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Grand Canyon,down to the bottom

The Grand Canyon was the attraction of my dreams. I absolutely wanted to not only see it, but to spend the night in the canyon, and ideally to go down to the bottom.

Now the time had come.

For "smart guys" like me to clarify. In blue dreams it's easy to pitch a tent, but in reality "welcome to the American bureaucratic net."

To spend the night in the Grand Canyon, you need a special permit for camping inside the canyon. To get it, you have to write six months in advance to the park management by fax or attention by mail! Well, I'm not that smart and didn't write to them six months in advance. I met a family they were going rafting for 10 days on the Colorado River. They had been waiting FOUR years for permission for this trip!

For those who like where they want to park, Americans love rules and always follow them. If you illegally stop in a canyon without a permit and you get found out, I'm not your advisor here.

Two months in advance I made reservations at Mather Campground, tent space from $18. There are only a few days a month left in the two months before the trip. This campground doesn't need a permit in advance. It is within walking distance of the canyon.


If you will be at this campground you can book 1 night and be there longer. How? Make arrangements with someone and stay on their property. Ranger said please stay there, no problem. It's very easy to make arrangements, the tent space is gigantic, it can fit 6 tents freely, so shouldn't be a problem.

I stocked up on food in Vegas, don't do that. Canyon has better infrastructure than some of the big cities: a great supermarket and even a mini sports store if you forgot something and craft beer at the coffee shop. Prices are no different than Vegas. There are washers on site, shower toilets, if you want to make a fire buy a bundle of firewood for $10 nothing else.

Choice of Trekking.

Cool site where you can pick up a trekking, for yourself in the Grand Canyon, and there are a hundred hundred thousand of them:

*deleted by moderator

I only had a day trip to the Canyon. Without a campsite inside the canyon, you can't do a long trek like from Rome to Rome (that's the name of the Grand Canyon side)

My choice was the Bright Angel trekking it leads to the bottom of the canyon to the Colorado River.

This trek is not recommended to do alone and in one day. The trekking is quite serious. The elevation gain is 1200 meters one way.

The descent takes 5 hours, the ascent 7 hours.

But I had no choice, so I hit the road at 5:00 in the morning.

It should be noted that you do not write down your name anywhere and there is no ranger office where you notify that you are going. So be sure to communicate with the locals and notify as many people as possible of your plans. So that someone will catch wind of you and not go to feed the condors.

I didn't know what the water situation was on the way. Ranger said there was water, but not a sure thing. Everyone assured me you need at least a gallon per side. But in reality there were rest houses every 2 km along the way and you didn't have to worry about carrying 3 liters of water. It's hard to get lost, the Bright Angel road is one.

Don't forget you are starting an unusual trek, you are going down. That is, on the way back just begins the real track.

If you're not sure, walk to Indian Garden it's half way half way. If you don't feel nauseous and feel good go ahead. Map Mapps.mi did a great job.

I was walking alone, along the way I came across bands and asked which band I was from. I said Via Gra, but they didn't like my answer and urged me to join somebody else.

On the way back it was harder, but I was lucky in my day of travel there were clouds and the temperature was not higher than 30 degrees, while at a normal time it can go up to +40. The chance of nausea is high here, be prepared to have someone with you to hold your hair. It's not all partying to bail each other out.

At the bottom of the canyon you can swim in the Colorado River! It's incredible to swim in the river that made such a mahogany as the Grand Canyon. I miscalculated on the amount of food and on the way back I had no more food left. I did the trek in 11 hours, it was hot, but I didn't find it very challenging. But it's worth noting that I was in very good physical shape, but when you go slow and die, you will be overtaken by a brisk, American pence.

Bring snacks, fruit, something salty to keep your calories up and your energy up. Be sure to take a roll of band-aids, I forgot and wiped the pads of my heels so bad I couldn't step on them for days.

I highly recommend buying a hydrator and drinking often. A lot of people recommend drinking 1 liter an hour. I don't know if my trek took 11 hours, can I drink 11 liters? You can tell me in the comments.

But this trip was definitely worth all the effort and long flights. The Grand Canyon was trekked up and down.

