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Floyd's statue has had a banana in his hand for the second day

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I mean, there were monuments to Thomas Jefferson, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Columbus, George Washington, etc. And putting up monuments to the junkie who died in the arrest? This is a great storyline, I'm going to go buy some popcorn.

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Looks like the plot of an episode of South Park. Except that somehow this is reality.

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And then the statue gets ripped off by the Negroes for scrap.

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And to keep that from happening, you have to plant a distracting food banana.

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And white cops will be guarding it. At the same time they will accidentally kill another Negro and the second wave will start.

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And at the end no one will draw any conclusions and make everything go back to the way it was before.

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History is cyclical.

Sooner or later white people get tired of this monkey crap and the pendulum swings the other way.

There'll be radicals who'll just start whuppin' Negroes.

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Or there'll be an Austrian-African,

unrecognized artist.

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Lol, kkk.

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will conclude - we need more statues! And Negro drug addicts.

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Well, statues are morality, profit.

Not to build gallows, really.

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When the simpsons and south park write the story in the u.S., and we have panorama news agency.

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It already happened in the Simpsons?

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Not dead in custody, but dead from an overdose.

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Technically, no. But we know.

According to preliminary reports from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office, which performed the official autopsy, "no physical evidence was found to support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation," and: "the cumulative effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by police, his medical condition and possible intoxicants in his system probably contributed to his death."[9]

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Floyd's family hired Michael Baden, the pathologist who performed Eric Garner's second autopsy, to conduct an independent examination of the case,[37][38] according to which George Floyd's death was due to asphyxiation from constant pressure.[39]

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A later published examination document stated that the cause of death was "cardiac arrest complicated by police restraint, restraint and neck compression,"[40][41][39] and that death was caused by mechanical asphyxia and should be treated as violent[40]. In the "Other Significant Conditions" column, the examiner states "coronary heart disease and history of hypertension; fentanyl intoxication; recent methamphetamine use"[42] (speedball). The report also indicates injuries to the face, head, all extremities; also listed among the medical conditions is a tumor in the left pelvis (apparently extra-adrenal paraganglioma), apparently asymptomatic COVID-19[43]; blood and urine tests also revealed cannabinoids[44]. According to notes of a meeting between District Attorney Amy Sweezy and Assistant District Attorney Patrick Lofton with the Chief District Medical Examiner, pathologist Andrew Baker, released August 25, 2020, the level of fentanyl found in Floyd's blood is lethal under normal circumstances. Because of the pulmonary edema that fentanyl may have caused, their weight at autopsy was two to three times the normal rate. Dr. Baker noted that if Floyd had been found dead in his home, without other contributing factors, he would have concluded that the cause of death was an overdose[45][46][47][48].

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Fuck, a whole bunch of drugs in my system.

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How boring my life is...

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What an interesting lifestyle he's got.

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Is that a derivative of the word Inet?

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What's everybody so excited about, if he's a long-time junkie who should be dead soon?

Well... technically, it's because of him, but technically he's just an excuse. It's like any war. There are a lot of preconditions, but you need a specific reason. Google the war over the bucket, for example.

1) In the U.S. you can carry a gun. That's why a cop shoots if threatened. There is a video of a cop going after a nigger and wants to stop him. The nigger draws his gun and opens fire. Less than a second passes. The cop is wounded.

1.1) There are some nasty cases, like.

Pranksters, said the guy was holding hostages. The house was surrounded, the guy came out, reached for his belt - was shot.


Dude was fucking a girl, reached for his pants, got shot.

[Man On P.A.]

And other cases. A lot of people are really unhappy with the police. Not enforcing? No action. Doing? Harassing the people, bloodsuckers.

2) Negroes for the most part live in their ghettos (like gypsies). They are stupid and aggressive and commit crimes. That is why they get shot a lot. They don't put it down to committing crimes, being stoned on drugs and resisting the police, often armed, but that the cops don't like them. And they try their best to convince others.

2.1) The rest of us don't like niggers for that either, but niggers think it's because of the color of their skin. + The U.S. is not a single state, but an amalgamation of states. And there are states where racism really runs rampant.

3) The media has put it out there in a certain way.

*Removed by moderator

And even now the off version of the conclusion is that Floyd was strangled.

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Plus there are conspiracy theories. According to some, they wanted to screw with Trump, and according to others, Trump arranged the whole thing. But I won't go there.

