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Adult Industry News

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Yay! Let's see our team play again.

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So what's he saying? Is he a pussy or a faggot?

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It's not ours))) and in the Masks themselves, it was a reaction to the two hilarious men))

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I think, judging by the movements of his lips, he's saying faggots.

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You can clearly read his lips: faggots.

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I think he's saying Fuck.

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He pronounces a word of three (not quite clear, but at a stretch, maybe four) syllables.

In the show itself, it was a character's reaction to seeing two men cooing with each other like a young guy and a girl, like a floral period.

The sketch could actually imply the word "fuck," expressing an extreme degree of bewilderment.

But the movements of his lips make it clear that he (as well as the viewer) clearly understands who he sees, he pronounces the word of three syllables - Pi-Da-ry.

In your interpretation, it's supposed to be "Fuck".

The masquerade show had its own thing, a kind of understatement. The viewer had to figure it out for himself.

and since you're the one who finished the story. Notwithstanding popular opinion. That's great! It's all in the spirit of the masks.

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I don't like hardcore porn.

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Only the national team is able to rewatch their matches))

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Sorry to be under the top, but there are already so many dumb jokes about this. It's really not funny. Especially when all our "humorists" are making the same thing up all day long. Dashnils in general.

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Is it their sick faggots or homophobes who keep sticking gay jokes everywhere they go?

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You're all making jokes here, but Match TV was really showing a rerun today, for the bdsmasters, I guess...)

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I just watched it, I thought they`d win today 🤨 They`re not going to.

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They might not have conceded 4 today, they knew how they were going to score.

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They played according to the coach's plan, and it does not change.

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Stas has a good plan. It`s fast and furious.

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As Beliakov from Taganrog, look what happened when :))).

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Look a few more times, maybe they will win at least one.

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It's useless, it's like in the movies) I thought that this time he won't jump from the roof.

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That was a wet fantasy ))))

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Haven't Disney bought them yet?)

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Riley Reid got married,

Lana Rhoades got knocked up...

This is a nightmare.

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You should post pictures in cases like this, the names don't speak...

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I hope you're kidding.

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Google it, Zhora, Google it...)

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My hand is shaking, I can't.

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Grab a kite, let your hand shake for good measure.

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That's how I got my phone out of my pocket in the freezing cold with shaking hands. I almost jerked off when I got it.

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Googling with your right hand.

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I don't know about Lana, but there was a post about Riley on peekaboo.

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Well, there are plenty of married guys in the porn industry, and Lana Rhoades just has to look in another category.

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Well, you can't jerk off to them until you're old. There will be new ones.

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And who's the daddy, she won't admit it.)

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Maybe she just doesn't know.

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Why the nightmare? They did well, so let's be happy for them. And they'll be replaced by new starlets.

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The best moments of our national team's game.

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Your gif is broken. Here's a working gif.

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Why should I as a taxpayer feed these budget suckers - professional sports leagues, national teams, sports schools and clubs... what do I care if the state fucks up my taxes to train the next sportsman-darmoed.... Let them look for their own sponsors. No, let's use the budget to pay for porn, and for the most hardcore scene of the last 4 years, let's give them cars.....

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So that's who's been feeding them! You'd be better off feeding pigeons, like the grannies at the front door.

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The big clubs here are private, with their own sponsors and profits from advertising contracts and TV rights sales. Taxes only sponsor children's and youth sports schools and regional soccer. Or what the fuck sports for kids, if Grokhotal does not like it! Fuck the sport in the regions, which is already killed in the whole country outside of the two capitals. Fuck the sports in the country, we don't need them at all. Just a waste of money.

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Lol. Taxes won't be any less. You have to understand where this is coming from. Our institutions at all levels are completely rotten.

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You don't pay anything for them, don't make it up.


Here's all the money we've earned.

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That looks like a real video. Yes?

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There's a gif below, I couldn't get it to load.

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On the Internet, our soccer players are ridiculed, humiliated and mocked! And they frankly don't give a fuck, it's the money that rules. They are good with money)).

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Golden Ballad 2020.

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Let him shove it up his ass.

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What category? Gay porn or old ladies?

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Necrophilia is more like it.

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No, trees are alive.

Hide Show +6 Author avatar Equi1ibrium 22 June 2021

Live trees can theoretically hit the ball with their branches when the wind blows hard.

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Hidden camera (in a brothel).

