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It's good where we're not.

Two drivers are on a train, one of them looks longingly out the window and says:

- "That's it, Vasya, I'm going to work as a railroader.

- What for?

- Look at them. Every time we pass through, they're always smoking and doing nothing else. It's a dream job.

So he quit his job and got a job as a railroad worker. They gave him a sledgehammer, and he swings it. One hour, two, three, four... On the fifth, he says:

- Hey, foreman, when are we going to smoke?

- There's a train coming, we'll all smoke...

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I often tell my kids that other people's work always seems easier from the outside. I hope that by the time they reach adulthood they will have learned it well.

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Do you at least explain that to your children. And there are adults under 50 who think only their jobs are hard, and everyone else "just gets paid" and does nothing. And there are plenty of them...

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I work and it and I sometimes feel like almost everyone else's job is harder than mine.

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All day long I was writing in golang alternately with python.

And in my chrome bookmarks I was doing math analysis on youtube. In the evening my colleagues-railway workers came back from the site and began helping me with "necessary" questions. It was here that I felt the depth and breadth of the distance I had drilled, to "sit" in front of my laptop all day. No lunch.

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I agree. That said, I feel like my coworkers have a tougher job than I do (in the same position) as well.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect. The more competent tend to underestimate their preparedness.

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Sometimes it's the opposite, it seems like everyone around you is doing something, while you're at your desk all day watching YouTube and poking around on peekaboo)

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There is such a thing, I have my job plus a pittance (10%) of another rate it (the only full-time in our organization). When the main job is not, and it happens with varying success from a few days to six months. This does not mean that I just sit and do nothing, but the main task is not and most of the time stupid surfing the Internet.

Problems with office equipment are also spontaneous, but the gaps there are insignificant, some small thing will be needed at any rate.

In general, I am often uncomfortable that I sit, "goofing off", and people around work, however, associates often consider me to be too busy and if something is necessary to ask, whether I am not busy, some of course out of politeness, but many sincerely so think.

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It's all about me. But I first automated all my work. And in fact 90-95% of the work of office plankton can be scripted and automated. Then out of a team of 20 people you can keep 2.

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I work as a psychotherapist and sometimes I hear from my friends - why the fuck do they charge so much money? For a chat?

You're very, very right. There's a lot of that in our post-Soviet space so far.

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Well, that's another question.

Just physical work is clear to everyone that it is hard (because everyone was carrying weights), mental work is also clear to everyone that it is not easy (doctor, programmer, engineer... With psychologists and psychotherapists it is a different story, because in Russia it is not customary to visit these people and every second woman imagines herself to be a psychologist, which further undermines the prestige of the job.

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I agree with you on this point, it is an area which is not regulated by law. And any fortune teller with a certificate can call herself a psychologist.

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It's easier to say. The dick is thicker in someone else's hands.

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The dick is always thicker in the wrong hands...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar KEKCbl 9 June 2021

There are very big hands. They're not thicker.

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It's actually very vital. A lot of people just don't notice how much effort someone else is putting into it.

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I work as a security guard in an office, you can see all the work on the cameras in the corridors. If someone comes out of the office shaking off the spilled coffee, in 10 minutes the programmer goes to the office and you can read on his lips "What a sloppy employee spilled coffee on the keyboard again". The cleaning ladies start to clean the corridor from different ends, meet in the middle and discuss the latest news until they are reprimanded. It's like this every Surka day.

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Nah, I sleep at night at work, but I stay home till midnight.

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You work from home?

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You do not understand anything, a man watches the cleaners in the hallway, where they shake off the coffee and a bunch of other important things! And he only smokes when the train is coming.

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Security is such a thing. The mere presence of a guard pays for the cost of it. Even if he doesn't really do anything. In our house we have two guards on duty all the time, at the entrance to the yard and at the entrance to the house. And all kinds of shit like burglaries, apartment break-ins, and homeless people locking up common property happens in neighboring houses, not in ours.

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The security guard is remote.

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Something like this.