Travel to all. And remember, when you, travel alone, you are alone, but you are not alone (an African-American woman runs by and waves her finger)

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The author says strange things about nausea. If you're nauseous, that's just fucked up. You don't have to hold your hair back, you have to call the rangers. Canyon is dangerous because of its ability to dehydrate. You don't notice yourself losing moisture: you hardly ever sweat there. Regularly there are signs showing how dangerous it is to go down and up one day. That if you're thirsty it's already the beginning of dehydration.

I was there in 2019, down Kaibab trail - it's shorter but no water, up Bright Angel trail. It was +40 at the very bottom in the shade of the Phantom Ranch trees. It was really hard to walk. Drinking systems and means to restore salts in the body are a must.

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On the contrary, I was told that you should drink only when you want to and must eat salts, otherwise you can get water poisoning. You drink more, even when you don't want to - the salts are eliminated faster. One of the symptoms is vomiting farther than you can see.

I only went as far as Indian Gardens myself, lay there on a bench in the shade, caught some helicopters and crawled back. I didn't get harassed about going alone, maybe because I didn't go down too deep.

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Isotonics to the rescue.

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Somewhere in the comments, a guy wrote that some in the army drank a lot of brine the night before the march to keep the salt level in the blood water and then the thirst would be less.

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I did the exact opposite in May 2019, downhill on the Bright Angel, uphill on the kebab) took 7 hours and 4 liters of water, a pack of chips. It was hot, sits just tinny. Really - nauseous, sore, dizzy - call the rangers, not ready to do that kind of trail in one day - don't go. It's hard, very hard.

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There is an acquaintance who went through hours of mountain trekking in open buckle shoes and with a big backpack on her back. That's where it was hardcore =)

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Is it realistic to walk from one side to the other in a day?

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From northern Rome to southern Rome? Only by running.

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Yeah, I've seen a lot of those - from north to south. I, however, still can not understand how they handle the situation with transport :) Unless they ask for a ride, and then return to the camp.

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There is a big track, usually spend the night at the bottom of the canyon and go further

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Is that a translation or was it an American girl who wrote it?

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My style is like that, read other posts too😂

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Google translate literary style)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Alenkachoko 20 June 2021

That's right.

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Good content, I wish we had more of that in our league, not pictures of Moscow and Kazan:/

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The post will get 50-300 pluses. Peekaboo is definitely not a platform for such posts.

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It depends. My main account I wrote a post about traveling from Montenegro to Bosnia by car, about 600 gathered at first, got into the hot, then already zamnuvshili in the tags with politics.

Lots of authors in this community who post interesting trips that get hot.

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So what's the practical point of these pluses?

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That the person would see that his interesting content about travel is welcome here and continue to please us.

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It's already 600...

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And now you need to look at the number of pluses in the best of posts about yazhmothers, opsos, banks, shootings, blm and so on. Here's the answer to what the audience is interested in on the site.

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Overtake the suckers.

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Why isn't Peekaboo a platform for posts like this? Where's the platform?

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Because the bulk of the site is not interested in such things. And if something about popular destinations (the Crimea, Turkey, Greece, Thailand) may take off, the farther away from the package tours, the less interest.

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We will have to change the concept.

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This is cool. Ochenn cool!

Been to the Grand Canyon once, just passing through (business trip to Phoenix, me and the guys drove from Phoenix through the Grand Canyon to LA and back along the Mexican border over the weekend).

In a good way, it's only on top of the crowded, equipped areas to walk around all day... but alas, I had about four hours, tops.

Until now this place is the most impressive I've seen (I haven't seen much, hehe, but still). I want to go back there somehow :)

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We were in south Rome, walking and walking through the woods from the lodge and then, bang, a canyon. One of the most incredible experiences of my life. Now I have a dream of going back there with the kids, to go through Sequoia Park, Death Valley, Canyon.

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Kids to Death Valley is an awesome dream! I envy them...

+3 Author avatar netakoykakvse13 20 June 2021

Very cool! My dream is to travel around the USA. I envy it, would love to do that too.

+2 Author avatar loveyourstory 20 June 2021

Thank you. Grand Canyon is unattainable dream, I did not know about the bureaucrats, so for now, let it remain a dream. )

*Moderator removed*

Will be in europe buy the book from the attachment. Despite the simple language is very strong thing. The kind that stretched my stay in Crete from 2 weeks to 4 months. And without any permissions ;)

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Colorado River that floats all the way to Mexico.