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First they got excited, and then they opened up. But there is no stopping the excitement.

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Pure politics ) One willing faggot needed to take the place of the other ruling faggots. That's it in a nutshell.

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You're a selective reader.

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Sacred Sacrifice.

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Nobody cares. They just needed to work off their paycheck, so they got all worked up. There's a VERY good chance that all of this mayhem stems from politics.

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The arrest video was very well filmed, where the cop was clearly pressing with his knee to the neck. If he had been kneed in the back, the New Black Christ would have a different last name. 🤷♂️

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It didn't matter who at all, there was an agenda to oppress blacks, it's like with femkes and games, they need to draw attention to themselves and how is another matter

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It's very convenient for everyone, left and right alike, pull out an expert opinion that's convenient for you and use it as an argument to make your point.

This is new, isn't it?!

"The level of fentanyl found in Floyd's blood is normally lethal."

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That's all that should have been proven. Even assuming he died from the arrest, it only EXPENSED his death, not caused it.

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The negro could have been bagged and smoked, so much in him. Too bad about the cop, he was the worst offender.

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There was video from a different camera and angle. You could see he wasn't being strangled.

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In such cases, I always remember the tape of that Yo-Burg coach, sitting on the couch with a girl, they also saw him jerking off. In general, objective reality does not matter. If someone wants to see what he wants to see on the tape, he will see it.

There the video was from a different angle, that there was no neck pressing, but whatever


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That is, if I read this correctly - if now my father, who has a heart condition, is trapped, fucked up on all kinds of drugs, goes to do some shit, and dies in custody (God forbid, of course, he's actually a good man) - then he's not to blame for this, but the cop who arrested him? Well, that's if you extrapolate to American society.

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It turns out that he was saved from a short life and a painful death.

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Died in custody from an overdose.

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They buried him like that, without changing his posture.

They should've buried him waist-deep, they wouldn't have needed a statue. ....

Dude, shut up and try to relax.

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I don't like what's going on.)

Dude, shut up and try to relax.

The official version only uses the first three words of your phrase. Makes a difference right away!)

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Died of an overdose while in custody. That's the factual version.


even more so. But they make it look like he died in custody. The only good thing he did in life was die on camera, which brought attention to

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drug addiction

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the importance of black lives.

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Their lives have always been important. Otherwise, who'd be working the plantations

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And Daniel Defoe wrote that black slaves were extremely rare and very expensive, it was cheaper for a plantation to either hire a white worker or get an English criminal. In fact, it was for the exchange trade with African Negroes that Robinson Crusoe set out on his voyage, when he was wrecked near that island. Yes, they were traded from the local chiefs, not taken by force.

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"Died of an overdose in apprehension."

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From the crown.

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Tha Joker - Monkey Shit

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American school kids must be developing schizophrenia by now. They probably talk positively about Columbus, the Founding Fathers, etc., while outside the window "protesters" tear down monuments and it's not condemned by school teachers in any way.

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There's been a shitstorm about Columbus for decades. Like he had slaves. That's how you can get rid of all the figures before the 20th century, because everyone had slaves. And there wouldn't be anything to teach in history class.

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And not just for one century. On the eve of 1892, the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America, there was anti-Columbian agitation in the United States. He, they say, was to blame for the imposition of slavery, the spread of Catholicism, the wars with the Indians, and, in general, it was not he who discovered America, but the Scandinavians. Italophobic sentiments were strong in those years, so Columbus was in the crosshairs, and his monuments were demanded to be removed even then.

I brought you some foreign comics on the subject from reddit:

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I'm amazed at this. This comic doesn't really break any new ground, it doesn't show any different sides of the situation. No, it shows what's on everyone's mind. It shows the objective and obvious reality. So why is it allowed to exist?

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Although, by now, we understand why. Try to go against it and you will be devoured. Eaten by your own people. And that's what's so bad about it. How do you have to brainwash the population to instill such a strong sense of guilt that people go and spread it like a contagion? They're like fucking zombies, they either infect you or devour you. You're either with them or you're fucked.