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Lying on the couch, working.

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The okspahi's job sounds like a lot of fun.)

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Yeah, on Peekaboo.

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I'm sitting, working. And this is what's interesting: why a penny coin in the right nostril fits, and the left - no?

Hide Show +68 Author avatar Hahaker 18 May 2021

Trying to figure out how the left nostril could fit into the right...

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Yeah, it's weird. Your nostrils are narrow. I just put a five-ruble in there.

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You've got fat fingers, I'm guessing.

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Did you stick it out? Or is it still up your nose?

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Are you hiding your paycheck? ))))

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How the fuck do you come up with that?

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You're a real hotshot profession.

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Are you a right-handed person?

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Programmers don't fucking go around changing keyboards for motherfuckers, programmers write code.

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Hide Show +12 Author avatar MP1980 18 May 2021

That's what you think.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar technopenetrator 18 May 2021

That's what it is. Just because it's not true at some degradation firm doesn't mean it's true everywhere.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar carbofoserman 18 May 2021

Thanks man, before your comment I didn't know what the fuck was going on with the programmer. Now at least I'll know that in the world of guards, programming means changing keyboards.

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What's a kopi luwak? Explain it to an illiterate!

Hide Show +3 Author avatar technopenetrator 18 May 2021

A special kind of coffee. The fruit of the coffee tree is eaten by local macaques, sucked out, then these beans are forged out of the shit and sold for a lot more than regular coffee.


I actually use that as a more polite substitute for the "popey shit" meme.

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I'd say copy-paste.)

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Well, it happens, our cleaning ladies start work at 6:00 pm and the faster they wash, the faster they go home, may talk, may not talk.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar shurin82 17 May 2021

And they have a budget, from 8:00 to 17:00.

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I used to work for a state company, I was an access control system administrator. Once I went to look at the logs, and saw an interesting thing that I did not know before. Everyone works from 8:30, cleaners from 6, so when the rest of the employees come to wash everything. And they leave at about 2 p.m., leaving only a few people on duty.

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What's gonna happen to the railroad? It's an iron railway - it was laid 200 years ago, so let it lie there. No, it's the railway workers who need it the most: they're always doing something. It's not a tile in Moscow.

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You're wrong. Tile ejection, the pattern, faulty switches, that's just a small part of it. If you don't keep an eye on it, derailment is assured, casualties are assured.

Hello to the railroad men of M.V.R. 9.

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In glory?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar 4drift 18 May 2021

Beware the living! Life for Ner-zul!

Hide Show +44 Author avatar moonadept 18 May 2021
Hide Show +4 Author avatar alfkaluga 18 May 2021

They wouldn't just take a man to the track for no reason. You have to graduate from a technical school.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar ddk4 18 May 2021

You'll get your fourth bit before the second bit.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Danka0142 19 May 2021

It costs 6,000 rubles and a couple of weeks of lectures.

All the safety stuff fits into three rules:

1) watch your step and watch your step

2) stay away from the tracks and everything that moves along them

3) if point 2 is not possible, see point 1.

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Called my profession (signaling system) a shit, all right.)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SeregaSP 18 May 2021

They're already recruiting jamshuts, they probably don't have a tech.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar WarOwner 18 May 2021

How often do whips go out?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar TuzIzReituz 19 May 2021

What did the joints do to them? And now there are blowouts.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar barroyz 18 May 2021

I don't have that information.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Yalash 18 May 2021

You're so stuffy.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Topsla 18 May 2021

The Kalanchevskaya-Kurskaya line will be cooler than the tiles. It's been 10 years, and they're still doing something grandiose. And when will this construction stop who knows ...

Hide Show +1 Author avatar oleggaf 18 May 2021

Sobyanin's diameter is being built.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar ManBeerBeard 18 May 2021

Come on, that's where the action started in the summer of '19.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar sergey1172 18 May 2021

That's how they've been repairing the hydroelectric dam for as long as I can remember.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 3Dfsd2021 18 May 2021

Even though the rails are iron, they're still wearing out.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar godamned 18 May 2021

They're steel.

