get even dumber

Hide Show +2 Author avatar MimokrokodiI 19 June 2021

And buy a van in the shape of a dog.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar NickYA 19 June 2021

That's a great idea. I also wanted to open a worm store.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar MacLaud343 19 June 2021

It was. "Honey, I shrunk our kids."

Daughter got it from her daddy when she got her driver's license.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar midtower 19 June 2021

They're trying to tie a viral infection to the size of the gray matter.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar AMATAP 19 June 2021

Can I get a rope?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GIobus 19 June 2021

Hypoxia is always bad for the brain. What's there to tie it to?

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Tifbyl 19 June 2021

That there are more morons. Including British scientists.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

You think their research is fake?

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Arabyss 19 June 2021

It's fucking biased, not a study. if you do the same statistics among those who have had severe bacterial pneumonia, the picture would be even worse, because it would be the right sample, the pulp. Our brains don't do well with oxygen starvation. Fucking people don't use their brains much, don't worry.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Tifbyl 19 June 2021

I count? What am I, a calculator?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar LessyLerro 19 June 2021

They're British scientists. That says it all.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 6acoTa 19 June 2021

Too bad it's not panorama news.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar istornado 19 June 2021

It's like .

*Moderator deleted*

Hide Show 0 Author avatar paffnutij 19 June 2021

But the vaccine often doesn't cure the disease itself, it just reduces the severity of the disease.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Guard718 19 June 2021

They want to chip everyone, what's not to understand?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Rose76 19 June 2021

I was vaccinated, can you tell me when the chip starts working? I'm tired of trying to figure out what to make. Or is that not how it works?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Guard718 19 June 2021

So it's okay, the chip is jamming your desires and thoughts, so you don't want to do anything. Relax and enjoy the degradation.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Rose76 19 June 2021

Whatever, I don't want to do anything, I have to go to work and cook anyway, my imagination has run out, I went to get a chip, but it seems they stuck me with a faulty chip, no relaxation, no pleasure, no holiday ((

Hide Show 0 Author avatar jofroman 19 June 2021

What post?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Toni.Kislicyn 19 June 2021

When did you postpone covid?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar ShmelSPb 19 June 2021

Why move covid? Is he not lying well?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar sierdar 19 June 2021

Lying in the middle of the road. Gray matter can't get through. We have to move him.

+19 Author avatar midtower 19 June 2021

Well, hell, with a runny nose, how much leaks from the head! Not for nothing as a child, many boogers ate from the nose - an instinct.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Pusistik 19 June 2021

They say that eating boogers is useful, it's like a natural inoculation, weakened and dead bacilli and those who eat boogers, better immunity.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Stormwalker 19 June 2021

It only seems to be better immunity. They just don't get approached by other kids and don't get infected.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Pusistik 19 June 2021

Who said the children?)))

Hide Show 0 Author avatar midtower 19 June 2021

What if they come up and make an exchange? You know, like, who tastes better, who has healthier.

I just don't know how it is now, in my childhood not boogers were shared.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SpeedyGonzalez 19 June 2021

But people who don't eat boogers use them intranasally.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Pusistik 19 June 2021

Nah, intranasally they secrete them))

+20 Author avatar Kanrit 19 June 2021

UK Biobank scanned over 40,000 participants. 782 participants re-imaged UK Biobank, with 394 participants testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection between the two scans.

The devil is in the details, as always.

Well a highly questionable statistical sample. They took 2% of all scans (40000 total). Of that 2%, about 50% of the repeat scans had a corona . If from the total number then almost 1%.

Hide Show +18 Author avatar CozyMaps 19 June 2021

You write the case very strangely, it's hard to read. I looked at the original and can't understand what you are picking on?

They took 782 of the people they had data on and double-checked them.

Half of those people had covid and half had no covid. The ones who did have the disease had reduced brain tissue.

What's the conclusion, all the people who had covid have reduced brain volume.

