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Idea for the office

I found this picture from the office. I don't know about efficiency, but I would use red ones during normal times.

Green - don't mind hugs and high fives
Yellow - don't mind talking, but against touching
Red - prefer to keep my distance

+456 Author avatar Nomadkaa 21 June 2021

Oh, it's the bracelets, and I'm reading and I can't figure out what the pasta in the plates has to do with it.

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Excuse me, waiter! Why does my Doshirak say something about greatness and America?

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Because it has Mexican sauce in it.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar perforatop 22 June 2021

Also, he fired me even though I don't even work.

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I thought it was pasta, too. Like you put red ones in the cafeteria and everyone knows it's better not to sit at your table.

Hide Show +31 Author avatar donkuzen 22 June 2021

Nah, like you take one pasta in your mouth so the tip hangs out and walk around the office like that.)

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And you suck the souls out of those who broke the touching rule through that macaroni.

Hide Show +18 Author avatar Tinsa 21 June 2021

I was tossing and turning between macaroni and squid rings.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar greenKrok 22 June 2021

I thought it was neck laces.

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Did you try the macaroni at the soup kitchen, it didn't taste good, I mean the bracelets?

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What if there were condoms?

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The point of wristbands is for everyone to see them. I'm afraid condoms would be a little awkward. At least not for peeps.

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I thought it was licorice.

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Cause someone's gonna say yum, yum, yum.

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Yum, yum, yum.

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Oh, I thought it was an owl.

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I thought it was a canteen and they choose the color of the macaroni depending on whether or not they want to be eaten with it. :D

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I actually thought it was shoelaces and that you'd fuckin' change them every time.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar paradox5800 22 June 2021

Get it with ketchup or cheese! Spinach, not so good.

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The yellow ones are squid rings!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar StariyRomantic 22 June 2021

I thought they were marmalade sugar worms.

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Don't you want to talk about pastfarianism?)

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And I thought marmalade))

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Not bracelets, but collars.

+167 Author avatar smertelniyTigr 21 June 2021

By the law of life, no one would hug me even if I had two green bracelets on each arm.

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"Have you seen yourself? Be glad they didn't shoot you right away."

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That's a very familiar phrase, I was literally watching something with it the other day. Where did it come from?

Hide Show +66 Author avatar loxmatiy 21 June 2021

Probably on a bash:


28.08.2012 в 10:46

Talking about new metal concerts.

xxx: once sashka dragged me to the janes port. i was standing at the slam and am amused, how cool people unleash their energy. positively. I'm standing right in the slam, and I'm thinking, "Oh, it's so cool, and it's so positive," he says.

yyy: Kiryukh, did you see your dimensions?! You're lucky they didn't start shooting at you...

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Have you tried two bracelets each? Left one yellow and red, right one red and green. Make them think about traffic lights.

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There's a lot of fuckin' testers out there! Come here for a hug!

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Sklyanskiy 22 June 2021

What the fuck are you doing, asshole? You want to hug me? I'll hug you myself, motherfucker!

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Kakoev.Amdello 22 June 2021

Colleague, health to your family, come here, employee of the month! А? You see a green bracelet and you want to talk to me? You fragrant perfume, health to your family again, huh? Well, come here, try to hug me, I'll hug you myself, you regular on the honor board, the chief's favorite, blessed be you! Come here, I'll give you and your whole family a five-penny, you dog shit, you stinking, stinking, shit, bitch, you bastard! Come here, you scumbag, scoundrel, bastard, come here, you shit, DALTONIC!

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When I was a student, there was a joke: coming up to a randomly smoking man in the street and tapping his right hand on the left wrist (where the clock should be), asking "Is there a smoke?" The man was lost for about five seconds and then began to get a cigarette or look at the time)))

Such a good prank)))

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Red dominates, which means, "OK, fuck you, unless you're a granny with fucking delicious pies or a fucking sexy chick who doesn't mind rocking out in a private setting". It should work with women too... theoretically.

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Traffic light means joking motherfucker.

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Hide Show +8 Author avatar Bonifatsii 22 June 2021

On the other hand, if I wore red bracelets on both hands, I'm sure the huggers, kisses on the cheek, and handshakes would simply "not notice" the bracelets or my disgruntled face.

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Then you have to take the third red bracelet, and tighten it eloquently around the neck of the hugger, until the colors of the bracelet and the face are a perfect match.

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As always, the comments on Pikaboo are cooler than the posts.

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Is everyone around me going to be red all at once?

