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One day, when I was a student, a friend and I called two college girls we knew to go out. We took them to a bar, played billiards, got pretty well drunk with everybody.
Girls called us to their place (they rented an apartment for two). We didn't refuse, so we went.
And a friend and one of the girls asked me and another girl to "go for a walk". We wandered around for about half an hour, and then the friend called me and said we could come over.
We came over, and they got ready to go out for half an hour too.
I was so dumb that I didn't understand what all the action was about, so me and that girl were just chatting away. But when the other part of the group came back, my date got sad. I never saw her again, and my friend told me I was an idiot.

+317 Author avatar nagat 23 June 2021

I had a similar situation at uni. Unlike you, I went out with both of them. YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!

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Your fucking friend's a donkey-fucker. The girlfriends didn't go for a walk together afterwards to leave you two alone?

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Triple vdul!

["Taken Off by the Moderator"]


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in a husky voice, "Why are you bothering me?!"

And a picture of a dude lying in his crib, sleeping, then frowning and looking at his phone.jpg

PS: Send me that picture, there's no way I can find it ))))

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No, they stayed and all together to him... But that's another story

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Ne vdul

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Went for a walk with one, brought her to a friend and went for a walk with the other.

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So you're a pimp.

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You should have fucked them.

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What's that?

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That's old-fashioned bullshit. Poking a living person with your dick.

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Swapping fluids? Ugh! My seashell fell out of my hand.

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What do we do? Fuck.

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Fuck, bro!

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Well, I think we all got into situations like this when we were young. I worked in a TV studio when I was young, in the '80s. Loser.

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Poor guy, your friend worked for himself and Sasha, and you skipped out (consolation comment)

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That's some bullshit!

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Don't write that in League of the Dumb. They/we are too dumb to make it up!))

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It's humor.

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In League of the Dumb you have to write where the humor is and where it isn't!

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I had a similar situation, but I was the same dude who sent the others to go for a walk, and myself stayed with the girl).

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It's a hit.

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I'm surprised they didn't send you out on your own.

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Pahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, get a well-deserved plus.)

+204 Author avatar neinteresnyj94 23 June 2021

Without any spark or hint from the side, I don't go first. It was when he stayed so with the girls 1x1 and like everything led to this... So what, so she sits, so smiling, so yes we can sleep together, but almost always they are waiting for me to do something. What the fuck? Do I want it more than she does, or do I fucking need it more?

I'm not talking about when you've been going out for a while. I'm talking about the "see you for the first time, sleep with you" thing.

I didn't get the point. Anyway, sometimes I don't roll with the girls either, not everyone's mom raised a bogeyman.

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I'll tell you something, too. That hints are bullshit. I got acquainted once, and everything was all right. We got acquainted on a dating site, by the way, that is, in theory, all unequivocally. She invited me to her rented apartment for pancakes, I mean, the hint was clear too. We sat and talked about life, watched a movie, and I 'went home'. She was like, what are you, it's late, cabs are expensive, we're students, stay. Hmm, I got the hint. You stay here, I'm going to take a shower. Okay, flight's fine. It's time to go to sleep, I was like, "Well, I'll sleep here on the floor?" - "No, it's cold. Get on the bed." So I was like, "everything checks out," "all the protocols are in place," "the security codes are correct," and I was like, "poke my hands. BLEEP. I do not understand why? I do not know, I decided that I do not need such games, got up, got dressed and left on the way home, out of harm's way.

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I should have worn an antivirus.

Hide Show +55 Author avatar Arabyss 23 June 2021

Yes there was an antivirus, but not immediately install it, even before authorization...

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I'm putting on a condom

The rest of the people at the reunion:

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Kaspersky? ))

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that's a whole lot of commentary to write on)

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hee-hee... that was hilarious...

I'll tell you my story.

I'm driving around town, Wednesday, it's 4:00 or so. My guy calls me up, says, hey, man, I got two awesome girls with me, come on over.