The only iron pole in India, and it's only 98% iron.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar 3Dfsd2021 18 May 2021

All right, all right, they're steel.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Muakus 18 May 2021

Yeah, and it's rotten underneath.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Volksam 18 May 2021

I waste energy even in my sleep, only no one notices.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Veveds 18 May 2021

To understand all this requires experience, many people simply do not have it.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar mr.Leo 18 May 2021

I have not worked on demolition, moving, tile laying and other work, I did not even realize how much effort people put into it all. I do not talk about serious work where expensive equipment and experts are ordered. Or when you look at palaces, bridges, stadiums... Carved staircases, kitchens, etc.

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I learnt it when I worked in different places within the same company. Very enlightening. Don't dare say that again.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar mairon 19 May 2021

What the fuck is wrong with peekaboo, plus a stupid joke, seriously discussing its content, and writing about how my comment is offensive?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar TPAKTOPIICT 21 May 2021

Bullshit! Those fucking trains, they close the crossing every 30 minutes.

P.S.: But the work of a railway worker, of course, is not sugar and requires good health.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar gayarsenic 19 May 2021

And when you start explaining all the pitfalls, you often do not even listen. "Oh, what are you telling me, here I am."

+86 Author avatar Nokery 18 May 2021

When I was working as a driller, I had a pumper on my watch. He kept looking at the drivers and machinists, like they're sitting in the warmth, turning the wheel and sticking the gears in. I'd have to go to the transport shop.

he got the job in July. Then there were 9 months of Yamal winters. He had seen enough street machinery repairs in any weather and somehow he did not start such talks any more.

+35 Author avatar HotNurse83 18 May 2021

Surgeons think that therapists don't do a fucking thing, therapists are sure that surgeons are lazy assholes and don't do a fucking thing. And intensive care specialists think that both internists and surgeons don't do a fucking thing and that it's up to the intensive care specialists to sort it all out. Life.

Hide Show +40 Author avatar agentmalder 18 May 2021

and only the pathologist is zen and doesn't envy anyone)

Hide Show +20 Author avatar ZZOO1KZ 18 May 2021

Pathanatomy is a fucking tough discipline. The stereotype that a pathologist only cuts up corpses has nothing to do with reality. I've got a sister who's been in the profession for 15 years. It's a very nerve-racking and demanding job. They mostly examine samples taken from patients who are still alive. And whether these patients will live on depends on the pathologist's report. He decides whether to cut or medicate, or fuck it, it's too late.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar s8ar0g 18 May 2021

That's how the morgue gives out the results of the tissue examination.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar ZZOO1KZ 18 May 2021

A biopsy is a method of examination in which cells or tissues are taken from the body at the time of death for diagnostic or research purposes. A biopsy is a mandatory method of confirming a diagnosis when cancer is suspected.

The subject is pathological anatomy.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Arelik 18 May 2021

He has the quietest and most relaxed clientele.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar Ar2dis 18 May 2021

So surgeons are lazy asses. They learn how to sew red to red, white to white, all black in a bucket. And then they think they're medical gurus. Any butcher at the market will do just as well.)

Hide Show +22 Author avatar ZZOO1KZ 18 May 2021

Three people got together: a German, a Frenchman and a Kazakh. German says:

- Our medicine has come to the point where a man's legs were cut off by a streetcar, so doctors sewed his legs back on and he became a running champion.

The Frenchman replies:

- My friend's lungs got rotten from cigarettes, but our doctors implanted lungs and he became a world champion in swimming.

The Kazakh thinks about it and says:

- That's what, our shepherd was eaten by wolves, only his ass and ears are left.

The German and the Frenchman stared:

- И?!

Kazakh responded:

- Our doctors stitched his ears to his ass, now he is an akim in Shymkent...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar SurlyOgre 18 May 2021

From Blaviken

+530 Author avatar KSpy 17 May 2021

This example vividly illustrates the "survivor's mistake". Also from a driver's point of view, the barrier at the railway crossing is always down.