+84 Author avatar BrunnenJew 21 June 2021

Lonely guy in the corner with six green rubber bands on his arm )

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Oh, so it's a rubber band on his arm! I thought it was a dick ring .

Hide Show +32 Author avatar LaCoke 21 June 2021

Not now, wait for corporate.

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How can you be single if the arm bracelet was used as a dick ring?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar PReffectMi 22 June 2021

I didn't wear shackles, no experience in identifying such.

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Squid rings dyed.

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Lonely girl in opposite corner with ten red ones)

+57 Author avatar nekko9 21 June 2021

Green - don't mind hugging and high-fivingYellow - don't mind talking but don't mind touchingRed - prefer to keep my distance


+151 Author avatar Gospell 21 June 2021

Where's the 'Why the fuck did you come here, motherfucker?

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Povysheva approves.

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Hide Show +12 Author avatar keksikman 21 June 2021

An oral fixation bracelet?

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It's just a choker, I don't know why everybody got so excited.

Hide Show +48 Author avatar hardom 21 June 2021

They were all taken, the photo was taken during working hours, there are bracelets that weren't taken.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar Gospell 21 June 2021

That's right.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Alex3791 21 June 2021

These are four red bracelets for all hands and all legs.

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Where's the "I want to fuck you when I see you" bracelet?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar HolyMaryJane 22 June 2021

Rainbow bracelets?

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Hide Show +1 Author avatar KakoeToTaM 22 June 2021

Russian Post took it all away.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar kospov 21 June 2021

There's a strap-on under the table for that.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar raven1234 21 June 2021

Judging by the trend of colors, they are only visible in the infrared spectrum.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar AngerNorth 21 June 2021

Downstairs in the lobby, at the reception desk, they give out to visitors)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BblcMopkHacMoPka 21 June 2021

They're black.

Hide Show +12 Author avatar urtow 21 June 2021

I know, but where are the bracelets?

Hide Show +9 Author avatar Karshoy 21 June 2021

They don't shackle their own negroes these days.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar Ramhass 21 June 2021

So you can still shackle other people's negroes?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Purpleman1 21 June 2021

So it's taken...

Hide Show 0 Author avatar OhMyGoat 22 June 2021

Better yet, "go fuck yourself."

+35 Author avatar Tylenyushka 21 June 2021

For standard time:

Green, ready for coffee and conversation

Yellow, distract, but only for business

Red, very busy, please don't distract me

For open space, you could also put similar things on the desks so you don't have to look at your hands. Because when colleagues start looking for someone to have a coffee with/talk to, I always have to make a serious face, so they don't come up at all.

+24 Author avatar NormoSPB 21 June 2021

Where's the blue, "Ready to get fucked up" one?

Hide Show +36 Author avatar Natr0 21 June 2021

It's only in badge form.

+21 Author avatar Krakaziabrik 21 June 2021

I need two more colors.

♪ 1) fuck you ♪

2) give me a hug and pity me.

Hide Show +16 Author avatar ShutupuFM 21 June 2021

What happened to "I'd fuck you"?

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Yajenyashka 22 June 2021

3) Hug me, feel sorry for me, and then go fuck yourself.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar 9Izva 22 June 2021

This should be in the form of a SEAL...

+14 Author avatar Agnas 21 June 2021

"I'm not actually wearing a hugging bracelet for you."

+10 Author avatar hede 21 June 2021

Yes, this would be in all cities on the streets and you would see people would be kinder, immediately it would be clear who wants a hug and who better not to touch.

Hide Show +25 Author avatar fakebear 21 June 2021

Young man, the green bracelet on your left hand is not for you, it's red on your right hand.

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+7 Author avatar YongMaxx 21 June 2021

О. That's the same method I used to suggest to fight "scum" in the bathroom.

Not the bracelets, but the food coloring. Everyone is responsible for his own color.

Hide Show +20 Author avatar SinskayaFauna 21 June 2021

(That is, to eat someone else's lunch will be a matter of sports honor)) parallel with the possibility of secretly peddling fecal bleaching drug and leak the management list of buyers, as well as leak information to people that the list of buyers leak, and, having achieved a wave of liberation movement, which buys bleach in droves to mislead the leadership, to invent another marker, not a visual. At the end write a memo to head office that this one is all mired in bullshit and related topics, have everyone fired and put me as director. Lots of moves from the point.