I could hardly wait till the end of the day, so I came over. I couldn't drink because I was driving, I was planning on going home... I was planning to come back home... We were sipping wine and after one hour my friend took this cute girl and took her to a room (it was a one-room apartment). We are left alone in the kitchen with a girl we don't know very well. Two minutes later she goes into the bathroom and I don't know what she was doing there, but she was gone for a long time. I was getting bored, but then Vano yells to me from the room: Dude, the fuck are you sitting there, kamon?

I go in and see half of the "helicopter" with the engine running, but lacking a head part, you know?)) I get in, it's ready, start, take off!!!

We worked it out for two, my friend went to the kitchen, I went to the second round without the navigator...

Then I cracked the wine too - where to go, it's so good here?

In short, the three of us fell asleep... The bathroom door creaked, and on tiptoe the second one jumped out of the bathroom, snuck out of my side of the bed and lay down... The two of them were snoring away... ...and I was just there, modestly but tastefully... She was such a modest woman and both beauties, she was so cool... I'm impressed to this day, though 20 years flew by)))) I never saw them again.

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You should have had her give you a hand job, at least.

and then you could've gone away :D

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There were no hints)

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To absolve himself of responsibility as much as possible. Like it's not me, it's him.

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Karmadrocher posts in the league, I think that's what their story is the Story of Missed Fuck (if it ever happened at all)

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I just don't care for all the innuendo. Girls often like to play around in their youth, testing their attractiveness, so I've become totally thick-skinned. Still a virgin, really.

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How old are you?

Hide Show +24 Author avatar Abiboss 23 June 2021

The boy's 35.

Hide Show +70 Author avatar Amalackesh 23 June 2021

Oh, and cast a fireball!

Hide Show +26 Author avatar Chuvachello 23 June 2021

I propose we start a league called "Virginians 30+." Sashenka, 32 years old.

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It happens, no sarcasm.

The oldest profession in the world, take advantage of it.

Imagine something happens to you tomorrow (pfft, pfft, pfft, of course), you get hit by a car? Ann, there's not much in life that's pleasant enough.

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Hang in there, you're the last hope for a fucked up humanity!

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Wasserman, you?

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I met a lady on the badu, at the first meeting she said after an hour of acquaintance, "Let's go to your place for a beer or mine". I think, fuck no, it was the first time such an unusual experience, we came. Before that we were walking for an hour, sitting on a balcony, smoking, drinking beer, the second can, it was 3 o'clock in the morning. She already pestered me lightly, folding her arms, putting her head on her lap. I'm just lightly stroking her, too.

And then she gets up like she's at home - let's go on the bed, she removes the blanket and faces me in her clothes. I'm shocked of this, I'm standing there in a fucked up way like what to do next!? For me in the family upbringing is not under these fucks at 1 meeting.

So I lay there, I think we'll see, she's half asleep, I start touching her waist, I put my hands down on her ass, I think everything's OK. And then I think - well, was not, and run my hand in the pussy, she immediately let fidget, and I took my hand and thought, fuck it, let it lie. Then I touched her and then said let's sleep, she got up as nothing happened to call the taxi and went to his place.

In the morning she wrote, "Thank you for not bothering me, and questions like, did you want to sleep with me?

That's how to react to such a bl I do not even know, I kind of pecked at myself and ended up myself particularly like I did not want to, and I am without a rubber band is not podgotlovy not very much and wanted to get into the story at the first meeting.

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If the foreplay, the stages of which you described, did not excite the girl enough, then she probably left because of this. Since an unexcited girl's sensation of sex is so bad. If the foreplay was successful, there could be a thousand reasons why she might have changed her mind, so don't bother.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Vegmo 23 June 2021

I'm not worried, this is the first time I've been to such a meeting, before that I was in a serious long-term relationship, so I needed something to start with as a breath of fresh air. But to such I obviously was not ready, she offers to lie down in a light embrace, well I tried to keep myself at a distance and in the end snapped, went to where perhaps it was not necessary (but damn it for 3 hours, she spun around me in every way disposing to itself), and the result? she gave up and stupid lay asleep. After that I took the dachshund home, I don't need to waste time going to work in the morning after all.