Hide Show +387 Author avatar Valtec 17 May 2021

I'm just being clear, guys, what's the barrier for?

Hide Show +256 Author avatar argyn.atikeev 17 May 2021

They say he crossed the road for a serious man.

Hide Show +114 Author avatar Deathman 17 May 2021

He blocked the road, so to speak.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar antonran 18 May 2021

He made a four-bone mistake.

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Orlenko.vitaly 18 May 2021

I don't know, some kind of German.

bald and with ducks.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar MaxAlly 18 May 2021

Are you sure it's German? :)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Orlenko.vitaly 18 May 2021

Why not?

Hide Show +130 Author avatar kloperist 18 May 2021

Why "survivor error"? There are better terms, like selective perception.

Hide Show +53 Author avatar JongalliA 18 May 2021

Because a couple of months ago, someone mentioned the term "Survivor's Error" in a blown up post or comment and it went viral. It used to be like no one knew about it, but now they're shoving it everywhere all the time.

Hide Show +84 Author avatar kurilko 18 May 2021

The term is very old and has been used on Pikaboo for a very long time.

Your conclusion confirms the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

Hide Show +32 Author avatar Dhoyn 18 May 2021

Bender-Meincraft, you mean?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Akrolamp 19 May 2021

The Benebsdich Cyberwatch phenomenon.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar jessgenius 19 May 2021

Systematic survivor error.

It is a special case of the theory of systematic analysis of data sets, which can be described by the phrase: a kind of systematic selection error, characterized by the presence of enough information on the group of survivors, and the absence, or insufficient amount of information on the group of the dead

Hide Show +4 Author avatar urubakip 18 May 2021

And what about the obligation of every pikabushnik to write about Bandera-Meinkampf, if he sees a post about water, water he drank this morning for example?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Dreny 18 May 2021

I've seen mentions on peekaboo not a few and thousands of times.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar mamoru13 18 May 2021

They used to shove Dunning-Krueger everywhere.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar afroremont 20 May 2021

And Tourette's-Huyrette's.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar MeduzaGorgona 18 May 2021

Doesn't fit the term here.

Hide Show +9 Author avatar kloperist 18 May 2021

Why not?

And does "survivor error" really fit here?

Hide Show +62 Author avatar Degash 18 May 2021

Because "selective perception" implies that the observer sees two different outcomes ("smoking," "knocking") but notices only one ("smoking"). And "survivor error" is precisely that the observer sees only one outcome and has no information about the statistics for the other outcome.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Junics 18 May 2021

Because it is survivor error, not selective perception?

Hide Show +7 Author avatar EvaMartina 18 May 2021

This example in no way illustrates survivor error.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar KSpy 18 May 2021

Why, if only the survivor's (driver's) experience is taken into account, then trackmen don't work, they just smoke. That's the point of the concept.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar kvarkicn 18 May 2021

No. Survivor error is if all the machinists who saw the workers working died or were rendered speechless.

It's systematic selection error, "a poll on a Yandex page showed that 100% of those surveyed use the Internet."

Hide Show +2 Author avatar KhaelDragon 19 May 2021

It's not a survivor's error, you're sick of it in every post. Cognitive distortions abound. It's a generalization of particular cases and selective perception.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Ducklol 19 May 2021

Barrier, you bitch!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar DemoniKsataNa 18 May 2021

More like Einstein's assertion that everything depends on point of view. (He's talking about the theory of relativity.)

Hide Show +6 Author avatar VanRaygo 18 May 2021

About points of view, Einstein also said:

If my theory of relativity is confirmed, the Germans will say I am a German and the French will say I am a citizen of the world; but if my theory is disproved, the French will declare me a German and the Germans a Jew.