Hide Show +10 Author avatar VI.Thallium 22 June 2021

Fuck, they make better fucking movies about super-duper crooks now than I just read.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar rr.nn 21 June 2021

Sorry, that's a close second to blockchain. ProofOfDefecation so to speak...

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Uanatarou 21 June 2021

Every morning employees take a pill with an individual code number, each one giving a special trace in the analysis (not necessarily visually distinguishable).

Anyone who sees (employee, cleaner) an unwashed toilet and/or rock painting is photographed (to calculate the subsequent "payout"), takes the analysis in a jar (in a locker immediately at hand) and takes it to the lab. The asshole is calculated, and a slice of poocoin is given to him, depending on the severity, as well as the abundance and area of coverage. For one whole coin you can (and should) upgrade one stall, or anything else available in the toilet.

+21 Author avatar AlexJuk 21 June 2021

Give me some red ones. A lot of them.

UPD Wait. What if you put all three on? Or green and red (and other combinations)?

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Hide Show +16 Author avatar Gospell 21 June 2021

Then it's a tri-polar.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar GrafindeVolt 21 June 2021

Then the traffic light...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar LeReve 21 June 2021

will extend to the part of the body where you put the bracelet on.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar yeks 21 June 2021

And if three is already LGBT. You will be hugged by more than just everyone.

Hide Show -2 Author avatar 21 June 2021

Three colors, call an ambulance, please.

+7 Author avatar Lex.New086 21 June 2021
Hide Show +7 Author avatar G.Wisdom 21 June 2021

Green yes, yellow yes, but not with you, red no

Hide Show +10 Author avatar Bugagak 21 June 2021

Red is with the Sith.

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+8 Author avatar bugagashi 21 June 2021

Yeah, I know those ideas. You wear red and all the cholerics get all "why are you so distant?"

+2 Author avatar MOGILS 22 June 2021

Especially with all-male companies.

+2 Author avatar eu9ene 22 June 2021

After a while, the same author: "Pikabu, help, girls do not give, with me no one is friends, how I spent the new year / birthday alone. Some people still have trouble understanding that these things are interconnected.)

+2 Author avatar NeoDakhi 21 June 2021

And if it's a dress code, you can't really see the bracelet under your shirt. Must mask, as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or tape on his forehead different colors to see from a distance and for sure! Just thinking out loud...

+5 Author avatar jaaru 21 June 2021

I was thinking it might be a good idea to make these dating bracelets.

Like if you wear it on your left hand, you're ready to meet somebody.

The color could indicate the age category, so that 30-year-old guys don't accidentally approach 16-year-old girls

There'd be a lot of rules to follow, though.

And a code like that - you take a person's number even if you don't like him, then you either call him back or not, but the person wouldn't give up trying and wouldn't be embarrassed and there would be less awkward moments

It would be nice to do some "islands of acquaintance" in shopping malls, in food courts, special tables for those who are looking )) but it's more complicated, purely in public to sit down to a pretty girl... well, this )))

So all in all not a bad idea.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar nerusski 22 June 2021

Thirteen years ago at the Bash tried to make this theme with white bracelets. Of course, everything went quiet.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Nerskiy 22 June 2021

Now it was a shame)).

Hide Show 0 Author avatar jaaru 22 June 2021

I'm 31 in a month.


Hide Show +1 Author avatar hellsq 22 June 2021

What's so casual about it?

+6 Author avatar Prof.Fortran 21 June 2021

Man, that's some bullshit. Let's make it more specific, like, "Ready for some no-strings-attached fucking...

Hide Show +3 Author avatar camellol 22 June 2021

...but not with you.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Prof.Fortran 22 June 2021

Let's have another one.

yes, yes, even with you.


Hide Show +2 Author avatar camellol 22 June 2021

Whoa, whoa, that color doesn't exist.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Prof.Fortran 22 June 2021

Are you sure you're a child psychologist?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Kakoev.Amdello 22 June 2021

You got me, you tongue-tied son of a bitch!

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Prof.Fortran 22 June 2021

You fucked an ultralisk. That's a new Achievement.

+3 Author avatar LaCoke 21 June 2021

Is there a white one? I just don't like colored people.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar ZhenkaOnegin 22 June 2021
+1 Author avatar LordPe4enka 22 June 2021

Like we did:

at first everyone thought it was cool and the bracelets started taking everything apart. The boxes all filled up, the bracelets all disappeared. Everyone was wearing red, yellow, and the most cheerful green. After a month, most people got bored and the bracelets disappeared from their hands. Now wears like one guy, the most stubborn introvert in the organization) I his bracelet now open the banks at home

+1 Author avatar IHappyDuck 22 June 2021

Hugs!?) Who's first?

