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I'm trying to get some sleep on a Sunday morning. My upstairs neighbors:

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The mod nerd it is.

Except it's not the European Championship, because Chiesa came on as a substitute, which means he couldn't sing the anthem at first

Nerd mod off.

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This is European Championship 2019 u-21. The match against Poland.

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It`s definitely not European Championship 2020, besides it`s the youth team on the photo, which is confirmed by Kutrone and Orsolini.

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I know the name of the boy in the green t-shirt in the middle.)

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Actually an important piece of information, or I might have started looking for a moment

+43 Author avatar ilyaah 13 June 2021

Where did the tradition of throwing the kids out on the field with the soccer players come from?

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At the very beginning of soccer matches, before the national team anthem is played, children enter the field with the players. This old tradition symbolizes the continuity of the sport. The appearance of young players on the field motivates them and thousands of their peers to give their all in training to the maximum, so that later they also have the opportunity to wear the uniform of the national team.

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If I were 10 years old, I would hold hands with Ronaldo or Messi - I would shit my pants. Even with Dzyuba...

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Well, with Dzyuba it depends on what hand🤷♂️

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Nobody jerks off except Dzyuba.

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You'd think you don't jerk off like your friends whose hands you touch.

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That's how they are to each other.

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Exactly for that one!

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From our soccer players, because they can only beat the kids.

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They play the same way you write).

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The tag "European Championship" is superfluous. This shot is not from a European Championship match. Federico Chiesa is in the center and was not in the start of the European Championship match.

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It's a shot from the European Championship, but only from the Youth Championship.

+15 Author avatar DoctorJelly 14 June 2021

I had a colleague who came to work because of the soccer with a lot of breath, fell into a trance on the table and I had to replace her for the rest of the day.... and the rest of the day is ten hours.

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But she had a good rest, and you'll work, it's not hard, is it?

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It's not because of soccer, it's because of the character of a colleague. She should be told she doesn't want to work, don't do it, let her quit.

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Let's join me as a colleague, I'll also kick dicks, and you do the work for me, you're good at it.)

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You called me)

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Most importantly sincere. I even envy you.

+4 Author avatar Denkode 14 June 2021

Upstairs... Here I have neighbors from below. Should there be less problems? But the apartment is without ambience at all, because the acoustics are amplified. They can half the night some global problems to discuss (the words though not understandable, but the tone is very serious, at the usual time, their conversations are interrupted by minute bursts of laughter), and in the morning, from about five, begin to wander, and I was one floor above, I hear the creaking of the floor. They often wander until eight or nine. And the floor creaks and the chairs shuffle...

I'm a lark myself, but they make me cringe.

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By the way, I don't like people who talk so loudly that you can hear them from 10 meters away. They should have some kind of fine for breaking the silence.

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My neighbor orgasms in the morning so that it seems as if they cut off her arm or leg with a dull saw. I wish they'd put a gag in her mouth.

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Surely there are those who envy you, and her) Yes, and a special ball - a gag such a wild nature can and uses

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When I sang karaoke in my apartment all night and my neighbor wouldn't let me sleep in the morning.