And why you are attached to this 40 000 I do not understand, these 40k is just the total number of images that are stored in the database, but of these 40k for the survey invited ~ eight hundred, in other words, yes, the sample is not very large, but also not small. So your claims are incomprehensible to me, you by any chance did not have covid already?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar peterhof78 19 June 2021

In the first sentence of the comment I read "cunts" instead of "cases". I liked it, but then I saw it. It made me sad.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

Have you never, ever, ever dealt with statistics and big number theory?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Kanrit 19 June 2021

- The president said that the average wage in Russia is about 27,000 rubles. I wonder if I don't work or if I'm not human. Or maybe I'm not in Russia at all...?

- The average salary in Russia is when one person gets 2 million rubles and 100 others get 8,000 rubles. Then on average they all make about 27 thousand.

- Peter has 10 apples, and Vasya has 0. On average they each have 5 apples.

- The official eats meat, and I eat cabbage. On average, we eat pigeons.

- The collective farm director's wife Glasha fucks everyone, and the milkmaid Masha gives no one, but on average they are both whores.

Hide Show -4 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

*(Moderator clears throat)

Hide Show -1 Author avatar qwinter 19 June 2021

Have you never heard of the double blind test? They didn't scan those who weren't sick, so it's a hat study, no telling what covid contributed and what covid hysteria, lockdowns, and other related stresses contributed.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

Have you tried reading the source?

The first thing they did was check on non-sick people.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar konstboyarov 19 June 2021


782 participants in the British Biobank re-imaging, with 394 participants testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection between the two scans.

So of those re-scanned, only half had covid.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar mr.Piston 19 June 2021

Right) and it's all the fault of the fucking masks.)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ukrzis 19 June 2021

Let's say I did. Shall I tell you what the confidence interval is? About the correlation coefficient? Or tell you that the logical fallacy "after this means because of this" has been known for 2000 years, but hasn't reached some citizens yet?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

The fact that the study mentions a "control" group doesn't tell you anything?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ukrzis 19 June 2021

It does. If people didn't have a control group, but they are trying to cram it in, it tells you that they were knowingly going to falsify their results. Or, more likely, you've mistranslated the text. Or more likely, you mistranslate it, and trivialize what it's about.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BacterioPhage 19 June 2021

Once geographers made the most accurate map in the world on a one-to-one scale.

+3 Author avatar Ky39 19 June 2021

I got over it and my neurology and nervous tics escalated.

Well.... I'd rather get vaccinated.

+5 Author avatar SpikaTheMerc 19 June 2021

Most importantly, 2 years ago, bitching about anti-vaccinationists was one of the main trends on peekaboo. So? Where are you all now, the rabid supporters of vaccination? Why is it that 10% of the country is vaccinated, you jerks?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

They're afraid of chipping.

And reptiloids.

p.s.: but they're not afraid of the flu shot.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar pikapikazzzz 19 June 2021

Yeah, all my comments about the need for vaccinations are zammused here, peekaboo has turned into an anti-vaccine site.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar rochard 19 June 2021

The funny thing is that now the vaccine that is offered has not been fully tested and the consequences have not been fully studied.

Moreover, the number of antibodies in those who were vaccinated six months ago has dropped to zero. And basically everyone will have to be vaccinated again...

You don't have to be anti-vaccine to doubt the need to vaccinate. I don't know a single person who got sick during the pandemic (with the exception of two men in their 50's who got themselves vaccinated. They were really sick for 2 weeks).

So far all I can see is:

Hysteria in all forms of media, from TV to Peekaboo.

Some fucking TV shows about the shortage of beds in hospitals (this is after the genius health care reforms).

Quarantine, which does not work at all.

And the prices of all goods and services are going up by a factor of two or three.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

But I've heard a lot of shit during this time, I've seen a lot of motherfuckers...

I've seen masks on planes, I've seen contagious benches in Moscow parks, I've seen people with a confirmed disease who haven't been isolated for weeks...