+20 Author avatar Graycie 17 May 2021

And if a maneuvering train stops nearby, they'll keep smoking until it leaves. Or until they're fucking sick of cigarettes.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar haruokko 18 May 2021


Hide Show +7 Author avatar Lomenzo 18 May 2021

The dispatcher won't let them get on the track beforehand, if the shunting train has to stop at that time. They'll go somewhere else.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Danka0142 19 May 2021

They're more likely to ask the driver how long he'll be standing and either fuck off or agree with the driver to honk before moving and keep fucking around.

Engineers work with the train on the tracks all the time.

+17 Author avatar pikvadrat 18 May 2021

It's winter. Russia. The 30s. Hunger. The frost of -30. A poorly dressed boy with a bundle of brushwood runs across the yard, followed by a janitor in a hat and jacket.

The boy runs and thinks: "No, you can't do that. I am from a good family, I want to learn, to develop myself. I want to be like my favorite writer Ernest Hemingway - manly, strong... I want to fish on the beaches of Cuba. I don't want to run away from the janitors in this city.

Cuba. It's hot. Ernest Hemingway, manly and strong indeed, is sitting on the beach, drinking rum from his throat, surrounded by hot Cuban women. Hemingway thinks, "No, this is not life. There's no heroism here. The people don't need anything, it's hot 24 hours a day, their brains are melting, the women are fat. If only I were in chilly Paris with my friend Andre Morua, we could drink some good French wine, light a fireplace, and talk about eternal things until nightfall.

Paris. It's chilly, it's been raining for a week. André Morois is sitting in his attic, drinking his third bottle of cognac, and two Parisian women are dozing in bed. Morua scolds himself and says: "No, this is not life. This decadence of some kind. A simulation. If I were now in cold Voronezh, I would find my friend, the great writer Andrei Platonov, we would immediately have a hundred grams of real Russian vodka, and immediately we would be closer to eternity ... That's - life."

Voronezh. Winter. Frost. Hunger. Andrei Platonov, wearing a hat and a teal shirt, rushes through the Voronezh courtyard behind a boy and thinks: "B**! I'll catch up with him, I'll fucking kill him."

+37 Author avatar lBoneSl 18 May 2021

That's how many people see any job, saying, "They're just doing 'money', while I'm at work, I don't have time to drink coffee or smoke 10 times, or get enough time to sleep."

P. S. a railway worker's job is hell, you work in any weather and even at 30+ and - 30, they take you to such a kilometer and you have fun all day long.

My father warned me not to study at the university, I will work on the tracks (the railway went through the village).

Hide Show +14 Author avatar hrrr 18 May 2021

When I was a student, I went in summer to work as a railway worker, I liked it. In fact, the work is very diverse, especially if it's not a major repair, but local. Among the hand tools used were track hammers, pawls, checks (I'm too lazy to search for the correct name, funny iron levers), spades in addition to the usual ones, and "suflyazhnye", which are needed to shovel ballast under the sleeper, darners - devices for trampling ballast, pliers for pulling sleepers, ordinary crowbars, chisels for cutting down nuts, wrenches, jacks for 40 tons. And it's all so big, so heavy, so real! From electric ones: rail saw, which saws not with disc, but with stretched blade, making reciprocating motion, drill (to drill holes in rail for bolts), sleeper-drills (similar to motor-drill, only it does not drill, but simply vibrates). There were also several types of measuring tools, but I was not lucky enough to use them. In general, if not long, it is very interesting and varied.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Chug 18 May 2021

And what about "shit" - graphite, chops for sleepers, carts to carry tools along rails, end track wrenches to screw bolts into sleepers?

Hide Show +2 Author avatar hrrr 18 May 2021

The cart was of course, a cool thing with wooden brake shoes)) and the small ones that roll on one rail, I just saw, but I myself have not used. And the bolts have never been twisted, it's probably only on concrete? Chopikov and graphite, too, I do not know.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Chug 18 May 2021

Well, I was a track fitter in the subway. We had wooden sleepers, that's why everything was

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Danka0142 19 May 2021

I was lucky! When I was on a construction crew on the railway, we only had crowbars and keys with shovels. Sometimes we had to use paws instead of crowbars.