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Been to the canyon, but as a tourist from above - beautiful to look at )) it is easy to get killed there too

Colorado is cool too - Pikes Pike and stuff like that, there's even gold mines.

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All right, let's not.

Let's go to the nearest grocery store.

By the way, how much are beets in Vegas?

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A guy went to the mountains, lost his arm. He wrote a book called "72 Hours". That reminds me.

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"127 Hours. Between the Hammer and the Anvil." Written by Ralston Aaron.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Alenkachoko 20 June 2021

I read that book.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kotenok40 20 June 2021

Yeah, that's right. I have a problem with numbers. I haven't memorized it yet.

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I'll tell you more, there's even a movie about him, pretty good.

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In the 4th picture you can see traces of oil or something to grease the dust on the rocks, which once again confirms that the Grand Canyon is just a former resource extraction quarry of past civilizations.

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And the machinery and all sorts of structures like concrete, where did they go?

0 Author avatar dzubeikibagami 20 June 2021

#An African-American woman runs by and waves her finger #

The middle one? Is there a cop behind her?

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Subject of the next post.

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While traveling in the U.S. we stopped by the Grand Canyon. Also wanted to camp there for the night, go down there. But we didn't know about the bureaucracy, so we probably wouldn't have made it anyway. In fact, the plan fell through because I had gotten a bad cold the day before in the Petrified Forest, and by the time we got to the canyon I couldn't straighten up in pain. I had to look for a hotel, and I spent the whole next day in the local hospital. In general, I didn't even get a good look up :(

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So how many kilometers did you walk in the end?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Alenkachoko 20 June 2021

13 kilometers.

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And here I'm starting to suspect how far I am from understanding what good physical fitness means for a normal person.

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If you can get up to the 5th floor without stopping, then fine.

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Great post, the author is all good with humor ☺ Especially about the group Via Gra)

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Alenkachoko 20 June 2021

Thank you, heartfelt.

0 Author avatar sky777 20 June 2021

And who took the picture?

0 Author avatar MisterISITR 20 June 2021

You can take energy gels, they have proved themselves excellent at Iron Man.

0 Author avatar NaddyPotim 20 June 2021

Thanks for the post! Inspirational!

How does a foreigner get in? I don't understand about getting a pass by fax or mail.

0 Author avatar Fuflyzhnik 20 June 2021

I stopped at the pine loop, for 4 days. Really the infrastructure is great. The buses to the beginning of the trails start running an hour before dawn.

0 Author avatar xDowellx 20 June 2021

I wish I could fly a paraglider there.

0 Author avatar ilgman 19 June 2021

Congratulations on your accomplishment.

-1 Author avatar kvansu 19 June 2021

I don't really get it.

You're gonna be thirsty even more then, aren't you?

Salt draws out water?

Or maybe I don't understand a fucking thing about how the body works...

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Salt rather retains water in the body. That's why you drink tequila with salt.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar WitLV 20 June 2021

No, on the contrary, salt retains water in the body.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar ZhokPiro 20 June 2021

When you sweat, the salt comes out. To normalize the water-salt balance, you need to drink and salt. There are even special liquids, I think they are called isotonics. So those who sweat a lot like mineral water. My dad's like that.

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Mm-hmm. I'm gonna go play FalloutNV.

By the way, if you take pictures of Goodsprings Village, Primm, Sloan Quarry, Jean Airport Jail. They'll be very happy to have a post like this. You'll get 100,000 pluses.

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And then what do you do with those pluses? Exchange them for a plane ticket?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar BryanhadNC 20 June 2021

I don't know. I'd love to see real FalloutNV objects, not googlopanoramas.

Of course it would be interesting to go there myself, but for someone who doesn't like long trips, the Nevada deserts are probably not the best place for a nice walk.

Plus a lot of money and bureaucracy. So the average Russian is unlikely to be able to walk through memorable places.

But if someone dared to share a photo report...

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Even simpler, boobs.)

-1 Author avatar JohnTrevolt1488 19 June 2021

What's down there?

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The Indians are sitting down, smoking a pipe.

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They say they sometimes find men's bodies with their fly open.

Guess why.)

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