The last fuck-up is the restriction of all establishments in my city to 2 a.m. Antique measure: until 2:00 a.m. you can sit there even if you're full, after 2:00 a.m. the covids get especially biting and aggressive, so let's split up :)

And on top of that - the active promotion of voluntary compulsory vaccination (:

My legs are carrying me to get vaccinated, yeah.

And again: the vast majority of people are asymptomatic, without consequences (was there ever a disease? (: ). The effectiveness of a vaccine that was developed in a hurry and did not pass all stages of research is highly questionable, measures to limit the spread of the virus are nothing but bullshit and fuckheadedness.

The mortality rate in the country does not exceed the statistical margin of error. Old people die, according to the same statistics. Well, they're fucking old people, guys. Anyone who's left this world at an advanced age is automatically coronavirus.

Sign me up as an anti-vaccinationist if that's how you want it to work, but I can fucking see with my own eyes that no one is trying to beat the disease, they're just making money.

Hide Show -3 Author avatar hendehog 19 June 2021

First of all, the country is in crisis and there is not enough money for all the projects. Secondly, there are not enough gastarbeiters either.

+7 Author avatar Kyrtkaa 19 June 2021

So they can lose even more? :D

But yes, multitasking is seriously and permanently ruined by this stuff.

+11 Author avatar nebelmann 19 June 2021

Coronovirus often causes mental disorders. When my father was sick it was very noticeable. Six months later, he still has worse memory (although it is better than it was right after). I was incredibly nervous and burst into tears several times, although I hadn't cried for years. I don't know what the long-term effects will be. Corona is the cunt of all cunts, including the way it cripples the body and brains even of people who have recovered. Coronovirus was known to be brain thinning in the early months of the pandemic.

The Chinese who developed this shit and allowed it to leak out of the lab should be strung up by the balls and their government who allowed it and covered it up should be made to pay the rest of the world for millions of deaths, tens of millions of survivors who will never recover and trillions of dollars in losses to the global economy.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar UralFermer 19 June 2021

So the anti-vaccinationists are getting brain-dead? That's amazing.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Mintman 19 June 2021

Vaccination is essentially the transmission of disease in a mild form. Why didn't British scientists do similar studies on vaccinated people before and after the vaccine. I'm not against vaccination, I'm for objectivity.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar Karlsbad 19 June 2021

The Chinese need to get fucked, yeah. Motherfuckers, bitch.

+6 Author avatar alexdn2005 19 June 2021

Does the regular flu make your brain so much bigger?

Hide Show +5 Author avatar 1324 19 June 2021

Normal flu doesn't cause pneumonia with all the oxygen deprivation that comes with it. And the brain dies in oxygen deprivation and doesn't recover much afterwards.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Metaboler1 19 June 2021

Did it say they had severe pneumonia? They just took those who had been sick.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Greathamster 19 June 2021

Syphilis increases))

+4 Author avatar ajzekazimor 19 June 2021

The British scientists will say!

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Vectra86 19 June 2021

British scientists won't take it!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar peterhof78 19 June 2021

In the mouth.

+7 Author avatar TrueDimson 19 June 2021

This stuff hits the central nervous system. For all intents and purposes, it's more of a chemical warfare agent than a bat virus.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar SEObomj 19 June 2021

It's half a warhead? If it were a chemical warfare agent, it would kill more reliably. And most importantly, no one would release something that cannot be controlled. After all, then both our own and our allies would get their hands on it.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar MimokrokodiI 19 June 2021

Have you seen the statistics on China and the countries closest to it? It's all about zero diseases compared to the rest of the world.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Orphan 19 June 2021

Fucking great in Kazakhstan.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar MimokrokodiI 19 June 2021

I meant countries like Taiwan, Laos, Hong Kong, South Korea. Which are ethnically and genetically similar. Screamed about China hiding statistics, but their neighbors are doing much better than others too. Seems like a biological weapon that may not affect certain ethnicities as much because of their genes.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SEObomj 19 June 2021

China was sort of aware of the problem the very first + the Chinese acted in concert. And who are the neighbors? There are a couple of civilized countries, the rest are either authoritarian rule or dictatorship - the hell they will give the real statistics.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar AppPetite 19 June 2021