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S&M, it's a re-enactment.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Lestrigon66 22 June 2021

Humilation, bdsm.

+17 Author avatar ElvenLazyness 22 June 2021

Um... Is bestiality allowed on pornhub?

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It's not like "anji" or "ahmat" played for us.

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With our team it is necrophilia.

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To be more precise: porn with the disabled... They mixed it up, they let the Paralympic team on the field.

+6 Author avatar tarakanyvpoze69 22 June 2021

Low-budget porn. I prefer the old-fashioned, quality semi-final porn from 2014.

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Fucking low-budget. Have you seen the lead actor's salary?

Hide Show +3 Author avatar tarakanyvpoze69 22 June 2021

It looks like the porn budget went to him.)

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But he can do it again.)

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Brazil Germany? Mmm yeah, I pooped all over the pizza table and all my friends back then.

+3 Author avatar Derzzkiy 22 June 2021

We could even create a separate category for masochists: Russian soccer.

+2 Author avatar 0.5Durok 23 June 2021

Now pornhub has moved on to a new kind of porn: mental porn...

+1 Author avatar Romario92 23 June 2021

Does pornhub have a "rape" section?

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There is now. It's just for these kind of figures.

+1 Author avatar avnp 22 June 2021

The joke was supposed to be in Danish.

0 Author avatar Omnig 23 June 2021

Honestly, I'm relatively indifferent to soccer, but it still left a residue. It's sad that you want to watch soccer once in a century, and our guys run around like pregnant invalids on a three-legged pony, and play just as badly. No spectacle, no result.

0 Author avatar prakaza1986 23 June 2021

Tell me please. I'm not a soccer fan. But there is a lot of talk about it. What did our team do?

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Pants in their pants during the recent match against Denmark (loss 1:4).

0 Author avatar Wrotterdam 23 June 2021

Will they show Dzyuba at the end?

0 Author avatar Electroniko 23 June 2021

You can also buy the match with Serbia, we will be beating the giants there))

0 Author avatar NAVn 23 June 2021

Four times is four!!!

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0 Author avatar Vipman84 23 June 2021

Remove the Fakenews tag.

0 Author avatar ozornik6969 23 June 2021

Plus a clip of Dzyuba.

0 Author avatar MichaelA09 23 June 2021

- That'll be 10 bucks for watching it.

0 Author avatar Qwerting 23 June 2021

Maybe fuck soccer if it's so fucked up every time. Maybe we should promote volleyball or rugby. At least our guys are making progress there. But as it is, it's just pornography.

0 Author avatar ouousasha 23 June 2021

When I sit down to take a shit, I imagine my poop falling on Dzyuba's and Cherchesov's faces and you know how much easier it gets.

0 Author avatar aaf75 23 June 2021

Sorry, but I'm not a faggot to look at fags.

0 Author avatar Graver2000 22 June 2021

That's better.

0 Author avatar pantherspb 22 June 2021

In Denmark they not only know how to do business, they also know how to troll XDD

0 Author avatar Lomenzo 22 June 2021

Didn't they buy out the Tampa Islanders? Cause it was 8-0 in the semifinals.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar GuziGuzi 22 June 2021

Yeah, I fucked up this morning when I heard the score. First thing I did was watch the highlights.)

Hide Show +1 Author avatar W1nterheart 23 June 2021

Sorry about Sorokin, five ricochets.

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Jigasaw 23 June 2021

What are you talking about?

Hide Show +1 Author avatar GuziGuzi 23 June 2021

Stanley Cup, NHL.


Hide Show 0 Author avatar Jigasaw 23 June 2021

I thought we were talking about soccer...

Just in case - How do you patch KDE2 to FreeBSD?

0 Author avatar Zhelud0k 22 June 2021

not even the original udaffCOM can jerk off to that shit.

Hide Show +1 Author avatar buhlovar 22 June 2021

But the will.

Hide Show +2 Author avatar Zhelud0k 22 June 2021

they are completely crazy)))) they even have Volochkova Sasha Grey))

-1 Author avatar Goger 22 June 2021

How refreshing.

-1 Author avatar yastrepczev 22 June 2021

I think this "game" is not worthy of pornhub, but even xvideos and other sites.

Hide Show +7 Author avatar Prikhlop 22 June 2021

Don't give a shit, xvideos is a great site

Hide Show 0 Author avatar Argal 22 June 2021

Several darknet resources have already refused to host footage of the Russian national team match.