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A cage. There are five monkeys in it. A bunch of bananas is tied to the ceiling. Underneath them is a ladder. Hungry, one of the monkeys goes to the ladder with the obvious intention of getting a banana. As soon as she touches the ladder, a faucet opens and ALL the monkeys are doused with very cold water. A little time passes and another monkey tries to eat the banana. Same icy water. The third monkey, stupefied with hunger, tries to get the banana, but the others grab it, not wanting a cold shower. Now remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey. She immediately, noticing the bananas, tries to get them. To her horror, she sees the angry faces of the other monkeys attacking her. After the third attempt she realizes that she will not be able to get the banana. Now remove one more of the original five monkeys from the cage and put the newcomer in. As soon as she tried to get the banana, all the monkeys attacked her, and the one that was replaced first (with enthusiasm). And so, gradually replacing all the monkeys, you will come to a situation where there are 5 monkeys in the cage, which are not watered at all, but they do not allow anyone to get a banana.

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You tell that to the Germans...

Well done! Didn't you get the translation?

Frame 1: ...

Frame 2: "You're a bad man! Your mother is a bad person! Your father is a bad man!"

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Frame 3: "Your grandparents are bad people! Your great-grandparents are even worse! Everything they gave you was stolen and you should apologize for it all!"

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Frame 4: "How was your first day, honey?"

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It's cool mom)))) can I smoke weed with a bean? Please.

Hide Show +48 Author avatar levi.juden 21 June 2021

I'd rather take antidepressants.

You brought some crazy stuff. Take it back.

I'm more fucked up about higher education now, if you go to Harvard/Yale or other universities with excellent reputations, chances are high that half of the professors, instead of knowledge, will drum into you a left-liberal agenda and tell you about the terrible white privilege and other things, that is parents and the person themselves pay a lot of money for education, where more likely than not they will not give a fuck these days except the "right" political thoughts

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Some movie/series even made fun of this, back when Hollywood wasn't so censored and one-sided

Hide Show +23 Author avatar mrrrrmya 21 June 2021

Well one Yale simulant (crossed out) trainee has already come to fruition in Russia.

Hide Show +18 Author avatar ChKot 21 June 2021

No, they don't. But they talk about white privilege and "systemic racism.

Hide Show +8 Author avatar Dominatorrrrr 21 June 2021

Are you telling me that kids in the U.S. now either don't know who Columbus was, or think he was a white oppressor? I don't believe it, though who knows where the road of tolerance has taken Americans.

Wait till they make a movie where Columbus is alternatively colored.

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Columbus for the marginalized segments of America has long been a nonce :D

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Yacuber 21 June 2021

I saw a couple of videos on youtube where a Russian took a poll in pindosia about "who discovered America". And Negroes had the same answer: "Nobody discovered America, it was always here, and they lived there with Indians long time ago.

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They know, I guess. They have a national holiday and a day off on Columbus Day.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar loktago 21 June 2021

Yes, it's very bad. In fact the level of school education in the U.S. has always been at a low level, the meaning of which is just to keep the students busy.

Hide Show +20 Author avatar OrCanum 21 June 2021

Many people when asked who discovered America will say "definitely not Columbus" and will think long and hard about the name of the discoverer, although in fact there were many and not true.

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is it like nazism in reverse? :) The first say that they are the best and privileged so they have the right, and these say that they are the oppressors and must apologize for everything?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar stormlord 22 June 2021

It's just Nazism, without the "opposite".

Hide Show -1 Author avatar Yacuber 21 June 2021

Sort of like Soviet schoolchildren during active "perestroika", when the history of the USSR was poured with crap from the media.

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Hide Show +12 Author avatar loktago 21 June 2021

Not anymore.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar barcelonistas 22 June 2021

You can't see the log in your own eye. They're removing Lenin Street and adding Kadyrov.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar fatcat33 22 June 2021

Well, in the post-Soviet space it's really no fun to remove a monument. Or renaming a street. That's new to the West. It's fun to watch the boomerang come back.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar VirtualGod 22 June 2021

Lenin's streets get their historic names back, don't they? And in what city did they rename Lenin Street?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar Mr.Whiteman 22 June 2021

In Belgorod, there was Lenin Avenue, became Civic, but once upon a time it was Civic Street. So it's more like St. Petersburg - the historical name was given back.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar annafar 22 June 2021

In Lviv)))))

Hide Show +1 Author avatar lakosa 22 June 2021

And there is also a monument to Genya Bukin.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Vemar 21 June 2021

Okay, we have a monument to the wolf from the cartoon, and what is Gena for?