+11 Author avatar lordexelsior 18 May 2021

It was on Pikabu several years ago. How they were changing sleepers. You'd get tired watching it.

+191 Author avatar radistoleg 17 May 2021

Like a fire, you'd quit.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Nolemocij 18 May 2021

Hide Show +19 Author avatar asmodey133 18 May 2021

A man gets a job as a fireman. A month later he meets a friend who asks him how he's doing.

- You know, not bad. I get a decent salary, pay on time, rations, uniforms...

Again, the guys are good, we watch TV, play checkers, dominoes... But when there's a fucking fire, you have to quit!

+25 Author avatar Shmyax007 18 May 2021

>20 years on the railroad. And even when I first got the job, this joke was already bearded.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar AZZiAT 18 May 2021

I'm lucky I'm not 20+ years on the railroad. I laughed.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Jaseema 18 May 2021

Classmates moved here a long time ago, do not be surprised. Soon the songs of Red Mildew will be posted.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar vgna654 18 May 2021

I don't mind those songs.

+10 Author avatar Dewertor 17 May 2021

I was born on the ferry,

From thermoses and cans I was fed

And sniffed creosote and thought with a pooter

I'm gonna get lucky

And sniffed the creosote and thought it was puteur

I'm gonna get lucky

I used to go on my rounds on weekends

And I used to run the trains in the aisles

With a yellow folded flag on my stub break

I smoked and I was happy...

I was happy

Oh, with a yellow flag rolled up on a stub's smoke break

Smoked and was pretty happy


Knock, knock, knock, the railroad tracks are knocking

It's the sound that's dearer than any song we've ever heard.

And even if the hump yells and the master doesn't give time

We're still going forward...

On the motorman

Knock, knock, knock, the trackmen are banging along the tracks

And it's a sound dearer than any song we've ever heard,

Even if the hump yells and the master doesn't give time

We're going forward all the same

Oh, you chequers-moderons

Here you won't hear a sigh or a moan

Men work here

Even though it's a hard day's work

But they're healthy and strong

Men work here

They work hard, but they're healthy and strong

And to rest, it's the whole brigade!

And the whole village must be glad

When all the MFs, MFs, SHFs and NGFs are out and about

And no one's working at all!


Russia, my mother,

Everywhere you turn there's no end in sight

And all over the country

Jaundice here and there

Boys go up and down the tracks

And all over the country

Yellows and yellows here and there

Boys go on the rails

Hide Show +4 Author avatar ManBeerBeard 18 May 2021

Shit, they forgot about the trackmen again.

+5 Author avatar Almaata 18 May 2021

Railroad workers always have a job - at the very least, they rip up grass near the tracks.)

+3 Author avatar Nofate1 18 May 2021

On the other hand: you can't be afraid to leave a bad job.

+3 Author avatar 4edrik 18 May 2021

It's like with the bosses. Just fucking sit down to take a breath - they appear.

+3 Author avatar kostenbay 17 May 2021

I also wanted to write that is very vital, I saw a similar comment, but wrote anyway.)

+2 Author avatar Doberman273 18 May 2021

I know a railroad worker. He works like this: there's a two-hour "window" (when they don't let the trains into the section they're repairing), and the whole crew uses sledgehammers. Then they smoke for an hour and a half. Then the first lunch break (but it may be shifted to later, if they give a window again). After lunch - same thing, you can smoke until 4 pm or fuck with a sledgehammer - it all depends on the number of those same "windows. But in his words - for a 12-hour shift, half the time - it's order, a smoke break, lunch, and the road to the base and back.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Danka0142 19 May 2021

But sometimes you come to the window at 6 p.m. and work there till 7 a.m. with one minute breaks while the train is moving from place to place.