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What's her name? I had a similar situation.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DepressariK 23 June 2021

It can't be different people, especially if the name matches.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Vegmo 23 June 2021

What city are you from?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Renyo 23 June 2021

Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Socarius 23 June 2021


Hide Show +8 Author avatar DAvolniy 23 June 2021

I see the point. By the way, this is a normal theme, do not give girls. I didn't give it to a couple of girls at a party, either. True, I'm a real cunt.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar CrewLab 23 June 2021

Well someone has to make the first move, so you're taking the same position as them, like "let them propose")

They wait for the first step because that's how it works, that's all)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar MoJlb 23 June 2021

Well fuck them then, let them wait for a guy to do it the way it's supposed to be done. And he'll find a girl who won't wait.)

Hide Show +3 Author avatar HayLin 23 June 2021

Thanks for that, by the way.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Svorky 23 June 2021

You get the point, although I just do the same thing, maybe that's why I get it.

But okay at least they're smiling and making eyes and flirting. I had the last one with a stone face and I couldn't tell. But I found her a strange approach) a little wine and game "I never" where including were 18 + questions and penalties, despite the fact that we are only two. This, by the way, was also a cool way to get to know each other better.

Well, the first bell was when she got the "player on the left slaps your butt" punishment. She agreed and got into the pose in five seconds.

The bell rang when I got the "make a hot kiss with the player on the right" punishment. She broke down at first, but we ended up playing the game no further ;)

So, guys, take note of the method was working. Well, it does not work, so at least know the man and the story to poison.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Paksty 23 June 2021

Convince! Fuck, I don't understand this shit.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SV9TOI 23 June 2021

It is not always successful, of course, but at least we can cuddle, it's also nice.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GearVox 23 June 2021

That's right! On the one hand I support you in every way 💯 but on the other hand I want to cuddle.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SpamBob 23 June 2021


Hide Show -2 Author avatar J0nnyKnopkin 23 June 2021

Sounds convincing, but who would you rather do it for?) Usually it doesn't take much effort for a girl to get sex, but for a guy it's in spite of that.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar SatanSand 23 June 2021

So what's in it for the sex? Sweating and trying for the first random cunt who's even lazy in her hints?

All my life I've only fucked people I love or respect. For the others I'm too lazy to waste my energy, let alone be the first to take the initiative (just because I'm a man!).

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Kazgoods 23 June 2021

I respect you and eat you 🤯🤣🤣🤣🔥

Hide Show +2 Author avatar mrKarlan 23 June 2021

- Do you respect me?

- Yes, and I'll prove it to you now.

+28 Author avatar FilimonAnd 23 June 2021

That's bullshit, the four of us have more fun. Especially the students are crazy.

Hide Show +14 Author avatar FunkySun 23 June 2021

And you can make a video.

Hide Show +31 Author avatar blizzardstr 23 June 2021
Hide Show +6 Author avatar SPORK 23 June 2021

No fucking way! I'm telling you, as a student who's lived in TWO different dorms and gone to two different colleges. Not a fucking thing interesting or fun. I've never been a nerd, and in principle, I didn't mind getting drunk, looking for adventures on my ass, hanging out all night, but fucking college was fucking depressing. I never even had sex once(!)

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Petuniaa 23 June 2021

I don't know, it's a matter of luck. It really depends on the environment. At Timiryazevka I never got laid, I trained, played for the Moscow team and got and kicked in the ass (two stabbings by bonjavs). At Plekhanovka I took up studies and sports. How many memories, friends, connections, but how many times I was on the line and the biggest problem of my life was only the session. Anyway, I'm going to cry now, those were my best years of life t_t

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BigTocha 23 June 2021

And now you're Petunia... Yeah, life has been hard on you.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar assa14 23 June 2021

Give me a hug!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BigTocha 23 June 2021

Baumann and... ?

+13 Author avatar EleoLamp 23 June 2021

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Back in tech school, a girl was hitting on me. And on the pretext of seeing the shelf at home let me in. Met me in a short skirt and I'm so stupid that after checking the shelf began to ask why she let me.

like that)

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Zagoral 23 June 2021

She did?