What if they are in control? Presidents don't die for some reason, famous billionaires and oligarchs too, although many of them are over 50-60.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

The wiki has done a special job for you:

*Moderator removed*

Hide Show +1 Author avatar AppPetite 19 June 2021

I did not find any top politicians, businessmen, or their relatives on the list. I don't believe in conspiracy, but the fact that no one at the top has died is not strange? The president of Tanzania doesn't count ) Of the U.S. congressmen, 1 died, and they are almost all retirees at risk. And many do not wear masks and meet with hundreds of people.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar TrueDimson 19 June 2021

That is why it is half-baked, so you can control it. There's no contradiction here.

The world is not binary.

The presence of a third force, which has in its hands a set of different substances and the desire to set an ultimatum to the helmsmen, but has no desire to exterminate humanity - how do you like this option? This option fits perfectly with the available facts.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Manjur 19 June 2021

Mb trivially underdeveloped, that is the whole secret (if we consider this conspiracy theory).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SEObomj 19 June 2021

I don't see the point. Many industries stood up and suffered damage, the rich are not very profitable either. Someone made a fortune, but I do not think that the sellers of masks and bullshit thermometers have money for bioweapons) In today's world there are easier ways to make big money. Bitcoin, for example.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar pretty.alkash 19 June 2021

Combat is not combat, but it hits the nervous system hard.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar TrueDimson 19 June 2021

What is more similar to the spread and effect? A virus from a bat or a poisonous substance?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar elfl0rd 19 June 2021

Plague, anthrax, smallpox...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar TrueDimson 19 June 2021

Very similar, by the way.

Infection is spotty, symptoms are different each time, masks and gloves as a means of protection.

+2 Author avatar Rawrdamn 19 June 2021

Scare the anti-vaccinationists that after the crown they'll go dowdy.

Ahaha, that's a modern phrase for scaring the hedgehog with your bare ass, anti-vaccinationists, they'll fade away...

That's genius fucking trolling, you might as well scare legless people by amputating their toes.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Mcleod 19 June 2021

In the words of our president: "Don't nod at the mirror if you're wrong."

+2 Author avatar reboot 19 June 2021

Why haven't British scientists compared the increase in disease to the amount of popliteal fluff? The poplars are definitely trying to kill us!

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Sungir 19 June 2021

Even though the scientists are British, the idea is simple.

The research is replicable easily anywhere.

0 Author avatar virtualwyvern 19 June 2021

I've had the disease.

I couldn't think straight for six months. Barely worked. Then, in spurts, it started to go away.

+1 Author avatar Varik19 19 June 2021

You don't have to worry about shrinking gray matter if you're stupid to begin with.

+1 Author avatar Fight4Fun 19 June 2021

Humanity was dumb enough as it was, now this.

+1 Author avatar bolshevsehnado 19 June 2021

And among those who were vaccinated and didn't get sick, have they done studies like this...?

Or among those who got sick after being mildly vaccinated? The study is incomplete.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar Mcleod 19 June 2021

The medics, based on this study, are once again urging everyone to get vaccinated." Covid can't do it himself) (my comment on this topic)

You get a plus, I get a minus for the same reason.) I must be on the radar of the brain-dead. I'm proud of myself)

0 Author avatar StaryDoktor 19 June 2021

I guess those are the same British scientists.

+1 Author avatar Andrewanswer 19 June 2021

Hello there...

0 Author avatar lept 19 June 2021

If you don't use something, it atrophies over time. The person was sick, stayed at home, or was in the hospital, maybe the rehabilitation is still a long time, the lack of oxygen again. So for a few weeks, or even months, a person used their brain very little. It was interesting to compare with a control group that would have led the same hamster life, but had no covid. And to check this group again in a year after the end of the lockdowns.

0 Author avatar lis84 19 June 2021

British scientists have figured out a way to motivate the fucking smart ones to get vaccinated.