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Shiffu 22 June 2021

For his head tricks :D

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kbgtwr 22 June 2021

They do it quietly, without any big news. I don't even know where it happened.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar maxxxx07 22 June 2021

You have monuments to Lenin being torn down.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kbgtwr 22 June 2021

The only log that people don't notice (primarily people like you) was the Bolsheviks' policy of renaming historical place names, destroying monuments and so on. Renaming Soviet names is an act of justice and redress.

Hide Show -3 Author avatar Tanyshka11 22 June 2021

People like me, unlike people like you, know the history of their country. The Bolsheviks did more for this country than anyone before or since. And you should have read a couple of history books instead of ineptly fuckin' with me.

Hide Show +11 Author avatar Unlic 21 June 2021

"You don't understand, it's different."

Hide Show +17 Author avatar TD93 21 June 2021

Killing the Slavs by exalting the children of the mountains

Hide Show +63 Author avatar MidnightSmile 21 June 2021

О! Think about putting monuments to these historical figures in a semicircle around him and having them stand in a facepalm pose.

Hide Show +19 Author avatar mixafantast 21 June 2021

They're fucked up! I'm bombed. Soon they'll be building a monument to Hitler, or Breivik.

Hide Show -1 Author avatar mihahan 21 June 2021

At least they really mean something to history, unlike that nigger.

Hide Show +3 Author avatar MidnightSmile 21 June 2021

Let's just say the shit that started because of his death will go down in history.

Well, those two moved humanity towards division and hatred, lately BLM is going the same way, although the original idea of fighting for black rights is sensible


It's like feminism in developed countries.

It's not like anybody's been infringed on to fight for rights.

It's like if now our churkos are going to go to bat, saying they're being belittled because they're doing shit.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Mamboking 22 June 2021

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Negociant 22 June 2021

In the 18th century for rights might have been explained, but not now. Why aren't the Chinese destroying everything around them?

Nazism also started out as "for all that is good."

Hide Show +19 Author avatar SwampDok 21 June 2021

Floyd was just a catalyst, if you think about it. If it wasn't for him, another nigra would have been "brutally tortured by white oppressors". The mascot of protest. "Niggy Mouse," if you will. So he still managed to do something for history, oddly enough (billions of times more for the dead than the living, heh).

Hide Show +6 Author avatar mihahan 21 June 2021

Not that I'm an expert on history, but it's about like Franz Ferdinand. He didn't do much on his own and there were many like him, but you can see what kind of events his murder led to. If he hadn't died, they would have found some other reason. I couldn't find any news about his monument, but the one to Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo immediately popped up. Also a criminal, scoundrel and terrorist, but immortalized.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar 1NULP 21 June 2021

They almost do) Now all the left-liberals are against Israel, because there have been precedents of publicly endorsing the Holocaust, and the BLM catching and beating up Jews. So much for tolerance. Trump has also been called a racist all the time. It's funny.

Hide Show -4 Author avatar SwampDok 21 June 2021

You can get something good out of the idea of equality, or you can get complete bullshit, and all kinds of "racial theories" and the idea that people should be divided along national lines always come out with the same bullshit, regardless of the color that is considered privileged (as some BLM activists attest)

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Hide Show +7 Author avatar HACEKOMAE 21 June 2021
Hide Show +8 Author avatar Valentino.Moscow 21 June 2021

Well do you believe that "people are all equal"?

Hide Show -4 Author avatar 22 June 2021

Ideas of equality themselves are absurd and do not lead to anything good, because people are all different. Therefore an attempt to equalize will always end in self-mutilation, as in the joke about universal clippers, where heads are different only the first time.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Mr.Whiteman 22 June 2021

Well, in Latvia, SS marches are the norm. It's strange that they haven't put them up yet.

Hide Show +4 Author avatar BrakeFree 21 June 2021

Well, it is right to respect the ancestors. So you can understand them. To accept not, but to understand - yes.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar kbgtwr 21 June 2021

Now it's scary to understand

Hide Show +2 Author avatar BrakeFree 21 June 2021

Breivik killed for a reason. In support of the manifesto!

Does that change anything?

It turns a massacre into a political act with a slip of the hand.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar 21 June 2021

Hide Show 0 Author avatar SaveUsY2J 22 June 2021

Is it worthy of a monument? Many have been for violent acts.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar shtoshic 22 June 2021

This one won't. That's different.

Nah, I don't think Hitler. He's personified evil. But his henchmen and associates are already being glorified.

I suspect that in our country. The trend is already there:

1) grandfathers fought for the Motherland, Stalin and communism.

2) Grandfathers fought for their asses in heat.