+23 Author avatar UndeadJoe 23 June 2021

There was a similar situation. Big binge at the apartment of one of my classmates. I made friends with a girl on the way, kissing on the balcony, hugging. We almost all stay overnight, but there's not much room. In the end, all my girlfriend and I have to do is take a mattress and sleep in the kitchen. While there were four or five people crammed into all the rooms, it was just the two of us here. But I turned out to be so drunk that I stupidly passed out to sleep, despite the molestation of me. In the morning my friends were looking at me asking, "How was your night? How many times?" And I just nodded in response. The girl went home pretty early in the morning, a lot of people were still asleep. Apparently she took offense at me :-) Then there were more attempts to go out, but we only had enough for one date.

Ten years later I saw her again, I didn't even recognize her at first. She reminded me where we met and we smiled together.

Hide Show +21 Author avatar Framherja 23 June 2021

Conclusion: You have to know your limit of alcohol, even at wild parties.

Hide Show +54 Author avatar UndeadJoe 23 June 2021

I know my measure - fallen down is enough.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Aleha69 23 June 2021

We know our measure, but how can you drink it?

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Damie 23 June 2021

Mera or Chetverik is an old Russian unit of volume of loose bodies, equal to 26.24 liters.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar fugam 23 June 2021

Yes, damn, in a drunken binge machine that sometimes starts up, and even the hell it does not need, I want only passed out).

Hide Show +3 Author avatar UndeadJoe 23 June 2021

When I was young (I was 20 then), the aggregate would start even in drunkenness :-)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Muskool 23 June 2021

I started it only when drunk. Once I got overexcited and it wouldn't start, the next times I got nervous and started worrying that it would happen again, and that's what happened in the end. I had to drink so I wouldn't worry.

+19 Author avatar Frostykrsk 23 June 2021

I had the same thing: the first girl asked me to buy some tea. I bought a napoleon cake, I still remember her expression on her face: "Cake, what the fuck?

Hide Show +41 Author avatar Zha1250 23 June 2021

I, for example, when I ask someone to buy something for tea, then I mean cake (or something similar). If I ask to buy a bottle of wine - that's what I expect to see. If I say I don't need anything, I'm not upset if the person doesn't bring anything. It's that simple.

Hide Show +29 Author avatar blizzardstr 23 June 2021

And you look like you've been married a long time. Too-adequate to be a roadkill ))))

Hide Show +13 Author avatar feverus 23 June 2021

It's an old joke: Go to the drugstore, buy something for your tea, and the guy buys Hematogens. My grandfather used to laugh about it.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar leqdyleqdy 23 June 2021

My wife called me in for tea, and I asked, "What should I buy for tea? Her answer: Bosco! And I stumbled, came to the candy store and asked the seller, do you have candy Bosca?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar heilinnen 23 June 2021

I wouldn't understand either...

Hide Show +15 Author avatar ufoss11 23 June 2021

What is Bosca? )))))

Hide Show +6 Author avatar leqdyleqdy 23 June 2021

A wine drink.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar habbos 23 June 2021

The lines from the song come to mind: And you were naive and innocent.

But you were spoiled by a dick and a drink of wine

Hide Show +2 Author avatar letchik007 23 June 2021

Still haven't told you what Bosca is?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar olya1go 23 June 2021


Hide Show 0 Author avatar Darbage 23 June 2021
Hide Show 0 Author avatar Azirsan 23 June 2021

You should have asked to stop by the drugstore and get something for your tea.

+9 Author avatar AlexTuta 23 June 2021

I'm going to share one of my dumb stories as well. At one of the students' get-togethers, they played pantonyms, and I got the phrase "contra-vehicle driving. And so I stood there, people were throwing in variations and I got to the "counter" part of the word. And the girl that I liked, said that she likes without kontreptsativnyh and here I naturally blunted and did not understand the hint), I realized only the next morning when we met with her and she was very upset when she knew whl I had a free room and I did not call her to take tea, though half the evening were hints ...

Hide Show +20 Author avatar hippymrachnyi 23 June 2021

You're so lucky...

