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Got my attention

+14 Author avatar GtaVI 21 June 2021

It's an Iranian named Jovid, or Azer Javid with dyslexia

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Javid 19

+43 Author avatar Niknakarat 21 June 2021

I can watch the Turks lose in Baku forever, and in front of Erdogan and Aliyev.

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If they lost to Armenia, it would be doubly pleasant.

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You are similar to Mossakovsky, one can only watch)))

+2 Author avatar Rsalawat 21 June 2021

And next to Sberbank is applauding.

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Palmali, the shipping company, as well as the president of the soccer club Khazar-Lankaran. Forbes magazine estimated the fortune of Mubariz Mansimov at $ 1.3 billion, placing him at 897th place in the ranking of the world's billionaires, and he is also 7th in the list of billionaires in Turkey.

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And why the fuck isn't he on the field?

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It's just a dude in a soccer club uniform.

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The Swiss health care system has shown how effective it can be in fighting COVID-19

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🤦🏻 Let them spend the Euros, it's called