+2 Author avatar Zurrrrg 18 May 2021

As a driver's assistant I confirm that when we're not moving, they're just standing there, smoking))

+2 Author avatar cnpym 17 May 2021

Who ain't worked as a trackman

never seen a day in his life...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Holodranez 17 May 2021

I spent two months of my life in 1991. I was hammering and changing rails. Volkhovstroy-1

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Almaata 18 May 2021

PMS-69, sledgehammer operator on the line)

+2 Author avatar SergDiesel 17 May 2021

Imagine the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok. Multiply it by 10. That will be the beard of the joke.

+1 Author avatar ClintEastwood74 18 May 2021

It's like that firemen joke:

A guy gets a job in the fire department, works for a month, and meets his friend. He says, "Come on, tell me, how do you work? Man: I'm fine, I read books, watch movies. I work out at a gym and get all sorts of free exercise equipment. I play chess with my colleagues. I can sleep during the day! But if there's a fire, you have to quit.

+1 Author avatar likemotors 18 May 2021

It's like they say: the dick is always thicker in someone else's hands.

+1 Author avatar 18billion 18 May 2021

I found this video once. Fuck me first - what a fucking strong and tough dude, he'd probably tie me in a knot with one hand, even though he's a head shorter than me. Second - how the fuck he works, it's very hard. Thirdly, what conditions he sometimes has to work in. And now, working at school, I see signs like "go to programmers, managers, businessmen". And the fact that there is such a hard and thankless job - is not reported. And the people who work at it are not appreciated. And modern equipment is not available everywhere, many places where such dudes work. And there will be a lot of pain, and with the joints, the back is fucked up, creosote probably has some other effect.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Danka0142 19 May 2021

The saddest thing about this is that track workers get a HUGE FUCKING increase in pay for hard work, as much as 4 percent. At least where I've worked

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 18billion 19 May 2021

Well, people have this logic - the work can be learned quickly, everyone will do it so you don't have to pay much for it. And the fact that you work like a fucking nigger for a penny and the turnover rate is huge - no one gives a fuck.

0 Author avatar LonelyTree 18 May 2021

That reminds me.

0 Author avatar Manul2020 19 May 2021

That's kind of the stereotype that living abroad is just perfect.

0 Author avatar anclevalico 19 May 2021

What's the tripod for? Is it recording a blog?

0 Author avatar Glasseskit 20 May 2021

Apparently a continuation of the post title. :crimson gap)

0 Author avatar De1Maza 18 May 2021

Who worked as a railroader, he does not laugh and I am not amused, but sad at heart 😋

0 Author avatar sergey1172 18 May 2021

This is how we repair the hydroelectric dam, as long as I can remember?

0 Author avatar Bu1ik 18 May 2021

When I was a kid I used to take the electric train and like any other Soviet kid I liked to look out the window. And every time the train passed a crossing, I thought, why the barrier is always closed? Why am I so unlucky? Just once, I wish I could get to an open barrier.

And yes, I was basically a smart kid. ))

0 Author avatar Robert80 19 May 2021

First of all, not a sledgehammer, but a hammer.

0 Author avatar Kostia4224 19 May 2021

The trackmen are working machines, they tighten the nuts with their bare hands in freezing temperatures.

0 Author avatar alexandr.mishin 19 May 2021

I don't want to piss myself laughing.

0 Author avatar chemicalrr 18 May 2021

There's a fourfold difference in salary, so it's an incorrect comparison. + Smoking in summer and winter are two different things

0 Author avatar SovetSonic 19 May 2021

Oh, that's so funny. Again the best of the last 10 years dug up from the anecdot ru...

0 Author avatar brednyasha 18 May 2021

There are a lot of stories like this in IT, like they fire the sysadmin because he's not doing anything.

0 Author avatar Milarepa 18 May 2021

That's how my uncle left the machinists. About 10 years he was in the shuffle and decided that it was better to go back to work as a machinist.

0 Author avatar awerpool 18 May 2021

Oh, Captain Obvious started posting jokes!

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Fanattt575 18 May 2021

That's a good one, you know, stand back and don't interrupt, I'm writing it down.