+16 Author avatar Mondkind 23 June 2021

Oh man. I had a case, one friend, who in conversation from time to time and, of course, so that it was at least a little bit close to the subject of the conversation, as if in passing mentioned:

"oh, I must be a fag - I like anal sex😇"


"I don't understand why the phrase 'putting my dick on my lips' means humiliation, it feels so good."


She was happy to cuddle with me often, never missed a chance to stroke my hand, to kiss my cheek when greeting me, and once she "accidentally missed" and kissed me on the lips.

and what, you think I fucked her?

of course you didn't.

and not because i didn't want to, oh no, i wasn't in love with her, but i wouldn't have minded catching her on my tail, she was a sweetheart both as a body and as a person.

but I just didn't think she was serious.

+16 Author avatar KhakasTochno 23 June 2021

- You have a spider on your head.

- I'm sorry, I don't understand these street rappers of yours, what does "You've got a spider on your head" mean?

- I'll explain: You've got a spider on your stupid head!

- So take it off, take it off! Take it off!

- I don't want to touch that thing!

- Take it off! Take it off! Aah!

- All right, all right, now! (pulls out a video camera)

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Zhedzo 23 June 2021

I still remember that movie commercial on CTC with the Scatman song.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar rebusFace 23 June 2021

What's the movie?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Zhedzo 23 June 2021

Nothing to lose.

+8 Author avatar dmtrwk 23 June 2021

That's how I spent most of my youth.

+22 Author avatar alexmonk 22 June 2021

A student? In an empty crib? And only half an hour? Fuck it, it's not the right student.

Hide Show +46 Author avatar VolodyaMorda 22 June 2021

Of course it is. 10 minutes would have been enough.

Hide Show +46 Author avatar BlazzeFox 23 June 2021

I don't quite understand. What would they do for the other eight?

Hide Show +14 Author avatar VolodyaMorda 23 June 2021

Undress and get dressed.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Ieshiy79 23 June 2021

They should wash too.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BigTocha 23 June 2021

And discreetly take off a leaky sock.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Valtec 22 June 2021

They ate everything before that, didn't they?

+14 Author avatar tessans 23 June 2021

The task must be stated clearly and concisely, without the use of allegories.


+4 Author avatar Guaylo 23 June 2021

In my student years I got a SLR camera, one very attractive friend called me to take pictures of her pussy, I came to take pictures of her kitten, a Brit if I'm not mistaken, ate dessert, drank tea and left. Anyway, I get the hint, I catch everything on the fly, but it's not clear what exactly you meant.

+3 Author avatar tsoi2005 23 June 2021

I was in a room with a girl and she was making innuendos, I was 16 I think, I understand what kind of innuendos she was making at 25, definitely I'm your league!!!

Hide Show +5 Author avatar BredRevnosti 23 June 2021

What did she want in the end? Money?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar tsoi2005 23 June 2021

I think so)

+5 Author avatar sarheyz 23 June 2021

Why the fuck didn't you just say so? Like "you're cute, I like you..." why at your age you can just agree to get laid, but when you're young it's like this?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar dkdk 23 June 2021

Children since junior high learn to hide their thoughts, emotions, behave so that no one knows what they're thinking, what they're worried about. They learn to act out behavior that does not match their mood, to act out indifference, to hold back their words and emotions. They grow a shell that protects them from the outside world. The tougher the environment, the thicker the shell.

And then all their lives they struggle with this shell, which, as it turns out, hides them from others and prevents them from communicating. Growing up, they learn to break through it, to open it to others. As they gain confidence, they get rid of the fear of being unprotected.

Grown-ups can behave naturally without hiding behind contrived behavior. And when people behave naturally, there is no need to negotiate. Two people just look at each other and understand if they have any interest in each other.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Anorihon 23 June 2021

There's no experience at a young age. Just like guys learn how to get acquainted, how to communicate, and girls learn how to test the waters.