+1 Author avatar TBelka 21 June 2021

Red, yellow, green - let's go smoke, bro!

+1 Author avatar Kostas 21 June 2021

Wrist color differentiation. Green, one koo and ding on the tsaku. Yellow-two koo. Red-y-yyyyy

+1 Author avatar poyaskoipera 21 June 2021

I want black, fuck you.

+3 Author avatar Moskalek 21 June 2021

Why is there still rubber bands in the container on the right?

+3 Author avatar northanger 21 June 2021

I love the color red, but I'd choose green. I'm a telecommuter, I can afford it.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar camellol 22 June 2021

Not enough hugs?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar northanger 22 June 2021

I don't see that many living people to throw away such a resource.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar camellol 22 June 2021

Saving up and then hugging them to death?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Kakoev.Amdello 22 June 2021

You work at the morgue?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar northanger 22 June 2021

Working remotely? Of course, in the morgue - where else?

-2 Author avatar Pelfik 21 June 2021

Isn't one of the perks of the office that you have colleagues, acquaintances, and friends to talk to? While I was sitting alone in a remote office, I felt it. The lack of communication. It is impossible to spend 8 hours without communicating with somebody.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar VisibilityHidden 21 June 2021

Six months of telecommuting. I haven't had so much joy in my life for a long time.)

Hide Show +2 Author avatar pticepoezd 22 June 2021

Not all people work in an office because they want to work in an office. Some people work solely for the money.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar irinka9577 22 June 2021

I missed the purely emotional "GETTING THERE", "FUCKING FUCK" and the like from my boss when she was reacting to fucked up tasks or jokes. Everyone in the office is on good terms with everyone, but there's no such thing as a direct lack of coworkers.

Been working remotely for exactly a year, came out in March on a 2 day from the office, 3 from home mode.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar B3MAX 22 June 2021

That's right...

0 Author avatar katty1305 21 June 2021

Red - I prefer to keep my distance. If you violate my privacy, I'll punch you in the eye with a rubber band.

+1 Author avatar Kwagga 21 June 2021

Here's a good idea for the office:

Hide Show +16 Author avatar Zebra.Art 21 June 2021
Hide Show +1 Author avatar Nik999 21 June 2021

some poster with a sneer, considering the problem of equalization in the USSR.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar yeks 21 June 2021

Who doesn't work, eats!

Hide Show -2 Author avatar pticepoezd 22 June 2021
Hide Show 0 Author avatar DmitryAR 22 June 2021

My experience tells me unequivocally that people work as hard as they can.

Increased material rewards only short-term increases in quality and productivity.

+2 Author avatar Juvess 21 June 2021

Where are the blacks "Fuck Off" "Fuck off"?

Hide Show -3 Author avatar yeks 21 June 2021

Blacks are "Kneel down oppressor."

0 Author avatar felorand 22 June 2021

Would walk around with a green one every day. Give me all your heat :3

0 Author avatar Cestclaire 22 June 2021

Oh, the same system works at some sex parties. There are bracelets for those who are looking for new acquaintances, there are bracelets for those who are not, and also a bracelet for the organizers, who you can go to for help or advice. And the most important thing is that such a system works and unlike in real life, no here really means no and no one will violate your boundaries.

0 Author avatar psychozzzzz 22 June 2021

I remember at the end of the nineties there was exactly the same theme among young people. Only on the subject of dating and stuff.

Twenty years later and voila. Idea.

0 Author avatar Zoobr 22 June 2021

I'd pull all three like a traffic light... but they wouldn't fit on my dick.

0 Author avatar karagach77 22 June 2021

Where's mine, the black ones?

0 Author avatar dunottrue 22 June 2021


# Or just "I'm a fucking BLEEP" #

0 Author avatar Ermi05 22 June 2021

It's not a new idea. But it doesn't make much sense in the office. In nightclubs it makes sense. In our city (who knows club Shippers) exactly the same way is arranged.

0 Author avatar Zaratustra 22 June 2021
0 Author avatar YuriyVB 22 June 2021

We need more black - I'm dead, do not touch me!

0 Author avatar Perpetumus 22 June 2021

At first I thought they were condoms, and I felt bad😏

0 Author avatar StrongCoffee 22 June 2021

We've had them for a year now, only no one wears them.

0 Author avatar GraniteJoe 22 June 2021

Shit, I thought they were calamari for beer.