0 Author avatar KOMCOMOJI 19 June 2021

Hmm, I wasn't sick, I'm just dumb :D

0 Author avatar LikriMokry 19 June 2021

Seems to be true, my periphery is shot, only it's not the virus, it's my own immune system eating my nerves, I read an article about it somewhere.

0 Author avatar bigmazy 19 June 2021

- What to do about it now?

- Fuck you! ....

0 Author avatar sakaro 19 June 2021

Yeah, well, it's a lot harder to think. Memory's gotten worse.

-4 Author avatar penfold 19 June 2021

Biological weapons. Used stealthily. Fuck sword fights, fuck sword fights, fuck fair combat, fuck attacks on heights with machine guns. Now we'll be mowed down in rows, and we won't know who to return our gratitude and appreciation to. Because the enemy is sneaky, invisible, cowardly, and not ready to face us directly. Shit. I didn't think I'd live to see such a goddamn time.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Scroll.Lock 19 June 2021

When was there ever a sword fight and a fair fight against peasants? Your ancestors and mine, if necessary, were just killed. At best they were simply murdered, at worst they were killed for show, hacked to death in the square. Or do you think you are the descendants of the noble? As for biological weapons, I don't get it, you think people are being poisoned by vaccines?

-2 Author avatar Mcleod 19 June 2021

"Medics, based on this study, are once again urging everyone to get vaccinated."(c) Brains must still be tight. Covid can't do it on his own.)

0 Author avatar Chemichaladdict 19 June 2021

Is there already a normal vaccine in the CIS? I don't know).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Adiore 19 June 2021

Here I do not understand this racket saying that he who was not vaccinated is stupid, I say I was not vaccinated because in our region we have only choice whether to vaccinate with a satellite or not.

And honestly I do not have much confidence in it looking at our wonderful government with the way it bullshits people and to me this bullshit with the choice looks like two chairs

I would not be surprised if there is a troll factory among those who shout "Those who have not been vaccinated are lame".

P.S. I don't believe in chipping.

-1 Author avatar Drevonogka 19 June 2021

Add a conspiracy theory :)

Everyone knows the famous meme about the level of education. Well, HE DIDN'T WORK!

I had to use viruses to reduce the volume of my brain.

-3 Author avatar cruy 19 June 2021

Of course, I got my biology by 3, but what is this vaccine that keeps you from getting sick?

As far as I understand you injected weakened germs kovid and the body develops antibodies, (like if you get sick the body knows how to deal with it) and you get sick or not is a matter of personal care and hygiene, or I do not understand?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar elfl0rd 19 June 2021

Vaccination allows the body to react immediately to the pathogen and destroy it in the initial stages of reproduction in the body.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar cruy 19 June 2021

Are you saying that it is impossible to get sick?

-4 Author avatar moykorotkiynick 19 June 2021

Please more, more propaganda!

0 Author avatar Grassnake 19 June 2021

Especially the people with the "ahaha, that's British scientists!" comments.

When I see individuals like that, basing their world view on journalistic bullshit, I always think of the story about mosquito assholes.

Once upon a time there was another story on the internet about British scientists - that time they invented a device that automatically cuts off mosquitoes' asses. You put live mosquitoes on one side and they come out the other side already shredded. It was hilarious - the Internet was kicking its guts out. Dichlorvos was advised, jokes about cockroach powder were told... Unbridled hilarity.

Only those who googled why the ass-cutting was needed didn't laugh. Because before it was invented, the vaccine, which was made from the mosquito-borne disease, and made exclusively from the live pathogen living inside the mosquitoes, was incredibly difficult to produce because mosquitoes' asses were cut off by hand, by specially-trained people in sterile conditions.

But why google it when journalists have already dug it up, digested it, and dumped it right in your head? Why go through all that trouble?

And there's a lot of these laughs - the Brits accelerated the production of a cure by a hundred times - ahaha, ass-cutting! The British have discovered fungal diseases in ladybugs, which are the living equivalent of powerful and dangerous insecticides used all over the world - ahahaha, venereal disease bugs!

Ugh. No amount of vaccination is going to help.