And as you get older and you step on more than one rake and realize you're a moron, you get experience and you don't repeat your mistakes.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ngc6543 23 June 2021

That's what they're saying, it's just that what's obvious to girls looks like a puzzle to guys. Just like any technique for a girl is still a puzzle, but for guys all the obvious and generally incomprehensible, how you can not figure this out. Over time, guys (not all) begin to understand the women's hints, and girls (not all) in the technique.

+9 Author avatar dif1362 23 June 2021

I feel like a horse for something else - in my college days with my roommate helped move the closet of female students, they offered to stay for wine. Eventually it came to sex, beds opposite each other, roommate finished pretty quickly and left, and his date was bored while I was busy with her friend. I still regret not offering to join in(

+4 Author avatar Maka81maka 23 June 2021

Relax, you just had a different upbringing.

+2 Author avatar Lekar666 23 June 2021

I'm ugly and girls never asked me to go anywhere, not to take pictures of pussy, not to fix the shelf.

+2 Author avatar CrewLab 23 June 2021

Why are you so worried about sex that didn't happen? Okay if you missed love, but what kind of love is that with the first guy you meet on the first day. And you might have been lucky - who knows what kind of bouquet you might have had.

+4 Author avatar schmel1205 22 June 2021

Where's the stupidity tag?

Hide Show +86 Author avatar Palesmurt 22 June 2021

Thanks, I didn't think to add it, dumbass.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar VelesStalker 23 June 2021


Hide Show 0 Author avatar KaBauHblu 23 June 2021

Bro, don't be sad. I've had worse. You're not the only one.))

+2 Author avatar sentry633 23 June 2021

Yeah, you're all Casanova's, for sure. I'm always the friend of the dude, which the company all the girls look at ...

0 Author avatar OblomowRu 23 June 2021

I already left this comment under another post, but I'll duplicate it:

I personally classify sex with a lady who is drunk as an unreasonable risk because then it suddenly turns out that the man is a rapist and took advantage of her helpless state. Do you need it? Especially considering the fact that sex itself can be bought at any time. And it's even relatively inexpensive. I don't think you're missing anything.

0 Author avatar Moshpit69 23 June 2021

We've all been there, bro. Even worse. They teach us a lot, even through such wild pain. Everyone goes through it just to get wiser.

0 Author avatar trickerRodriguez 23 June 2021

Oh, masa faqen, reading this reminds me of my own... Met a girl at a party, very juicy... She put her hands on my knee when I met her... And she invited me to her place for a movie that night. I was just sitting and watching "Police Academy" and here she was... No, I said let's go out and watch the fireworks... Well, we went for a walk, but after that she mocked and communicated after no... Oh, what a fool I was

0 Author avatar VseByloNaoborot 23 June 2021

What I'll never understand is the anguish of not having sex 10 years ago. "What an idiot, you could have had sex when you were 18 and you didn't." Great misery, of course.

You could also have a series of posts about how you could have ordered a hooker at 20, but you didn't, you spent the money on munchies. Oh, dumb-ass.

Moreover, I'll tell you the obvious thing - if both parties really wanted sex, it would happen, and no male stupidity has ever become a real obstacle to it.

0 Author avatar Alladinmazafaka 23 June 2021

It's a classic)

-3 Author avatar armors 23 June 2021

The Almighty stopped you from transgressing in time. She could've gotten knocked up and you would've put on a yoke for life, and that's not your soul mate. Let us rejoice, my children, that the Almighty protects us from whores.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar korovavirus228 23 June 2021

Too fat, start again.

Hide Show -3 Author avatar armors 23 June 2021

That's right, my son. It might have been fat.

0 Author avatar Doomaluck 23 June 2021
-1 Author avatar unicod1983 23 June 2021

There was something like that. A girl invited me over for champagne and chocolates at her place one night. She rented an apartment by herself. Came home with her, drank, ate, and quietly left. Only one BUT-I was well aware that she needs, and I did not like her.

-1 Author avatar Rufim 23 June 2021

I never had such a problem with understanding. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ngc6543 23 June 2021

I think I have a little more experience with communication, so I don't have understanding problems.

-2 Author avatar JRunaway 23 June 2021



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