0 Author avatar Andru123 22 June 2021

What do you put those rubber bands on?

0 Author avatar Berlin36 22 June 2021

And the black one, "fuck all you motherfuckers."

0 Author avatar bngr 21 June 2021

I had a green one, a colleague with a red one shakes my hand. I said to him: - you have a red bracelet, he says: - and this is so no one will bother me)

0 Author avatar AZZKIKR 21 June 2021

A karate kid walks into the office and everyone shuts up because he has a single wide black bracelet across his belly, which means "fuck off, bitches, I'm vicious".

0 Author avatar pukhnastyk 21 June 2021

The purple one is "scratch my back or my head. Same in return."

0 Author avatar ThoomasKinyaeff 21 June 2021

You got a black one?

-2 Author avatar zzzlojkot 21 June 2021

I was born in the Soviet Union, our people do not pull polite smiles, our people openly show attitude, just with facial expressions, and no need for any bracelets.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar pticepoezd 22 June 2021

I'll give this gentleman two cheers.

0 Author avatar iikuba 22 June 2021

Our most experienced proger/architect had a tiny usb traffic light on his desk and if it was red it was impossible to interrupt him, but he did not respond to his attempts to sit in his headset.

0 Author avatar nutertabl 22 June 2021

Oral, anal, vaginal.

0 Author avatar ref87 22 June 2021

I don't care which ear you have your skullcap on...

0 Author avatar DeadWolf2021 22 June 2021

Sometimes what's really missing is a sign that says, "I'm fucked! Don't come near me. I'm throwing discarded mice."

-2 Author avatar Kasilka 21 June 2021

I need a red rubber suit, double layered!

-3 Author avatar Ugu81 21 June 2021

Subsequently, they were dubbed "sex bracelets." According to rumor, girls who wore this jewelry implied that they were willing to engage in various acts with anyone who would remove the bracelets from their wrists. Actions ranged from hugs and kisses to sexual intercourse and were determined by the color of the bracelet.

The most common color meanings

Color Meaning

Black Sexual intercourse (in most cases in the missionary position)

Red 69

Blue Oral sex

White/Transparent Anything the "brute" desires.

Yellow Hugging

Pink Breast exposure

Green Caressing

Orange Love bites

Purple Kissing

Gold All of the above

-1 Author avatar Nakondas 21 June 2021

And the fourth option - I'm not ready to take the bracelets I don't know where they've been...

Hide Show +5 Author avatar Mazzzza 21 June 2021

They're not bracelets, they're dick rings.

-4 Author avatar R0.Nook 21 June 2021

And what's the color for "I got a satellite, MDMA and vigra before work."

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SinskayaFauna 21 June 2021

Oh, you can't express that in one color...

0 Author avatar tuktuker 21 June 2021

"Can I just die already?" My favorite bracelet...

-1 Author avatar VinceLopez 22 June 2021

I need a "I don't care what bracelet anyone has" bracelet.

-1 Author avatar Nerskiy 22 June 2021

I understand the idea for nightclubs, beaches, parties, festivals... But not in the office to cuddle... Or has the modern generation gone completely fucked up and goes to work to masturbate and cuddle?

-1 Author avatar zeablik 22 June 2021

And there's an anonymous log - where you have to indicate the time, number of wristbands and color. And sign. So the psychologist can compile your anonymous psychological profile for management.

-1 Author avatar Franklinalex 22 June 2021

In the U.S. back in 2010 girls went with these rubber bands on his hands (depending on the type of sex - depending on the color of the bracelet on the hand) so someone went with 1-2, who then with packs of rubber bands. And if you cling and tear some color - then you actually claim that kind of sex with her 🙂

-1 Author avatar MadneszRu 22 June 2021

I'll have the infrared, please, and I don't want to fucking see anybody

Or rather, no one sees me, or I know you, you're going to continue your grandfather's moonshine.

-1 Author avatar Zabugrom 22 June 2021

Me if you don't want to take any bracelets and see this whole bracelet thing as something to do with social adaptation of people with autism?

-1 Author avatar akro6ka 21 June 2021

This reminds me of Auschwitz.

-1 Author avatar 6HoldFast9 21 June 2021

What color is the "fuck you, I didn't call you" bracelet?

-3 Author avatar kotperevorot 21 June 2021

So are these rubber bands for strangling coworkers or how does it work?

Hide Show -1 Author avatar SinskayaFauna 21 June 2021

You can strangle people who aren't wearing red.